Organic Red Wine Brands to Consider

By March 5, 2022Wines

If you are into the concept of organic and are serious when it comes to purchasing organic made foods, then definitely consider buying your wine organic. Many don’t ever think to do that because we often associate organic foods with dairy, meats, vegetables, grains, etc. but not with alcohol typically. Yet, wine is made of grapes and has to be grown in vineyards before the process can be made, so in essence it makes sense that there can be organic wine options too! If you are interested in the idea of pursuing red wines that are pesticide free and free of fertilizers or other chemicals, then check out this list!

Organic Red Wine

Ancient Peaks 

Ancient Peaks is a great vineyard located in a vineyard just 14 miles from the Santa Lucia mountains in California. The vineyard is owned by 3 different families who are very invested in the active operations of the vineyards. What makes Ancient Peaks a wonderful organic wine brand to consider is through the fact that they implement a myriad of sustainable viticultural practices that help to ensure that their wines are as natural as possible while also ensuring that they help to protect the environment around the vineyards. The brand has earned their SIP (Sustainability in Practice) Certification, meaning that their wines adhere to strict standards for viticultural sustainability. One great red wine to check out from them is the Paso Robles Cab, which features notes of black olive, leather, caramel, coffee, etc. It has a smooth, layered taste with cherry, plum, blueberry etc. and pairs well with rich and textured dishes.


Occhipinti wine is another great organic red wine option. The wine is created by the incredibly famous and talented winemaker, Arianna Occhipinti. It hails from the region of Terre Siciliane in Italy. Occhipinti is known for growing biodynamic grapes for all of the wines produced within the winery. The winemaker adheres to strict standards in farming methods that help to make the soil better and thus the wine, while also practicing natural farming methods that eliminate the use of chemicals. Check out some of Occhipinti’s top red wines such as the II Frappato Sicilia, the Passo Nero, and the Nero D’Avola.

Willamette Valley Vineyards

This is another incredibly popular vineyard that is insanely well known. The Willamette Valley Vineyards have thousands of owners who work together to produce a top wine. The wines produced from Willamette Valley are so popular to the point that Wine Enthusiast Magazine coined them as “One of America’s Greatest Pinot Noir Producers.” The wine is grown in Oregon and follows the USDA guidelines for being USDA Certified Organic. They are big proponents of sustainability in winemaking and work hard to encourage and protect the biodiversity within the environment while simultaneously taking responsibility for winemaking that is as natural as possible. All vineyards are certified sustainable through the LIVE (Low Impact Viticulture and Enology) program. When starting off with this brand, check out their famous Whole Cluster Pinot Noir 2018!

Vineyards for Organic Red Wine

These are just a few of the top rated organic red wine brands out there. There is certainly an abundance of other red wine brands that you should check out if you are seeking a wide variety of organic red wine options. Whether you are seeking a wine from Italy, Australia, the USA, etc. choosing to buy brands that are sustainable and organic is the best way to go in ensuring that you have a wine that is natural, high quality and simultaneously protects the Earth’s delicate environment.