Wine and Canvas Party

By May 16, 2019Wines


One of the most amazing things about wine, is the ability to bring so many people together. Wine is definitely a beverage that many people enjoy and it is through people’s love for wine that they seek out events and activities where they can engage in what they love along with others! Wine is a wonderful way to help bring people together. Many college sororities implement Wine Wednesdays in order to help bring sorority girls closer together. People have used wine as a way to go on fun spring break trips with their friends to cool and picturesque wineries and even others have used wine as a way to relax with friends and have a chill night in. Whatever the case may be, there is always a time and place for wine and there are so many fun activities that you engage in that include wine with it! One of those being the infamous wine and canvas parties. Wine and canvas parties can be both public events hosted within a community or can even be thrown by somebody in the comfort of their own home. Whatever it may be, wine and canvas parties are a great way to bond with others, promote social activity and interaction, and relax and relieve stress at the same time. If you are looking for a fun and engaging event or party to take part in with a group of friends then a wine and canvas party may be what you are looking for!


What is a Wine and Canvas Party?

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This term may be very new to people who drink wine daily and love it dearly. The term itself is a very accurate title for what the party actually is. It is a party where wine is involved and people have the ability to let loose by painting together, hence where the word canvas comes into play. Wine and Canvas parties are wonderful for everyone to get together, test out delicious wines and de-stress and bond with one another through painting. You can either throw your own wine and canvas party or join one that is hosted by a specific organization! The prior may be a great way for you to bond with you friends while the latter may be a wonderful opportunity to get out there and meet new people! Each organization or person has full mobility to throw their own wine and canvas party however they choose. There are no specific requirements that dictate whether an event is a wine and canvas party or not. If you have the wine, the paint, paintbrushes, and the canvas then the rest of the party is up to you! It is a wonderful way to get your party planning skills going, practice your social skills, and de-stress.


The Health Benefit of a Wine & Canvas Party

As stated before, it is a wonderful opportunity to be more social, but in addition to that wine and canvas parties are great for de-stressing which is so important for our mental and physical wellbeing. In society today, people are constantly on the go and experiencing a lot of stress in their personal, academic, social, and professional lives. All of that stress is not good for your health at all. Stress and anxiety do horrible things to our body that we may not even be aware of.  Stress has adverse effects on your body, mood, and behavior. Your body can undergo headaches, muscle tension or pain, chest pain, stomach upset, sleep problems, and fatigue when you are under immense amounts of stress. In terms of your mood, having high levels of stress can lead to anxiety, restlessness, irritability or anger, sadness or depression, lack of motivation or focus, and the feeling of being overwhelmed. Additionally, your behavior can also be severely impacted by stress and cause you to over or under eat, experience angry outbursts, turn to tobacco use, misuse drugs or alcohol, and social withdrawal. In all, the experience of being stressed takes an absolute toll on us and can spiral us downwards, affecting the way we perceive ourselves, our lives, and the people around us. For this reason, mental and physical well-being is so important and knowing how to manage your stress is extremely crucial. This is where Wine & Canvas parties can come in! Wine and Canvas parties can help with dealing with that level of stress and anxiety and channeling it in a positive and healthy way. Red wine has always been known to help cure stress and anxiety. The Scripps Research Institute has done research to support the claim that the compound resveratrol, found in red wine stimulates a stress response gene which can help protect our DNA during times of stress. In addition, Jacob Teitelbaum, an MD and board-certified internist and author of numerous health and wellness books, has stated that wine helps to calm the body transiently because it acts as a central nervous system depressant. In other words, it is like a sedative. A glass of wine at dinner can have a calming effect without impairing your sleep in anyway. Painting is also a great way to relieve stress. In fact, it is very common for therapists to incorporate something called clinical art therapy. Clinical art therapy is known to encourage self-expression and improve the line of communication between the therapist and a patient who happens to be suffering from a severe mental health condition. Painting is known to help reduce levels of anxiety and stress because it often allows what is known as “Flow.” Flow is a positive state of mind in which a person is immersed in something with strong feelings of involvement and this emotional investment in an activity like painting, helps greatly to reduce stress and anxiety. So, Wine and Canvas parties really do offer a wide range of benefits to people. They promote socialization which makes you healthy and happy and they naturally reduce stress and anxiety. I don’t know about you, but it sounds good to me!


