Reasons to Love Red Wine

By August 5, 2019Wines

There are so many wondrous things about wine that make it a beverage that many people just love and enjoy. This beverage is an ultimate classic people have been sipping upon for centuries and it feels almost like tradition and something familiar to us when we tuck into our own glass of wine. Wine is loved by many for more than just its flavor, but also the familiarity that it can bring to us as well as the things that we tend to associate wine with. Wine is often associated with a plethora of positive associations. We think of wine in relation to love and romance, parties, friends, family, get-togethers, and even just drinking wine to destress and chill from the hard days that may come our way. For this reason, people have a strong appreciation for this beautiful beverage. One of the coolest things about wine is that it is not just something that brings us good feelings, but it is also something that essentially is created with everyone’s preferences in mind. Wine is just so diverse in flavor, aroma, texture, etc. that honestly, I truly believe that there is a wine for everybody out there in the world. The diversity of wine is just that great that I feel like there really is a kind of wine that speaks to everyone and maybe those who do not particularly like wine, just haven’t found the right kind to suit their needs! But no need to fear. This article aims to make things a little easier by giving some spotlight attention to the infamous red wine type! By delving into all the reasons that make red wine awesome as well as what this kind of wine can bring to you, hopefully this gets even the hesitant wine drinkers into thinking about what type of wine they think they would enjoy and then narrowing their search down from there. Let’s be honest! The closer you are to finding the right kind of wine for you, the more you can appreciate what this heavenly drink can do for you!

You Love Red Wine Because You Love Diversity

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I think the first stop in our journey to understanding the reasons to love red wine, first begins with delving into the diversity that red wine possesses. Think of what I mean in this way. If you were to ask someone, “What does red wine taste like?” the appropriate response would be “Well which red wine are you talking about? What grape does it come from? Where was it grown? Did the location from which it was grown yield warm temperatures or moderate temperatures? Who produced the wine? How much has it aged?” and so on so forth. The reason I say this is to help people realize that there are so many factors that affect how a wine tastes and smells. These many factors are what end up producing so many kinds of diverse red wines with completely different textures and flavors that enhance food and dining in so many ways. Syrah’s will taste different from Merlots, Merlots will taste and smell different from Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Sauvignon will be completely different from Malbec and Malbec’s are different from Pinot Noirs, Zinfandels Sangiovese, and Barbers. These are all different kinds of red wines with all their own unique and special characteristics that will end up suiting many different people’s taste buds and preferences! For this reason, we must give a hat off to red wine for being diverse and showing us that diversity is something that should be appreciated and celebrated for it is a beautiful thing about life!

Red Wine Types

Just to show you a little bit more about the diversity of wine, I believe that it is only fitting that I delve into the most common types of red wines that exist and the typical characteristics that accompany each one, so you can get an even more in depth sense of why red wine is so celebrated and why you should love it as much as others do!

Syrah (or otherwise known as Shiraz)

I first introduce you to the Syrah red wine which comes from a variety of popular wine locations such as California, Australia, and France’s Rhone Valley. The typical taste that accompanies a glass of Syrah is wild black fruit with overtones of black pepper spice and toffee. The wine has an abundance of fruit flavors that burst forward and are often complemented by a drink that is warm in alcohol and has a generous amount of tannins. Pair this delicious wine up with steak, beef, wild game, and stews for a hearty dinner paired with a deep rich red wine that is sure to please!


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This red wine pairs well with any kind of food that exists and that is one of the reasons why you should love a delicious merlot red wine. The softness of the Merlot has made it infamous as the perfect red wine drink for new wine drinkers. The Merlot is typically grown in places such as Australia, Chile, and California. It has a wine taste and aroma that are often associated with black cherry, herbal flavors, plums, and is less on the tannin side (meaning it is less rough).

Cabernet Sauvignon

The Cabernet Sauvignon is another delicious wine that should be appreciated. This wonderful and diverse wine boasts a different taste from other red wines since it is often characterized as having notes of bell pepper, oak, and a rich currant quality to it. This wine is typically grown in the Northern region of Germany, as well as other famous places such as Chile, Australia, and California. It is known to be full bodied and young in flavor and pairs best with red meats.

