Tips: Buying Wine Online

By January 4, 2019Wines

Let’s face it! As the time goes on, the world is becoming increasingly technologically advanced. Everything is becoming more digitized by the second. Our homework, textbooks, work reports, businesses, news, and more. The internet has become a vast space for people to connect, create, learn, share, buy, and more. Online shopping has increased drastically too! More people are using the internet as a way to make fast purchases. No more driving to the nearest store and spending extra time in long lines to purchase what you need. Everything you could ever want is available at the click of your fingertips! Talk about convenience! And don’t even get me started on the inventory that is available online. Stores cannot match the level of inventory and products available to sell online. The internet simply has so many more options and varieties to choose from. With this in mind, it isn’t hard to understand why so many choose to make many of their purchases online rather in the store and this is no secret for wine as well! Buying wine online has become increasingly popular as the world has become more digitized and many have found the possibility of buying wine online such a time-saving and convenient option. Still, many people are skeptical about making such important and expensive purchases online. Wine is definitely a purchase you cannot be hasty about. You have to be patient and really do your research before buying wine online. That is why many people feel uneasy about doing it over the web.  They feel as if they may not make the correct or informed decisions needed and often are scared to make that move and purchase it for fear that it may look nothing like what it looked like online. That is okay. If you are on the fence about doing your wine shopping online, there is no need to be! This article will give you all the tips you need to know to make the best wine purchases all with the convenience of doing it online. After reading this, you will no longer feel the stress that you once did when it comes to make web purchases and you will see how easy it is to build your wine inventory in the comfort of your own home!



The Most Well-Known Sites for Purchasing Wine



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One of the uneasy feelings about making any sort of online purchase is the feeling of being tricked by the seller. Online is different from seeing it in person. In person, you can examine the bottle, the label, you can ask questions, and gage the answers of the wine workers there to see if they know what they are selling. You are able to get a feel for whether they are selling you what they claim to be selling you or whether you feel as if you are being ripped off. Of course, with purchasing online, you cannot really get a feel or an intuition for authentication. It becomes really easy for sellers to fake their products and make it sound good. This is a valid concern, but there is definitely a way in which you can maneuver around this. Choose only wine sites that are known to be authentic and true to what they sell. Avoid sites that you do not know much about or cannot find much information/reviews about via the internet. Some reputable and trustworthy websites that you can consult for wine shopping online include Wine Access, Last Bottle, Wine-Searcher, K&L Wine Merchants, Drizzly,, Vivino, and Winc.



The Many Methods You Can Utilize to Purchase Wine



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There are actually a variety of methods that one can use to purchase their wine. Wine purchases are more than just simply picking wine from online, putting in the needed information and then done! You can actually do more than just that and participate in cool sales and wine auctions as well, so that you can get great wines for much cheaper! Check out some of the ways that you can acquire wine using the internet!



Online Grocery Shopping


Instead of simply buying your wine from a wine retailer online, you can actually buy wine from your regular grocery store online and have it shipped to your place of residence. If you find that you prefer all your grocery shopping (including your wine) to come from one place only, then it may be of great use to actually purchase your wine from regular grocery stores that you tend to frequent. Of course the downside to this is that your wine options are much more limited and you may be unsure if the wine you buy will be everything you expect it to be. If this is the case for you, then you can simply do your research using apps or internet resources like Vivino. Vivino is a very popular wine app and retailer that can sell a large inventory of wine and offers many kinds of reviews and descriptions of the various wines that exist. You can use vision to find out the wine that best suits your needs and then from there check to see what grocery stores may have that wine in stock and ready to purchase via the internet. In that way you can kill two birds with one stone, by knocking out groceries and wine shopping in one go. Just be sure that with this, you do your wine homework from a variety of resources so that you are sure that the wine you are purchasing online from the store is the wine you want!



