Thanksgiving Wine Pairing

By December 5, 2020Wines

As Thanksgiving and the holidays approach us, the time to figure out the best seasonal wines to pair with your favorite family dinners has dawned upon us. Thanksgiving and holiday dinners mean that not only does the food need to be great, but the wine needs to be wonderful and plentiful to drink when having those wonderful conversations with family. Here are some great tips to help you get started on finding the right kind of wine to have on the dinner table with you and your family.

Wine Glasses on Table

Best Tips for the Ultimate Wine Pairing

What Makes a Wine Pair Well: In this case, one thing you should note about wine pairings during the festive Thanksgiving and holiday season is that their red fruit flavors mimic a lot of the traditional fruit flavors that make it on the Thanksgiving table such as cranberry! Additionally, they have light tannins and moderate acidity which make them great with the texture and intensity of turkey! If you consider any of the below options for your dinner, then you certainly will not be disappointed. These wines will certainly be a top crowd-pleaser for the family!

Light Bodied Red Wines, No Oak: I know that sometimes when it comes to pairing wine with any sort of dinner, people typically try their best to pair wines that are known to specifically pair well with certain kinds of food. Yet, the best way to have a great wine on the dinner table will depend on having a wine that is able to pair well with a wide variety of food and flavors rather than just a few, select dishes.  This is where light-bodied red wines that avoid heavy oak come into play. These wines have notes of fruit and acid that can complement a wide variety of foods on the dinner table without overshadowing the main courses!

Delicate Pinot Noir: This is a wonderful wine to decorate the Thanksgiving and holiday season! The nature of Pinot Noir makes it a food friendly wine that often compliments with flavors like cranberry, allspice, red apple, dried leaves, etc. Those are all flavors that will certainly make up your dinner table during the fall season dinners so you should certainly take advantage of having this wonderful wine present for the family to sip on as they dine. You should especially try to opt for fine-boned and delicate Pinots in this case!

glass of wineZinfandel: This one is certainly a crowd pleaser among many people. This is due to the fact that the wine is known to amplify spices that are typical in fall and holiday dinners like Thanksgiving. These spices like clove, cinnamon, and allspice will certainly be amplified in conjunction with this wine. Additionally, the bold and rich alcohol level within this kind of wine means that it pairs quite well with dark meat turkey.

Sancerre: This wine is actually a lean and herbaceous Sauvignon Blanc. The wine pairs extremely well with sides that you would typically see on the Thanksgiving and holidays dinner table. The wine really compliments the flavors of green bean casserole, brussels sprouts, roast asparagus, etc. The wine can also be a wonderful palate cleanser to rich gravies and meats that are on the plate!