Is Pinot Noir a Red Wine or White Wine?

By November 5, 2020Wines

With all the different kinds of wine that exist out there, it can be quite difficult to keep track of your own wine knowledge. Even the most expert wine connoisseurs may need to brush up and review certain kinds of wine and their specifications. The list is just absolutely endless and there is just so much information and factors to consider when thinking about different kinds of wine and what they are known for in terms of flavor and aroma. This type of knowledge can be especially daunting to those who may just be dabbling with wine as of now and are overwhelmed by all the options that exist out there. While we simply cannot go over every wine, for there are so many, we can definitely spotlight one kind of wine that is quite popular and well known by many. If you are someone who does not know much about the infamous Pinot Noir and you would like to know whether you think this wine has potential to be your favorite, then keep on reading!

Pinot Noir: Is it Red or White?

Pinot Noir

So, as someone who may not know too much about this wine, you probably have a lot of questions. Well, to start you off, the first thing that you should know about this wine is that it is typically known as a red wine that comes from the wine grape species known as Vitis vinifera. It is known predominantly as a red wine, but I cannot say that it is certainly cannot be a delicious white wine when needed. The red wine grapes can actually be produced in a way that surprisingly results in a delicious and crisp White Pinot Noir that is certainly quite rich in comparison to other white wines that are made from typical white wine grape varieties. So really, when it comes to deciding on a Pinot Noir, it is really up to you to decide whether you prefer a delicious and classic red wine or a crisp and rich white wine. Either way, the flavors are incredible.

The Difference in Flavors Between the Red Pinot Noir and the White Pinot Noir

Now that we have debunked the most basic question about the Pinot Noir wine, it is time that we highlight the differences between the red and the white. A typical red Pinot Noir is known for having complex and balanced flavors such as mushroom, cherry, oak, raspberry, vanilla, baking spice, and even produces a more earthy taste. There are some general flavors, but it is important to note that the taste of the Red Pinot Noir wine will be different depending on what kind of climate the grape was raised in. Pinot Noir grapes that are raised in warmer climates will typically have flavors that are riper and produce a full-bodied wine with a higher alcohol content. Pinot Noir grapes that come from cooler climates will have a more delicate and light-bodied taste that is less pronounced and bold than the warmer climate Pinot Noir wine.

White Pinot Noir wines on the other hand, are richer in taste than other typical white wines. The fruits noted in the White Pinot Noir wine are lighter and more citrus in flavor. They include fruits such as baked apple, lemon, pear, orange zest, almond, ginger, and honey. The color of a White Pinot Noir is typically a pale white gold or a saffron yellow. The acidity tends to be lesser than the red Pinot Noir and the tannins are quite low!Pinot Noir Wine

Either way you look at it, both kinds of Pinot Noir still produce exquisite and unique flavors. It really just depends on the kind of flavor that you are looking for! If you like lighter fruits with a more citrus flavor, then the white Pinot Noir is certainly for you. If you are someone who prefers a deep, bold, red fruit flavor than the red Pinot Noir may be the right one for you. I can certainly tell you that whichever kind you look for, the Pinot Noir is sure to meet your expectations!