Wine Etiquette

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Drinking wine is not just a matter of drinking wine. It is way more than just that. It is like an art form. There is an art or skill that comes with enjoying a good glass of wine with others and it is one that should be mastered very tastefully. For the novice wine drinkers, you may be incredibly confused by what I mean when I say this and rightfully so. I myself at one point did not know there was such a thing as having etiquettes when it comes to consuming wine. Normally you would just drink and savor it slowly and that was that, but no. There is actually a whole list of tips and advice that you should consider when enjoying wine around company. It makes sense though when you think about it. Wine is quite an elegant drink. Many use wines as a way to make a statement about the social atmosphere of a party or date. Wine stands for classiness and elegance. It normally gives of an air of formal rather than casual, so I guess it would make sense that with such a powerful and fancy drink, there would have to be some type of behavior that people should be mindful about when it comes to consuming wine? Right? Correct! If you feel the onset of panic because you never knew, then don’t worry. This article will turn you into a refined person of excellent skill and elegance when it comes to the art of wine. So, listen and understand closely!

The Yes and Oh No’s that Come with Fine Wine

You are so very welcome. Here is a great and extensive list that you can study and consider when it comes to wine etiquettes. All of these tips and advice can offer you confidence when placed in various situations that deal with wine. Take note and heed closely so that you can impress your friends, coworkers, etc. with your impressive wine etiquettes and making them think that you are none other than a wine guru!

The Etiquettes of Drinking Wine at Another Person’s Event

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Sniff it Out

Subtly do a nice little aroma test of the wine before you. This is one thing you should do when enjoying a nice glass of wine around company. This way when sniffing the wine, you can be sure that your taste buds will be able to pick up on any subtleness in flavor that the wine may seem to offer you. The art of tasting and drinking a delectable and well-rounded wine all comes with both taste and smell working simultaneously. If you cannot smell it well, then you surely will not be able to taste it well. They simply just go hand-in-hand and one cannot exist without the other. So, take the time to lightly life the glass of wine towards your nose and sniff subtly, but please do not go sticking your nose in the wine and sniffing heavily. That will surely have heads turned in the utmost confusion.

Next, Taste it

Of course, comes the next part of drinking wine. The taste parts. Chances are that the party or get-together you are in currently, put a lot of time and effort into considering the right type of wine to serve. The wine is like a prop of the party. It brings the party together and is meant to complement the intended mood or atmosphere. Your hostess or host of the party, wants you to understand that and it is your duty as the guest to pick up what they are putting down! To properly enjoy the glass of wine that the hostess or host so carefully picked out, first begin by taking a little sip of the wine. Don’t gulp or down it all! Sip slowly and then allow that sip to linger on your taste buds for a bit. Allow your palette to experience everything the wine is offering to you. The first taste is so important. It tells you what the wine is all about. So, do not let the taste go to waste and patiently test out the first sip!

Stay Away from Messing up the Glassware!

This one may be a specific tip for all my ladies out there! We all know how amazing lipstick is when we put it on. Lipstick or lip-gloss is absolutely great and fun to play around with, especially when you are going to a formal party or event. You definitely want to stand out with your lip color and makeup glam, but let’s be honest here, the goal is for you to stand out in that lip color, not your wine glass. When sipping from wine, take extra caution to be sure that you drink from the exact same place you were drinking previously. If you do not follow this step cautiously then you will experience disastrous results in which you have lipstick prints littering your cup all over. It will surely have people staring at your glass in confusion and you won’t feel too confident about that wine glass in your hand. Those lipstick prints are a sign of messy wine etiquettes! Do not be that person and instead focus on sipping from the same area over and over again. It will be much cleaner that way!

Toast it Up!

Many enjoy a good toast with wine at any event. It resembles everyone in the room happily coming together and celebrating. A toast is a way for everyone in the room to connect and wish each other well and it is very important that when doing a toast, you do it the right way! You want your toast to be elegant and correct, especially considering that all eyes are on you at that point! Clink your wine with the other wine glass, bell to bell. This greatly helps in reducing the chances of the wine spilling or a breakage with the one glass occurring (how embarrassing would that be!). Be sure to hold your glass by the stem! This allows for better control of your wine glass and the heat from your hand won’t end up heating your chilled wine! In addition, it would be quite awkward to try and clink your wine glass with someone else’s with your hand in the way. It wouldn’t make for a very effective and seamless toast. Also look your clinking buddy in the eye! Offer up a warm smile and be friendly! It is the most important etiquette when it comes to toasting. By doing this, you offer your wine buddy a more friendly and warm experience!