Pinot Noir

Pinot noir red wines are the most notable red wine grapes to exist. They are often difficult to grow and are rarely blended with not much roughness. This red wine is known to pair very well with Japanese dishes such as sushi rolls or with meats such as chicken, lamb, or grilled salmon. It is most notably produced in Bourgogne, France and has a taste that is very different from the Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine typically has a structure that is noted as delicate and fresh. The tannins of the wine are very soft due to the low level of polyphenols and the aroma of the wine is often noted as being fruity with notes of cherry, strawberry, and plum. Sometimes it can even be characterized as tea-leaf, damp earth, or worn leather! An incredibly diverse and interesting flavor for sure!


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Zinfandel red wine is perhaps the most versatile wine grape since it can make bluish colored wines to rich and heavy red wines. It is often a wine that is noted as a zesty flavor with berry and pepper and can be paired with different kinds of foods that are known to be heavier in flavor such as tomato-sauce pasta, grilled and barbecued meats, as well as pizza. The Zinfandel is found mainly in California but originates from Croatia.

You Love Red Wine Because It Loves You Back (And it Shows That)

Another wonderful thing about red wine, in addition to the diversity in flavor and aromas that it offers, lies in the fact that this wine is wonderful in showing how much it cares for your health! Red wine is known to provide a wide variety of health benefits that truly make this beverage an amazing drink, deserving of all the praise and love that it can get.

You Love Red Wine Because It Can Boost Your Brain

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Red wine grapes are known for having a very powerful and effective antioxidant known as resveratrol. This antioxidant is known to keep your memory sharp. It has been proven in studies that this compound has been shown to hamper the formation of something called a beta-amyloid protein. It sounds like a very complex and scientific name, but what that really means is simply that it can help inhibit the formation of plaque that is often found in the brains of people who have Alzheimer’s.

You Love Red Wine Because It Can Help You Fight Off That Cold

One other reason you should love this amazing drink is because it can curb away the common cold sickness. A study was down in the American Journal of Epidemiology back in 2010 that found that among 4,000 faculty members at five different Universities in Spain, those who drank up to about 14 weekly glasses of wine for about one year were about 40% less likely to come down with the common cold. This is because the antioxidants found within wine are believed to help fight off infection and help protect cells against the effects of free radicals. Free radicals are incredibly harmful as studies have shown that they can be linked to forms of cancer and other diseases.

You Love Red Wine Because It Can Help Improve Mental Health

Red wine does more for you than just physical health and personal satisfaction. Another reason why you should love this drink can lie in the fact that this beverage can help promote better sleep, reduce stress, and lower the feeling of anxiety and depression. This can be wonderful for your mental health. By drinking red wine, the capabilities of the wine can help subdue any anxiety or worries that may hamper your mood or mental state. The melatonin within the wine helps to encourage sleepiness at the appropriate time so that your body feels tired when it needs to sleep. The key to red wine being able to lower feelings of depression and anxiety most likely lies in the fact that the resveratrol antioxidant within the drink has a natural calming effect to the body, serving as an antidepressant to the nervous system.

You Love Red Wine Because It Can Improve Your Skin and Teeth

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Red wine not only leaves you feeling good on the inside but has you looking good on the outside. Red wine has been linked to making your skin look clearer and can strengthen up your teeth. The power lies once again in the amazing antioxidant resveratrol! This antioxidant can slow the growth of acne causing bacteria, creating beautiful and glowing skin. In addition, red mine may help with your teeth since it possesses polyphenols which studies who can help to keep harmful bacteria from attaching to the teeth.

You Love Red Wine Because It Can Make Your Gut Healthy

Another incredibly amazing thing about red wine is the fact that it can also help aid in digestion through the fact that the polyphenols can work to provide good bacteria within the gut. The polyphenols can aid greatly in attacking bad bacteria that can line the gut over time and cause indigestion as well as other uncomfortable problems. Through drinking more red wine, you can rest assured that more good bacteria accumulate within the body to negate the effects that the bad bacteria can bring about!

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      Through reading this hopefully the picture is becoming clearer as to why you should love red wine as much as other wine lovers do! Red wine is truly a powerful elixir for the mind, body, and soul and it should be regarded as an esteemed and appreciated beverage! The power of red wine and its ability to be diverse (and be what you need) is the ultimate proof that you should join the bandwagon of wine connoisseurs. I mean of course don’t go crazy with your wine in large amounts to the point that it can pose a problem for you. Drinking too much wine or developing an addiction ends up negating all the beautiful benefits that you can receive from this wine, so remember to drink wine up responsibly, safely, and in moderation to fully reap the benefits of wine and experience why this drink is so loved among many.