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Wine is the embodiment of satisfaction, bliss, and ultimate relaxation. This powerful drink with its rich and intense flavors seems to be that powerful elixir that keeps many people around the world calm and fulfilled no matter the burdens and stress that life seems to hand our way every now and then. Numerous studies have been done on the power of wine and the benefits it can offer and the evidence is strikingly clear on why wine is a force to be reckoned with. Wine has been proven to promote longevity in life span by reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, as well as having anti-aging properties that promote clear, glowing skin with the use of the ingredient resveratrol. Couple that evidence with the fact that wine is proven to help reduce stress by suppressing the central nervous system, it is no secret that wine truly seems to be a very formidable opponent to other drinks out there in the market! What could possibly make this drink any better? Well for starters, let’s not forget that wine is the most perfect match to so many delicious food options and snacks. Wine pairs so well with a variety of ingredients and dishes and takes relaxation and bliss to a whole new level that other drinks cannot compare to. Especially when it’s 1849Wine.

What is 1849 Wine?

1849 Wine is a brand of wine that takes the power of wine to an even larger level when compared to other brands of wine. All of this company’s wines originate from nothing but the finest, ripened, hand-picked grapes out there. They all come from vintners who are very passionate about what they do and instill care and patience into every wine they create to achieve the dream of unprecedented and handcrafted wine. Passion and patience shows through in every wine bottle and only the best wine can be achieved through those traits. The 1849 Wine Company works hard to make sure that every bottle of liquid gold, feels a little more like a vacation away from home for every customer. The company carries myriads of different wines with a large variety and scope of flavors to satisfy everybody’s taste buds. Pair that with the great value of the wine and it will be a no brainer that 1849 Wine knows exactly how to turn art into a rapturous reality.
The Ultimate 1849Wine and Food Pairing List
Now without further ado I give you the grand list of top 10 tips for pairing the delicious and crisp flavors of 1849 Wine with the intricate flavors of various foods!
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1.Match the Flavors of Your Wine with Food that is Naturally Paired with Those Flavors. Basically in essence, the goal is to understand the various flavors that your 1849 Wine brings out when you drink it and from there incorporate various food items that are commonly known to be eaten with those flavors. For example, turkey or duck are two types of meat that are often paired with a delicious fruit sauce such as a cranberry or cherry sauce that is poured on top. If your wine has a very distinct cherry or cranberry flavor, then it is ideal that you should pair such a wine with foods that are only enhanced by taste when paired with those flavors.
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2.Understand How the Taste of Various Foods Can Change the Taste of the Wine. Of course as stated before, it is no brainer that food and wine go extremely well together. Pairing the right food to the right wine can be a bit tricky though. To ensure that you enhance your ability to truly enjoy both the flavor of your 1849 Wine with the flavor of your dinner. It also depends on what flavor you are going for when it comes to each individual meal. For example, if you want to cancel out the bitterness of your wine, try to gravitate towards sour and salty foods. This includes meat marinated in lemon or lime, burrito bowls with lots of sour cream, chips and salsa, mixed nuts (salted of course), and more! If for your lunch, dinner, or snack you are trying to cancel out the drying taste of your wine that is produced by the tannins found naturally in the grapes then go for acidic, salty, or fatty foods. This can include french fries, red meat, miso soup, fried rice, pasta, and more! If you are looking to increase the dryness of your wine (also known as astringency), then pair your 1849 wine with sweet or spicy foods such as curry, spicy chicken, fire noodles, or desserts like cake, ice cream, pies, etc. Here is one tip I bet you didn’t know, sweet wines taste sweeter when they are actually paired with salty foods! Sounds odd but this is actually true. If you are looking to further enhance the sweet flavor of your wine, don’t go for even sweeter foods, instead try your hand at some salty ones and you will see the difference. If you find the taste of your wine to be a bit too sweet, you can make it more bitter by incorporating bitter foods. Bitter tasting foods are often vegetables such as arugula, broccoli, artichoke, cauliflower, etc.
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3.Preparation Can Influence the Taste of Your Wine. We all know that one of the most amazing things about food is the fact that it carries a great variety of flavors. One type of food can yield so many different results based off how you cook and prepare it. Chicken is too broad of a word. The word chicken alone cannot accompany an idea of taste and how it will go with wine. One important thing about wine and food pairing is that you must realize that different types of the same food can have a great effect on the outcome of the overall quality of your wine and dinner. Roast chicken, pan seared, and baked chicken (even with the same exact ingredients) will yield many different experiences of taste when paired with a wine. That goes for every type of meat or other types of food that you cook. It is important to research what taste and characteristics you want to get from your wine and from there research exactly the type of foods that will help to accentuate the taste of the drink and overall enhance the wonderful experience of wine and food. Keep in mind texture, ingredients, cooking length and utensils used for your food and how those can influence the various flavors brought about.
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4.Wine Acidity is Extremely Important. Professionals on wine and food state that this tip is very crucial when it comes to enjoying both your meal and your 1849Wine. An owner and beverage director of two extremely popular Manhattan restaurants known as The Eddy and The Wallflower swears by the power of this rule. Jason Soloway states that the basic rule of wine is that a wine must be more acidic than the actual food. Once you have wine like that, than generally pairing wine and food becomes much easier. The acidity quality of wine is very important because it cuts through the fat and richness of any food. The acidity of wine will vary though depending on the type of grape and the region it comes from. The general rule of thumb is that white wines will have high acidity. Red wine can have acidity as well, but can be lower in acidity than white wine.
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5.Beware of Tomatoes. Different styles of tomatoes are great for meals because they provide great flavors as sauces, raw, cooked, sundried, etc. You can pour tomato sauce over pasta, have sundried tomatoes in a salad, or have a tomato reduction with your choice of meat. Tomatoes for sure are very versatile for many different dishes, but it is ideal to understand the role of the tomato when it comes to being paired with wine. Tomato is generally very acidic and as stated above, when matched with acidic wines will be very fruitful. It is wise to find good acidic wines to match with this ingredient, as other wines low in acidity will really be tough to enjoy. It is probably best that when putting tomatoes on your meals, that you take this into consideration and go for a nice white wine. Avoid others.
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6.Focus on the Body of the Wine. While color is important in wine pairing in the sense that you can get a general idea of the taste that you are in for, color does not reveal all. The body of the wine has a lot to do with it as well! Body basically refers to how the wine feels in your mouth based on the texture or substance. Body can be of immense help in distinguishing the type of wine that you are going for. Darker bodied wines will have a heavier feel in your mouth, while lighter bodied wines will have a thinner texture or feel in your mouth. Foods that have very strong flavors will generally pair well with fuller bodied wines while food of delicate, subtle flavors will pair well with thinner bodied wines.
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7.Simplicity and Balance are Key. The art of pairing wine and food is well art, and not science. There needs to be balance that is set out for both the wine and the food because neither should outweigh the other. Wine and meal pairings need to be paired in a way that both accentuate each other´s flavors and not heavily wash out or overpower the flavor of another. This is very important. That is why it is always best to go simple on your meals. Simple meals help for the variability in wine choices that can go well together. What exactly do I mean by simple? Simple means using seasonings that are light and don’t have extreme flavors like onion or garlic. Roasted meat and light seasonings are always a very delightful option. Go for sides like vegetables or rice with low sauce levels or light butter or oil. Stay away from extremely rich or overpowering sauces or at least have them on the side to control the portion you have. These will really accentuate the flavor of the wine and you will really enjoy savoring it as well.

