Best Street Artist in the World

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1849 wine is uniquely different from many other wine markets out there. There is more concern than just having only the best and most quality wine to sell to others. Wine is something that is used to bring us together. It unites people in one area and allows everyone the opportunity to socialize freely with one another and in that way people who may have not thought they had something in common with one another can form bonds and amazing relationships. Whether that be a work relationship, a friendship, or something more, wine has the power to bring people together whatever place or occasion it is a part of. 1849 wine values this very seriously. It is so beyond important that people are given an occasion and time to get out there and talk with others. By talking with other people, we learn to gain new perspectives on ideas, we learn things about the world that we never knew, and most importantly we learn to be inspired and inspire the people we come in contact with. That is a very potent concept to think about. It is one of the reasons why 1849 wine is always decked out in the coolest of art. Art is powerful and inspirational. Upon selling wine to customers, we want to do more than the bare minimum. We want to use our power to raise a voice to others on various platforms and express ourselves. Art, like wine, is an inspiration to others. It makes people feel something, both good and bad, and calls forth on people’s emotions. It gets people excited, talking, and motivated. It keeps the world moving and it makes us feel that in this vast world, we as people are more connected than we think. The world is a lot smaller when you get out there, socialize, and inspire one another. Wine and art are just so perfect because they do that. Hence why in this piece we are going to shift our focus to art, because art is so important at 1849 wine and to talk about wine alone is just simply not representative enough of the company. By reading this hopefully you can be moved by the sheer talent and potency that is artistic expression and understand why we value it so much.

The Art in Street Art

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Art takes place in many different forms and varieties. It is so incredibly diverse and that is exactly how it should be. Art is anything you want it to be. It is simply an expression of you. Whether that is through writing, dancing, singing, drawing, painting, sculpting, chiseling, strumming a guitar, and more. Each of these options offers you the opportunity to express yourself to the rest of the world in a way that fits you and your personality. It offers people the chance to spread strong messages during a world that goes through good times and dark times alike. People can use art to make commentary on their feelings and the world around them, inspiring others to do the same and make a voice for themselves. Street art is no exception to this rule. For those who may be unfamiliar with the concept of street art or what it is, street art is visual art that is often created and projected in very public locations. It basically refers to any art that is created and displayed outside traditional art venues. Street art can be made of a variety of things from spray paint, graffiti, poster art, sticker art, sculptures, and even video projections. The main point behind street art is to get the public focused and listening. It has been commonly used as a way to spread commentary and raise awareness on a variety of political and social issues happening both in that city locally or even globally. Street art is used with the intent to project a voice so that people will listen and make a statement that the artist may feel is going unnoticed by the general public. Street art is a beautiful and admirable form of art because it uses art to communicate with a large amount of people. It gets a message across that maybe the artist wouldn’t be able to say otherwise and it gets people to talk, to be aware, to listen, etc. Street art is the epitome of connecting people without using verbal communication and leaving a lasting impression on those who walk by. The intent is different for every artist. It can be so that people laugh, people become aware, or people admire what the artist has to say, but either way street art is all about expressing and connecting on a more global level and this is something 1849 wine admires, respects, and fully supports.

