How to Select Wine Glasses

By August 14, 2020Wine Glasses

When it comes to wine and dining, it is always super important that you wine and dine in style, whether you are at a fancy work party or are in the comfort of your own home, sitting in your pjs and watching some TV. Doing everything right when it comes to drinking wine, simply makes the whole experience feel absolutely amazing, each and every time. That includes everything from sniffing your wine and swirling it before taking a sip, but also includes things like choosing the right wine glasses. You will not get the same wonderful experience of enjoying wine, by simply pouring it in some random glass. If you are stuck on trying to figure out the right kinds of wine glasses to use for consumption, then keep on reading!

Helpful Tips on Selecting the Right Wine Glasses

Think About Size

how to select wine glasses

Size is one factor that you need to consider when thinking about the right wine glasses to purchase for yourself. Size of the wine glass bowl determines the amount of aroma that can escape from the glass. Smaller bowls make it harder for aromas to travel out whereas larger bowls allow that aroma to seep out nicely. Larger bowls allow more oxygen to come in contact with the wine, meaning that the oxidation process speeds up quicker. A helpful rule to think is to remember that red wine does well in larger bowls because it allows ethanol to dissipate and encourages tannins to soften as the wine comes into more contact with oxygen. When thinking about different kinds of white wines, it is better to go for wine bowls that aren’t as large because their flavors are not as bold and pronounced as red wine, therefore their exposure to oxygen should be less.

Think About Variety Specifics

best wine glassesAnother thing that should be taken into consideration when thinking about selecting the right wine glass is to think about what you want. Are you someone who doesn’t drink wine all that often or do you have a large collection that you enjoy adding to regularly? If you are someone who really enjoys wine regularly and the experience is very important to you, then maybe you would do better with purchasing wine glasses that are specific to the kinds of varieties that you like. If you are someone who doesn’t care too much about that, then you may just stick to having one wine glass with a large bowl for all of your red wines and one wine glass with a smaller bowl, that you can use for all of your white wines. The choice is really up to you.

Rule of Thumb for Variety Specific Wine Glasses

Here is a quick rule of thumb on which kinds of wine glasses you should consider for certain varieties. For Cabernet Sauvignon and Bordeaux, stick to a wine glass with a larger bowl since that will allow for more oxygen to meet with the wine and allows the tannins to soften. For Syrah and Shiraz wines, utilize a wine glass that is slightly taller than the typical wine glass, but also has a slight taper at the top so that aeration can mellow out the tannins while helping to keep the fruit flavors bold. For any Pinot Noirs/Burgundy wines, it is recommended that you use a very wide bowl (wider than cabernet wine glasses).

Wine GlassesOn the other hand, Chardonnay and Viognier do well with a typical white wine glass with a small bowl so that the white wine remains cold and bolder in flavor. White Burgundy benefits from a shape similar to the Chardonnay wine glass, but a bit smaller in size with a slightly wider bowl so that the subtle complexities of the white wine can be tasted and appreciated. Sparkling wines benefit from Champagne wine flutes. This allows for fruit and yeast aromas to be focused in on a narrow design as well!

This was just a brief overview of the ways that you should consider wine glasses in connection with the variety of wine being consumed. With these tips in mind, you can certainly increase the experience of wine drinking altogether!