Public Wine & Canvas Party Events

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As stated before, this type of party can be done in the comfort of your own home or out in a public space so that anybody from a specific community can get involved. They typically last around 2-3 hours and are very laid back. The cool thing about public community wine and canvas party events is that they typically bring in an experienced painter who teaches you how to paint something so that you are not left alone and unsure of what to paint! It is a cool way to learn how to harvest your creativity and channel something new for yourself. The artist is always there for feedback and offers wonderful tips and tricks on color matching, paint mixing, and brush handling! Typically, you will have to pay a certain amount to be allowed in the Wine & Canvas party and you often have to sign up in advance. Aside from paying that fee, it is very common that everything else is provided! Aprons, paint, paintbrushes, wine, easels, canvases, etc. are all provided by the people hosting the event so you don’t need to show up with certain supplies. Just bring your creativity and enthusiasm! This kind of event is a wonderful way to try something new and meet different people along the way. The best part is that it doesn’t matter whether you are a good or bad painter. The most important thing is that you enjoy yourself and open your mind to learning something new!


Tips on a DIY Wine and Canvas Party

If you are completely sold on the concept of a wine and canvas party and want some direction on how to throw your own party, then take some of these tips into consideration so that you can throw one heck of a good party for all of your friends to enjoy!


Plan at Least 3-4 Weeks Before the Date

For a wine and canvas party, planning ahead is crucial. This is because supplies need to be bought ahead of time so that they are ready to go. Sending out invites to friends and family about 3-4 weeks ahead of time is a good idea that way your guests have enough time to figure out when they can make it and you have enough time to calculate how many people are coming and the correct amount of supplies to bring.

Figure Out the Flow of the Party

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As stated before, this party is where you can enact your own creativity. Figure out what vibe you want for the party in the sense of is this painting experience going to be a lesson given to guests or do you want guests to feel free to paint whatever they want? Either one is great options. If you choose to have a wine and canvas party in which guests will be following a certain design or theme, then it is wise to give your guests a peek at what design they will be replicating and buy the appropriate colors so that your guests can try to bring the painting to life on their own canvas.


Plan Your Menu

Be sure to take into consideration what kind of food you wish to provide. Will you provide full on lunch or dinner or will this be a finger food and snack occasion? Whatever it is, make sure that you have something delicious prepared for your guests because chances are, they are definitely going to want something to snack on in between sips of their wine. You can incorporate things like chocolate, fruits and veggies, crackers, cheese, and more! Most importantly do not forget to bring the star of the show – the wine! Plan out carefully what kind of wine or wines you want to feature at this party. The kind of wine you choose will be based upon the kind of vibe you are trying to achieve for the party as well as the kind of food you decide to have. Make sure to think about your wine choices carefully since the wine is the main attraction.


Be Sure to Have the Area Ready to Go

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Location is very important for this party because everyone is going to be sitting with easels and canvases. There needs to be ample space for all easels to be set up and allow some room for mobility. Think about what room or area would be able to comfortably hold all your guests along with their easels, canvases, etc. It is also important that you think about how you will move furniture within the room so that you can make space for everyone. Possibly put all furniture in one corner and cover the furniture up with cloth to prevent any accidental spills from damaging anything important. In addition, take into consideration that the floors may need to be covered up with towels, drop cloths, or some type of cover so that if things get messy, they do not end up ruining your floor! Lights are important too. Lights are necessary for making sure that guests can accurately see the colors they are using and what they are doing. In this sense, dim lighting would not be preferred. Reflecting on this will help you be more prepared for when your guests arrive so no difficulties or problems occur!


Set Up an Ambience

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Think about the type of ambience you want the wine and canvas party to have. Is this party supposed to very energetic or is it meant to be very quiet and relaxing? Contemplate making a nice playlist of music that you want to play in the background so that you can set the mood and inspire your guests to let their creativity flow. Be sure to set it an appropriate volume so that people can hear it but still be allowed to engage in conversation without it being too disruptive. Think about maybe incorporating some nice decor to show that you put in a lot of effort into this party. Maybe you will want to have candles set up in order to make the mood feel even more relaxed?


Now that you have the knowledge and basic information on how amazing wine and canvas parties can be, take the initiative and throw your own party! Or better yet join one and experience a new level of social activity that will open your mind and keep you happy. Most importantly you get to bond over your love for wine. Now, who doesn’t love that?