What are Some Unique Characteristics of a Smooth Red Wine?

By March 8, 2021Wines

Everybody needs a good wine that they know they can count on to really help them unwind at the end of the day. Don’t get me wrong. Experimenting with wines can be incredibly fun and it is often exciting to pop open a new bottle and explore all the new tastes of a different wine. Yet at the same time, it is important to acknowledge that it is also great to have that one wine that we know is our absolute favorite and will never let us down no matter what. If you are someone who is in search of a new wine to quickly become your go-to then look no further. This article will break down the unique characteristics of a smooth red wine that will help you to realize how much you need a good, smooth red wine in your wine collection. Smooth red wine is the ultimate sign of self-indulgence and relaxation and this article will walk you through some characteristics of a smooth red wine that will instantly make it your favorite!

Smooth Red Wine Characteristics: What is it?

Red Wine

For some this concept of smooth may seem quite difficult to really narrow down. What is really meant by the word “smooth” and how can we expect to see smooth characteristics within red wine? Well for starters, it appears that wine experts state that a smooth wine should be wine that is not too full of tannin’s or acid. In other words, it isn’t harsh or bitter in taste, rather it is a wine that lacks tannin structure altogether so that the wine produces a low-acid taste that is easier for the taste buds.  Entry-level wines that have a little more residual sugar in them can tend to classify as smooth since they have a more syrup taste that provides a smoother texture on the palate.

Since a wine that has more residual sugar is considered to help create a wine’s smooth characteristics, this essentially means that you want to avoid wines that are dry because dry often means less residual sugar. Instead opt for red wines that are characterized as sweet so that you can be assured that the texture of the wine will be smoother along the palate.

Smooth WineIn addition to this, it is often recommended that you opt for wines that are characterized as light-bodied and airy as opposed to full-bodied. A wine that is light-bodied and maybe not as vibrant in reds, will typically have those sweeter, fruiter qualities to it that make it excellent for really being able to feel that smooth texture with your tongue. So in essence, when thinking about the kind of smooth red that you would like to pursue, your best odds are a wine that is light-bodied, airy, sweet, and low in both tannins and acid. When making your next red wine purchase, so long as you keep such characteristics in mind then you should certainly be able to find a red wine that is ultimately smooth and rich. I guarantee it will become your favorite way of winding down after a long hard day of work!