Napa Valley – Triumph Red Blend

By August 14, 2020Napa Triumph

Of course, there is no doubt that every type of wine, for the most part, deserves their own spotlight. While we, unfortunately, cannot give all the wines their own spotlight because quite frankly every wine deserves it, we do want to take a few moments to spotlight a certain kind of wine that is truly amazing and worthy of mention. It is none other than the Napa Valley Triumph Red Blend.

red wine triumph

The Triumph Red Blend is a wine produced by 1849 Wine Co, and is a red blend made of many unique combinations of other kinds of wine varieties such as Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cab Franc, Petit Verdot, and Petit Syrah. All of these unique and absolute flavorful grapes come together to produce a triumphant and beautiful red wine blend that is all too mouthwatering. The unique wine boasts flavors of raisin, toast with dark prune aromas, and oak. It is a wine that is rich and robust. Upon the first sip, wine lovers will notice the fruity flavors that burst through from raspberry to blackberry jam. As the deep dark wine sits on the tongue further, flavors of plum and cherry come through until notes of chocolate tie up the finish on this great wine. It hails from Sonoma County with a pH of 3.71 and an alcohol percentage of about 15.2%. This wine certainly lives up to its name triumphant and one sip will surely confirm that. Don’t believe it? Then check out all of the accolades that it has won.


The infamous Napa Valley Triumph Red Blend. For example, the 2017 Bronze Medal at the New York World Wine & Spirits Competition, the 2017 Silver Medal won at the San Francisco International Wine Competition, the 2017 Gold Medal won at the OC Fair Wine Competition, the 2018 Gold Medal at the Sommelier Challenge, Wine Enthusiast at 87 points, and lastly the Jeb Dunnuck at 90 points. With all of these awards behind this wonderful wine, it can certainly be understood that there is no bluffing when it comes to saying that this red blend is powerful in quality and taste. A blend that certainly bursts with flavors and is an instant hit for many wine lovers, critics, connoisseurs, etc.

napa valley red wine

Don’t be fooled though. This wine certainly has more power and symbolism beyond its wonderful flavors. It exists as an interpretation of the United States of America and all that the country represents. It is symbolic of the country’s power, strength, resilience, and unity. It stands out triumphantly to show the triumphant and beautiful history of this country, which is grounded in diversity and forward-thinking. It is the epitome of the American dream and all the values that this country continuously strives to achieve. With a symbolic meaning like that and a flavor that boldly represents that, there shouldn’t be any reason that you don’t give this beautiful red blend a sip of your own. Only then can you really begin to realize all that this drink has to offer. Upon purchasing the wine, you may even notice the beautiful and bright art that decorates the label of this wonderful wine. The label is bold and colorful like the taste and symbolic meaning of the wine itself.  Swirling hues of colors set against a background of the American flag, further solidify all that the wine aims to represent, diversity, strength, beauty, and more. Who wouldn’t want to get a taste of that?

napa valley wine

Now that you have been imparted with all the knowledge and wisdom about all that this wine has to offer, your next question is probably “Great! Where can I get one?” There are a wide variety of places that sell this wonderful wine. Retailers that typically sell the Triumph Red Blend include…

  • 1849 Wine Company (Vernon, CA)
  •  Remedy Wine & Spirits (Glendale, CA)
  • NapaCabs (Upland, CA)
  • (Berkeley, CA)
  • Wine House (Los Angeles, CA)
  • The Wine Connection, San Diego (San Diego, CA)

With a few clicks you can even purchase this amazing blend from the comfort of your own home and simply wait as this beauty is shipped to you. Then you can revel in the aromas of the wine and its unique taste that will warm your palate and make you smile. Whether you enjoy this drink with dinner, have a hangout with friends, or simply enjoy your time alone, once you sip all that it has to offer, you will suddenly understand what everyone was talking about!