Vineyard: Belong to Celebrities

By February 28, 2019Wines

Everyone is aware of the allure and grandeur of wine vineyards. If people didn’t then wine tours wouldn’t be as popular as they are. People love the feeling that wine brings them, the way it enhances your meal, and the flavor that it leaves on your tongue and down your throat. There is a complete euphoria to drinking wine and everyone who has had wine, knows this. Maybe, that is why famous celebrities’ own vineyards themselves! The love of wine is shared between everyone around the world and it truly is amazing to realize. It is like we have become our very own community. There is something really refreshing to all be different and unique people that share something in common that make us relatable, whether we are a 21-year-old college student just figuring out our life or an incredibly rich actor with 20 plus years of experience. No matter our background, age, or life, wine is what brings us together and to further shed light on this beautiful wine community, we are going to make this article a bit different from other wine articles out there. Instead of talking about all the characteristics of wine, how to store wine, how to buy wine and so on, we are going to talk about famous people who can share our love for wine. They love wine so much that they even own their own vineyards! If that is not love and dedication than I do not know what it is. Now without further ado, I bring you the most famous celebrities who have bought their own wine vineyard and bask in their ability to be a part of the amazing wine community!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Chateau Mirava


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Yes, the infamous Mr. and Mrs. Smith actually own their own vineyard! It is located in the South of France and is called the Chateau Mirava. It is a 1,200-acre estate in the heart of the village of Correns. The estate was built in 1841 and boasts a manor with 35 rooms and 926 acres of fountains, woodlands, and gardens. If you thought that was crazy, wait till you hear the part about how it has a moat! Yes, I know! Back in 2014, Brad and Angelina released their second award winning wine which is a rose called the Chateau Miraval. It was released on February 7th and was featured on the Wine Spectator’s top 100 wine, selling out in an impressive 5 hours after release! Even though they are no longer together, the couple have no plans to sell the vineyard off and rightfully so. It is an incredible estate to hold and surely one that is still dear to their heart! The couple even got married at the vineyard estate!

Francis Ford Coppola’s Winery in California


We all known Francis Ford Coppola as the incredible man who directed the famous “The Godfather” movies. This man is truly a wine connoisseur and you can tell without a doubt that wine is something that he truly loves and adores. His resort in the heart of Alexander Valley, California has already produced over 40 wines! The winery is named after himself and is located in Sonoma County where it features a wine tasting bar, swimming pools (yes plural), a movie gallery, two restaurants, a performing arts pavilion, and a park area with game tables and bocce courts. In honor of his daughter Sofia Coppola, he even produced a beautiful rose named after her. The winery is truly a beauty to behold and any wine connoisseur who loves their wine as much as Francis does, should make the trip out to visit his winery and see all the glory for yourself!

David and Victoria Beckham’s Napa Valley Vineyard


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This posh spice girl and champion soccer (or shall I say football) player became wine enthusiasts when they were living in Spain around the time that David Beckham was playing for Real Madrid. They ended up relocating to Los Angeles eventually and David Beckham spent out some serious cash to buy his wife this Napa Valley winery for her 34th birthday (I don’t think anyone can top that as a birthday present!) As of right now, the Beckham winery is not for the public. They are currently having no plans to produce their wine and sell it to the public, so unfortunately for Beckham and Wine fans we won’t be seeing any wine tours coming from their vineyard anytime soon. Instead their vineyard is well used for their personal use in which they craft up vintage wines with a team of specialists in order to impress their friends and family. Hopefully one day we can see a wine of theirs out for the public to enjoy. I am sure it would taste absolutely fantastic!

Drew Barrymore and Barrymore Wines


The infamous Drew Barrymore is another celebrity that can be added to the list of celebrity wine loves! She even created a Pinot Grigio to honor her own family! As of right now she currently does not have her own vineyard, BUT she has partnered up with the Monterey. They are a California winery that focuses on creating a complex “bright, crisp, white wine with flavors of lemon drop, Asian pear, and honeydew melon star.” Back in 2014 she launched her own new wine called Carmel Road Pinot Grigio. If you are a Drew Barrymore fan and you love wine then you should surely give this crisp wine a chance!

John Legend


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The amazing, super talented, and hilarious Legend family are also one of many who have their share in wine and vineyards. John Legend partnered up with famed vintner Jean-Charles Boisset to produce what is known as LVE wines (stands for Legend Vineyard Exclusive). The LVE wines are comprised of Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay and are produced with a variety of fruits from Raymond Vineyards in Napa. You can actually book a tour to this specific winery and test the wine out yourself or join John Legend on his world tour where he will allow fans the chance to test the wine out for themselves! The vineyard also offers the opportunity for visitors to craft their own wine in what is known as the “Blending Room.”