Tasting Clubs


If you are someone who prefers to pick their wine in a way that allows you to personally connect with that wine, then tasting clubs may be what you need! This allows you to sample wines and personally taste them before making purchases online. With tasting clubs online in the US such as Vine box, Tasting Room, and Bright Cellars, you can enjoy small, sample sized wine bottles to explore what you are looking for and then enjoy occasional discounts and free delivery of such wines, right to your doorstep. Although, you cannot purchase full bottles of wine from here, these clubs allow you the convenient opportunity to try out as much wine as you want to without spending the time and gas money of traveling to a winery or wine store to try them out yourself. You simply pay a cheaper, sample price for the wine, have it delivered to your doorstep and enrich yourself in a myriad of different wine flavors. In this way, you can understand what kinds of wine you like. Through this, you can use the mentioned wine websites to purchase the wine you like and feel good knowing that the money you spent on the wine is well worth it because it will be exactly to your personal taste preference (and it was convenient!).  Truly a type of online wine experience that any wine explorer should try out!



 Flash Sales



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Flash sales are another popular method of wine purchasing that is making its way around. Flash Sale wine retailers are retailers who offer incredible discounts on certain wines, for a select amount of time. Typically, the sale comes through when you buy the wine in bulk, but you can get wonderful discounts of about 10-30% off. It is a great way to buy the wines that you absolutely love for a great price. If you are someone who loves to bargain, then this is a type of wine purchasing that you will surely enjoy! But, keep in mind that with flash sales you typically are buying the wine in bulk. Some flash sales will sell a minimum amount of wine at about 2 wine bottles, while other flash sales will typically have you buy about 6 or 12 wine bottles in order to get that discount! So be wary of that! If you are someone that prefers a wide variety of wines, then flash sales may not be what you are looking for, but if you are someone who prefers a certain kind of wine and tends to stick to that only, then this could be what you need to buy in bulk and save some money!



Wine Auctions


For all of my wine lovers who want a dynamic cellar of wines to choose from, wine auctions may be what you need! Wine auctions are truly the more unique gems on wine retailer sites and can offer you so many benefits if you find the right kind of wine. The deals you can find in a wine auction can be so rewarding and unreal. The general process of a wine auction typically follows people logging onto wine bid websites such as Wines will be auctioned at at a certain time and potential buyers place low bids in hopes of snagging great deals on good wines. People have been able to purchase older California wines and wines that date back to the 1950’s for wonderful prices. The process of wine auctioning has become relatively popular for it is convenient and quick! One thing you have be wary of with wine auctions, is that when you bid you automatically agree to purchase the wine bottle as-is. This means that the wine bottles may not be corked or may not have been stored in the most proper way, but regardless of that you agree to buy them regardless. You can even feel free to email bidders ahead of time about questions in regards to the wine. In all, wine auctioning is a new method purchasing wine online that is becoming increasingly popular and should be tried out for all of those wine connoisseurs eager to get their hands on some true wine gems.



Some Other Online Wine Tips You Must Be Aware Of!



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Make Sure the State You Live in Allows Wine to be Shipped!


Believe it or not, there are actually some states that do not allow alcohol to be shipped through mail. Make sure that before you go crazy on the online wine shopping that you do the basics of checking if your state allows wine to be shipped through mail. If you have any questions or concerns regarding wine shipments and various states in the US, you can refer to the Wine Institute for more information.


You Want it Cheap


If you are someone who wants to shop for their wines at the lowest listed prices as possible than check out places such as Wine-Searcher. Com. Wine-Searcher can offer you the lowest price online sellers and retailers have on whatever wine bottle you are eyeing. They even offer ratings and reviews so that you can see if the wine bottle you are interested in, truly meets the expectations that you are hoping for.



Keep Temperature in Mind


Be wary that when having wine shipped, you are dealing with all kinds of conditions that shipping can pose on the wine bottle. This includes wine bottles being stored in a box with temperatures above 80 degrees. This can greatly affect the taste of your wine and keep you fairly disappointed at all the money you just spent. Plan accordingly. Keep track of where your wine bottle will be traveling in order to get to you and what kind of temperatures it will endure along the way. If you have tracking info for FedEx or UPS, they can actually hold your package in their air-conditioned office as opposed to keeping it in their hot truck while they drive around all day. Doing these extra steps, can greatly make sure that your dollars do not go to waste and that you truly choose the best wine for your enjoyment!



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These tips help scratch out the basics for you when it comes to making online wine purchases. Hopefully this helped to ease your concerns about purchasing online and have made you more knowledgeable about the do’s and don’ts of online wine shopping. Surely when online wine shopping is done quickly with no homework or research than it can be a nightmare you never wish to deal with again, but with these tips and the right research you can reap the advantages of having wine delivered quickly and easily to your doorstep without ever having to leave your home.