Know About the Unique Characteristics of a Smooth Red Wine

By March 8, 2021Wines

If you are someone who is new to the wine scene, then welcome! I hope as you pursue your wine journey you discover all the amazing things about wine that make it so popular amongst many people around the world. For those of you who may be new to wine or have been drinking it for a while, yet don’t know much about it, you probably have stumbled upon this article because you are looking for a new type of wine to indulge in. Whether you are trying wine for the first time or attempting a different first, the process of looking and buying a fantastic wine can certainly be difficult. Yet, for those of you who may be beginners, this article has some guidance on a type of wine that you should consider if you are currently dabbling with wine flavors! I suggest that if you have lost yourself in the abyss of which wine to choose, that you take this advice and opt for a smooth red wine as your next purchase!

Smooth Red Wine Benefits

Smooth Red WineRed wine has unique characteristics and features that make it an incredible wine for your next purchase, but let’s not also deny all the wonderful benefits for the body that make it even more appealing. For example, red wine is associated with a high number of polyphenols. Polyphenols are antioxidants that help to protect the lining of the blood vessels within your heart. Through a moderate consumption of red wine, it is thought that you can benefit greatly from these antioxidants. In addition, smooth red wines have what is known as resveratrol within them. Resveratrol helps to prevent damage to the blood vessels by reducing bad cholesterol (low-density lipo-protein) and preventing blood clots. It is through both the lower risk of inflammation as well as the prevention of blood clots, that resveratrol as a whole can help to lower the risk of heart disease. What is important to note is that all of these benefits can be reaped with a moderate consumption of red wine so be sure to drink moderately in order to avoid the worsening of health problems associated with a high consumption of alcohol.

Different Red Wine Types to Consider

Red Wine in a GlassNow that we have discussed all of the amazing benefits of red wine that make it great for the body, I think it is best to launch into a discussion about which types of red wines to consider for those who are new to red wines or may have not found one that suits your preferences. It is recommended that those experimenting with red wine should first consider a smooth redwine as their first choice. A smooth red wine is essentially a red wine that is light-bodied and airy. It is characterized as sweet as opposed to dry and it is often associated with low tannins and acid. These sorts of characteristics help to produce a red wine that is smooth in texture and sweeter in flavor. It is a great entry level red wine for those still dabbling in the red wine category. Some wines to consider within this category include Pinot Noir, Grenache, Poulsard, Gamay, and Trousseau. All of these wines are wonderful sweet and smooth red wines that will make an excellent addition to your wine collection and will open you up more to the wonderful and diverse world of wine.