Sam Neill and Two Paddocks


The Jurassic Park actor and three-time Golden Globe nominee is also another celebrity that we cannot forget! He has spoken numerous times about his vineyard and you can surely hear the passion and devotion he has towards wine. His vineyard is named Two Paddocks and is located in Central Otago, New Zealand. He is not shy about marketing his vineyard and wines to the public and often features them on his social media pages. He posts an array of photos featuring his cool branding and loves to post animals alongside his wine and merchandise! The vineyard is open for your wine tasting pleasure and if you choose to become a member of Private Paddock then you can get exclusive access to a variety of private wine tastings as well as vineyards/farm tours.

Ferguson Crest


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You can probably tell by the sound of the name that this vineyard probably belongs to former Black-Eyed Peas member, Fergie. Fergie owns this beautifully named vineyard in Santa Ynez, California. The six-acre winery was founded by her and her father back in 2006 and has been with her ever since. Unfortunately, the winery is reserved for family only meaning that no tours are available to the public. Despite this downside the upside is that the family does offer what is known as “The Crest Club.” Members who are a part of this club can receive bottle shipments in the Fall and Spring season as well as access to limited edition bottles that are autographed by the Fergie herself! Upon sitting down for an interview, Fergie revealed that while she is not at the vineyard every day her dad does indeed work there every day. The singer still makes time in her busy schedule to come and help out at the annual harvest grape picking weekend. The singer/songwriter revealed that her family has always had a very deep connection to wine and when she was younger, she would see her parents having wine tasting parties. She admits that wine has a tendency to bring people, friends, and family together! I couldn’t agree more.



This singing legend of course owns her own vineyard as well. It just sounds so Madonna-like for her to have her own vineyard. Madonna has her winery based in Sutton Bay, Michigan and calls it the Ciccone Vineyard & Winery. The vineyard is about 14 acres and is a collaboration between Madonna and her father. The winery is indeed open to the public in which people can be a part of wine tasting groups, socialize, and attend regularly scheduled events like Traverse City Wine, Opera Festival, as well as the Harvest Stompede (a fun 7 mile run through the vineyard rows!).

Blenheim Vineyards


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This beautiful vineyard is designed and owned by famous singer Dave Matthews. They founded the vineyard back in 200 and have created the Vineyard as a way to produce great wine while having a minimal impact on the environment. The picturesque vineyard is located in Charlottesville, Virginia and is absolutely charming. Besides the fact that it offers incredible wines, the facility has many characteristics that are absolutely worth boasting about. The vineyard is considered to be so breathtaking that it is very common for people to exchange their vows on the property. In addition to the weddings that take place in this facility, people can attend outdoor yoga classes in the summer and food trucks are brought in every weekend so that guests have the pleasure to enjoy good food as they sample the aromatic and crisp wines. Oh, and I cannot forget about the live music that plays on the upper patio of the winery. Yeah, there is a lot going on at this place and if you are looking for a relaxing, fun filled, place for your next trip then you should definitely check this vineyard out!

Guy Fieri


Yes, my friends. In addition to Guy Fieri being a total foodie, this man also has a great passion for wine as well. The restaurateur and Emmy award winning television personality owns a winery named after his sons. The vineyard is called Hunt & Ryde Winery and is actually owned by the man himself. It is about 5 acres and is located in the Russian River Valley of Northern California, specializing in the art of Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, and his infamous Cabernet “Trophy” blend. He has incorporated organic farming methods to produce his wines and teamed up with local vintner Guy Davis (from the Davis Family Vineyards). Guy Fieri prides his wine on the idea of being quality, organic, and an approachable price. Back in 2013, his Zinfandel won a 92-point rating on Wine Enthusiasts, which falls in the category of outstanding. The wine was described as a savory with black pepper and strong current of Italian deli aromas and flavors. In addition, his 2014 had high marks for its toasty oak, cinnamon, as well as dark cherry flavors. Quite impressive Guy Fieri!

It is quite impressive and exciting to see all these well-known celebrities own incredibly vineyards and wineries, both private and public. The mere fact that these celebrities own such vineyards are proof of the fact that wine truly captures the heart of many and has the power to bring so many people together. Be loud and proud if you consider yourself to be a part of the wine family. So many amazing people are a part of the very same community and it is so great to feel like everyone can relate in some way! If you are on the fence about whether you like wine or not, then this article should be proof of how alluring and enigmatic wine is! It not only provides a great breadth of flavors, but it unites people like a family! So, take a chance on wine and join the growing community of wine lovers, just like these celebrities! You don’t need to own vineyards, just have a passion for this one of a kind drink!