The Best Street Artist Out There

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Now as a supporter of street art we find it only appropriate to shine a light on a person that has serious street art talent and deserves all the recognition he can get. Considered to be one of the best street artists in the world, Banksy has made a serious name for himself. Banksy is known to be an anonymous England based street artist, political activist, and a film director. His works of art garnered a lot of attention around England for the fact that they featured satirical street art, dark humor, and lots of social and political commentary. His art has appeared everywhere from streets to walls to bridges and they feature incredible depth and color. Not much is known about the personal life of Banksy (and he most likely wants it to stay that way), yet it is believed that banksy was born in Yate, about 12 miles from the city of Bristol. He was born in July of 1973 and it is believed that his real name is actually Robin Gunningham. Banksy first begin his career around 1990 as a freehand graffiti artist up until 1994. He worked in what is known as the Bristol underground scene with other local artists like Nick Walker, Inkie, and 3D. He then moved to London around the year 2000 and shifted his artwork from graffiti to stenciling and it was that shift that gained him more popularity as an artist around Bristol and London. His stencils often followed a general theme in which he would make funny images mixed with slogans. The messages depicted in the stencils were often those that are anti-war, anti-capitalist, and anti-establishment. He often featured a wide variety of subjects and symbols like rats, apes, policemen, soldiers, children, and the elderly.
On June 19th of 2002, Banksy had his first Los Angeles exhibition titled as Existencilism (totally awesome play on words). He began gaining even more notable fame after his exhibition Turf War in a London warehouse where he literally painted on animals. In 2004, Banksy created a spoof of the British’ ten-pound note and replaced the queen’s head with a picture of Princess Diana instead. He coined the note as “Banksy of England” instead of “Bank of England” (once again great play on words). People begin throwing these notes at a Notting Hill Carnival, having them land in the hands of various people. As you can see by this point, Banksy popularity as a street artist was catapulting. Soon people begin selling these notes on eBay for about 200 pounds each. He also tried his hand at subverted paintings like Monet’s Water Lily Pond and used it to include pictures of litter and a shopping trolley. These types of oil paintings along with other subverted oil paintings were shown at a twelve-day exhibition in London around the year 2005.
Banksy’s popularity was becoming widely noticed around the years 2006 and 2007. In October of 2006, Banksy set an auction record with his set of Kate Moss paintings which sold for about 50,400 pounds. The paintings featured the model painted in the style of Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe pictures and the art became such a success that it ended up selling for about five times the estimated value. Soon Banksy begin setting records with every new piece he auctioned off and even made around $576,000 on one of his works known as Space Girl and the Bird.

What Made Banksy So Popular

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The popularity that surrounded Banksy as a street artist certainly came from his unique perspective on his art. As an artist, Banksy was very well known for creating his art through a variety of genius methods that instantly set him apart from many. His art was not friendly, it was critical and ironic. He used his skills as an artist to make serious comments about the world around him and that interested people immensely. What made him more popular was the fact that he did not get his message across to others by simply making pictures and slogans that were easily understandable. He instead utilized sardonic wit and humor to make serious commentary about capitalism, politics, and humanity. He had the power to make people view things in a perspective that almost made them seem ridiculous and, in that way, he was able to make people see what he wanted them to see. His ability to combine humor with serious truths about our reality made people not only respect him as an artist but a very influential political activist. His anonymity as an artist is also another thing that has made him so very popular and has had the public completely in awe of him. He shows through his anonymity that he does not want the fame or his name out there. His mind is more focused on his work and spreading his truth to the public without having to feel as if he needs to be apologetic. By choosing to keep his identity in the dust, he chooses his freedom. Through this he is able to continuously raise awareness and make commentary on issues that may be controversial and while not receiving backlash from it. Despite the popularity as an artist, his ability to keep his identity a bit of a secret has kept a lot of people interested in who he is. He makes the statement that it does not matter who he is rather people should focus on what he has to say and many people respect that. He has left an incredible influence on people by inspiring them in many ways and allowing them the opportunity to see certain realities of the world in a different light. In a sense he is opening people’s eyes up and telling the world to pay attention to what is happening around them, rallying them to not be consumed into the norm and what the media tells them to believe. Through his vivid colors, details, symbols, and imagery, Banksy is the world’s most famous street artist out there because he uses his talent as an artist to take a stand on situations that affect humanity. He wants to help the world through raising awareness and 1849 wine could not think of a better street artist!

Wine & Art

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Banksy is not the only street artist out there. Many street artists inspired by what they see are going out there and expressing themselves for the public to see. That is what makes street art so beautiful. If offers anonymity, a potent message, and the power to reach people’s hearts in a way that not many other forms of communication can. 1849 wine wants art to be a representation of you. Make a statement to the world and do not be afraid of what others have to say. In the world of street art, the beauty is that anyone can say what they want to say. They can have their freedom, be who they want to be, and never have to fear that there might be consequences thrown at them as a result. Street artists are unapologetically who they are. They do not conform to what society wants them to do. They are their own individuals, paving their talent into this world and the current generation, in hopes of creating a world that is even better for the next generation. They are everything 1849 wine wants the world to be. Inspirational and bold.