Be Mindful of Your Portions

It can be quite easy for some wine lovers to just go ham at an event. I mean picturing it, it is very easy to fall into this trap considering that sometimes the wine events have waiters and waitresses handing you a tray of wine after wine, and you being polite cannot refuse, right? Wrong. It is best that you don’t go crazy and consistently grab wine glass after wine glass. Pace yourself and remain patient. Be mindful that there are other people around and you are not at the comfort of home. Make the art of drinking the wine more like a social thing then a “I want it now” thing. It is best in terms of wine drinking etiquettes that you keep your wine drinking to the same level as everybody else in the room. This way you know you aren’t going too overboard with the drinking. In addition, when drinking your wine, do not down it all at once. Sip, talk, laugh, sip some more, and pace yourself!

Remember You are There to Socialize

The occasion to which you are drinking wine can be pretty different for each person, but normally there is one thing that can be agreed upon and that is, wine is there to help enhance the socialization amongst your friends, peers, coworkers, acquaintances or whoever it is that is at that event or occasion. Do not make it all about the wine, drinking and sitting in a corner with the appetizers. Part of the wine etiquette is drinking the wine and conversing with the people around you. This isn’t a wine tasting occasion in which the sole focus is trying many different kinds of wine out there. In this case, the wine is here to enhance the overall flow of conversation between people. So, grab your wine and converse! Use the wine as a way to loosen up slightly and make meaningful connections or networking with the people around you!

Wine Etiquettes if You are Hosting Your Own Party

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Now that we have covered the basics of wine etiquettes when it pertains to you enjoying wine while at another person’s party, it is now time to cover the basics that you as a host or hostess must consider when serving wine at your own get-together!

Portion Control

It is imperative that when pouring glasses for guests or having someone else do it that you make sure the portions are equivalent to each other. It would be incredibly awkward if everyone had varying levels of wine in their glass. In addition, wine tip 101 when it comes to pouring out wine, is that you never fill up the glass. Ever. Wine is always supposed to fill up less than halfway of your glass (about 5-6 ounces). There is a science behind it! It is to offer the wine room to breathe within the glass. It allows the aromas to roam out softly of their own accord and it is incredibly helpful in avoiding spillage when conversing with others. So, remember 5-6 ounces is the ideal!

There is Technique to Pouring a Glass

When pouring out a glass of wine, follow these wine pouring etiquettes so that you know you won’t accidentally make a fool of yourself in front of all your party guests! The first step to pouring out your wine glass is removing the foil from around the bottle’s neck. Removing the foil can help prevent against lead leaching into your wine in tiny amounts. Use a foil cutter and aim to cut the foil cover by about half an inch so that you can easily pour out the wine without contact between the wine and the foil. Uncork quietly! Avoid sending your cork flying into the distance and be careful about the technique (unless your party is meant to get a little wild then by all means go ahead and spray your guests!). After uncorking the wine, it is crucial that you proceed to wipe down the opening of the bottle so that cork debris or other dust does not seep into the stream of the wine while you are pouring it out. Cradle the wine bottle with both hands towards the base and leave the glass sitting out on the table. Be sure to aim for a fall when pouring, meaning that the distance from the bottle’s lip to the bottom of the wine glass bowl is about 6-10 inches. This is a great and crucial distance for wine pouring because it allows the wine to aerate and improves the flavor of the wine by softening the presence of the tannins within the bottle. After you have poured the desired amount, twist the bottle gently so that the last bit of wine does not spill out of the glass or drip from the wine bottle!

Know Your Varieties

In the case that you are having multiple wine varieties sent out to the guests, be sure to know your basic information about each one! Pace your wine varieties in a way that allows each guest ample time to enjoy the current wine variety before bringing another one and be prepared to answer any guests’ questions about the wine variety being offered to them. A lot of the time your guests will want to know so that they can proceed to buy a bottle for themselves and as a good host it is helpful to be informative enough about what you are serving!

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Keep in mind this is only scratching the surface of wine etiquette! There can be a lot to wine etiquette that goes way beyond the scope of what I have just talked about, but these are the basics that will surely suffice in letting you enjoy the party or host the party without any major slip ups! Do some more studying on the art of enjoying and serving a good wine if you plan on becoming a wine connoisseur to all your friends and family!