What Kind of Wine is Chardonnay?

By September 4, 2020Wines

We are all aware that when it comes to wine, there is no doubt so many varieties and options to choose from. No wine is ever the same and knowledge about the different kinds of wine and how they taste is quite infinite! Today we are going to take some time to talk about a particular wine that is incredibly popular but may be one that most don’t know much about. Today the spotlight focuses on Chardonnay and all that this wondrous wine has to offer! If you are someone who truly enjoys Chardonnay, but don’t know too much about this wine’s qualities, pairings, origins etc. then read on to learn more about one of the most popular varieties of wine out there!

What is Chardonnay?

White Wine with Grapes 

So, let us first delve into the basics of a Chardonnay for those of you who may have heard of this wine, but don’t know much about it. Chardonnay is a dry white wine that is known to have a medium body and no tannins. Its acidity level is around a medium and it has an alcohol content that ranges from around 13.5% to 15% typically. The Chardonnay white wine is known to produce a myriad of flavors such as yellow apple, butter, vanilla, pineapple, and starfruit. The chardonnay wine is known to be a green skinned grape variety that originated from the Burgundy wine region of France but is now grown practically everywhere in places such as England, the United States, New Zealand and more.  So, to put it simply, Chardonnay is a dry white wine, with lots of flavor! One cool thing about Chardonnay is that the flavor can differ depending on the climate of the region that the green skinned grape is growing from.  In cooler climates, the Chardonnay wine is known to have flavors of green plum, pear, and apple. In locations where the region is typically warmer, the flavors taste similar to peach, citrus, and melon.

The Popularity of the Chardonnay Wine

Chardonnay Wine

Statistics are showing that Chardonnay is easily becoming one of the most popular white wines to exist – at least in California that is. California has around 93,148 acres of vineyards that are used solely to plant the green grapes needed for Chardonnay. The reason behind its growing popularity can probably be attributed to a number of factors like the fact that Chardonnay is easy to grow. Additionally, Chardonnay is known to be a white wine famous for its blank canvas flavor. It doesn’t have distinctive flavors like other white wines; therefore it is very easy for winemakers to really experiment with the Chardonnay grape and make the flavors their own.  Feel free to taste out the different kinds of Chardonnay and see for yourself! From oaked chardonnay to unoaked chardonnay and more, there is so much variety that a glass of Chardonnay can offer depending on the region and you really have to just taste it in order to believe it! Whichever region you choose to sample, you will surely be impressed with all that the Chardonnay wine has to offer!