Red Wine vs Beet Juice: The Better Option?

By May 21, 2022Beet Juice, Wine Glasses

Wine will always remain a classic amongst the variety of alcoholic beverages that exist. No matter what new trends will appear on the market, people will always enjoy falling back on this traditional, yet incredibly versatile drink. Yet, at the same time, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t give other types of wine alternatives a try either! With new trends and desires emerging in newer generations, the innovations for different types of wines and wine alternatives keep growing! For example, beet juice. This beverage is being hailed as a new wine alternative for those who can’t drink alcohol or have to cut back on their alcohol consumption. Let’s look a little further into what makes beetroot a great alternative to traditional wine!

Red Wine Health Benefits

Wine GlassWhen consumed in moderation, red wine is a beverage with wonderful health benefits. For example, studies on the regular consumption of red wine in moderate amounts have linked red wine to benefits such as fighting diabetes, boosting cardiovascular health through raising Omega 3 fatty acids, in addition to its most emphasized benefit which is its ability to reduce stress and help calm the nerves (thanks to its alcohol content).

Beet Juice/Beet Wine Health Benefits

Similar to red wine, beet juice/beet wine has great health benefits that it can provide too. The beverage is known to help with lowering blood pressure, supporting the liver, reducing cholesterol, and promoting good cardiovascular health like red wine. It is a good source of folate and has other important minerals such as iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium, and more. For that reason, beet juice is a great and healthy drink alternative to not only red wine but other types of sugary drinks and sodas.

Beet Juice Taste: Similar to Red Wine?

  Of course, when trying to think about alternatives to red wine, it is important to consider that an alternative should not only be great in terms of health benefits, but also in terms of taste. This means that the taste of beetroot juice/wine needs to be similar to that of red wine. According to brands who produce beetroot wine, the taste is strikingly similar. Beetroot wine features a variety of other beverages such as green apple juice, tea, etc. to mimic tannins and acidity similar to red wine. The natural taste of beetroot provides an earthy and slight sweet taste similar to red wine. Furthermore, beet wine is often mixed with other types of fruits such as black currant,blackberry, etc. This helps to further make the taste similar to red wine. In that way, beet wine can mimic all the properties that make red wine super special.

Red Wine vs Beet Juice: How it Goes Through the System

Beet Juice Red wine is alcohol whereas beet juice is not. So, when red wine goes through your system, it doesn’t run through your system in the same way beet juice does. This can be good or not so great depending on your preferences. Red wine’s alcohol is absorbed mainly by the small intestine with some absorbed by the stomach. Red wine’s alcohol content means that it can depress the central nervous system and calm down anxiety and stress. It also means that it will temporarily raise your blood pressure. On the other hand, the nitrates in beetroot actually lower blood pressure within the body. Furthermore, beet wine has no alcohol so it cannot depress the central nervous system in the way that alcohol can. In other words, red wine and beet wine are absorbed and metabolized differently in the body, therefore producing different biological effects.

The Consensus

The consensus is that neither red wine nor beet wine is a better option overall. The choice comes down to what you are looking for. If you need a good de-stressing beverage that can help calm you down and you are not worried about excess alcohol consumption, then red wine is the best for you. Yet, if you are someone who worries greatly about too much alcohol consumption and are looking for something that tastes similar to red wine then beet wine may be your best option! No matter your choice, both drinks offer great health benefits, so you can feel at ease about that!