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Keep Your 1849 Wine Paired with California Delicacies. Another common tip about wine and food pairing is that generally the location of where the wine originates from pairs the best with food that is from that region as well. Delicious 1849 wine comes from the beautiful regions of California such as Napa Valley, Sonoma County, Monterey County, and more. For this reason it is best to pair your delicious 1849Wine, with California made cuisines such as fresh chicken salads, grilled shrimp, pan seared salmon, marinated with spring greens, grilled steak, and more!
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9.Cook Your Wine and Drink It Too. It makes sense that your food cooked in a certain wine will taste amazing with none other than that wine itself! Add double the experience to wine and food pairing by actually cooking your foods and sauces in your favorite 1849 Wine and then have a glass of that same wine ready to drink with it. There is no way that they wouldn´t taste amazing. Most of the time it is best to cook your wine with wines that taste the best when paired with them. Cook red meats in red wine, seafood or light cream sauces with white wine, sherry with poultry and hot soups, and sweet wines with desserts.
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10.Most of All, Have Fun With It. 1849 Wine is all about enjoying amazing wine and appreciating the art of everything in life. Wine pairing with these tasteful wines shouldn´t be a hefty, boring science, but a fun art experience that you try out for yourself. The best thing about wine and food pairing (and the best tip of all) is that you make your choice and explore your own art when it comes to wining and dining. Switch things up and try new things on your own. Enjoy the task and mess around with many varieties and beauties that wine and food can bring. Embrace the wine and embrace the art.