Popular Wine by Countries

By June 15, 2020Wines

Any wine connoisseur understands that one of the most important aspects when it comes to buying the right and best kind of wine, lies in knowing which countries and regions are the best at producing what kind of wines. Believe it or not, wines that are known to come from the same grape can actually yield different flavors depending on the region that it is cultivated in. Climate, soil, humidity, etc. all have great effects on the ways that grapes can be produced and for that reason, it can be common for two wines that are both Pinot Noir to actually produce flavors that are quite different from each other. Certain wine regions simply have better climates, soil, etc. that yield better results with cultivating a certain kind of wine than any other wine regions ever could. For this reason, any wine connoisseur and even wine beginners should heavily consider which countries/regions produce the best wine so that they can experience every wine at its utmost potential.

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Cabernet Sauvignon from France – France is well-known for being able to produce a wide variety of wines that are incredibly popular. One wine that France is extremely well known for producing is the Cabernet Sauvignon. The Cabernet Sauvignon is a red wine that is known for having primary flavors such as black cherry, graphite, cedar, black currant, as well as baking spices. The wine falls on the dry side and has a full body. The wine produces medium acidity as well as medium-high tannins. It can best be paired with foods like rich grilled meats, peppery sauces, and dishes with intense flavors.

Sangiovese from Italy – Italy is a country also well known for producing very rich and tasteful wines. One wine that is extremely popular and well-known for coming from Italy is the Sangiovese wine. Sangiovese wine’s flavors are primarily known as cherry, sweet balsamic, roasted tomato, espresso, and oregano. Sangiovese is classified as bone dry with a medium-full body as well as medium-high tannins. The wine has medium-high acidity and can be paired with a multitude of food options such as vegetable and spice driven foods. Key ingredients are tomato, red pepper, and anything that is grilled.

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Chardonnay from Australia- If you are someone who is interested in purchasing chardonnay, then you should know that the best region to produce Chardonnay is Australia. Chardonnay from Argentina is known to produce flavors such as butter, vanilla, starfruit, yellow apple, and pineapple. The profile is dry with medium body and no tannins. Chardonnays are characterized as being medium acidity and are known to pair well with foods that are buttery and creamy in flavor and texture. Try pairing Australian Chardonnays, with foods such as crab cakes, linguini, halibut, mushrooms, corn, pork tenderloins with apples, etc.

Riesling from Germany – Germany is known for being the absolute best when it comes to producing the infamous Riesling wine. This wine is known to possess flavors of green apple, petroleum, beeswax, jasmine, and lime. The taste profile is off-dry with a light body and no tannins. The Riesling, unlike the other previous wines mentioned, has high acidity content. They are known to pair extremely well with spicy Indian and Asian cuisines alongside certain foods like duck, shrimp, crab, pork, bacon, etc.

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Merlot from the United States – The US produces a wide variety of wines, with their most popular wines specifically coming from the state of California. Their Merlots are incredibly popular so if you find yourself searching for the perfect Merlot then definitely search for a Merlot that comes from the US. The Merlot has notes of cherry, vanilla, chocolate, bay leaf, and plum. Merlots are known to be bone-dry with medium-full body and medium acidity. Some recommendations for food pairings with Merlot include pizza, bbq chicken, mushroom, roast turkey, braised meats, etc.

These are just the few of the well-known wines that wine connoisseurs love and now that you know which region produces the absolute best of these wines, you know can utilize this knowledge to make smart wine purchases so that you can enjoy wine to the best of its potential!