How to Drink a Bottle of Wine Without Getting a Hangover

By August 14, 2020Wines

Let’s be honest. Despite the independence that comes with adulting, being an adult can be stressful. You have so many responsibilities and things that you have to constantly check up on and remember and sometimes failure to do so regularly can lead to devastating or more high-risk consequences. That is why, adults can sometimes gravitate towards a nice bottle of wine after a long day. It is refreshing, delicious, and helps to unwind and calm the nerves, allowing you the opportunity to forget about your responsibilities for a little bit. Yet, the tradeoff with having a nice glass of wine (or a bottle of wine in this case), is that it can lead to a slight hangover the following morning. The buzz and dull headache are quite a nuisance, especially if you have things that you need to do the next day. Therefore, finding out ways to lessen the hangover from the morning after, can be just what you need to dull the tradeoff that you have to experience. Here are some tips and tricks that you can utilize the next time you feel like you may have a bottle of wine for the night.

Make Conscious Choices About the Variety You Drink

How to Drink a Bottle of Wine Without Getting a HangoverOne step that you can take to lessen the hangover blow when downing a bottle of wine is to first make healthier choices about the kind of variety that you drink. Hangovers can actually come down to how your body digests the wine. Choosing a healthier variety is going to make you feel much better in the morning. When I talk about a healthier variety, I basically mean wines that are free of the tons of chemicals and additives. Those chemicals and additives are not good for your body and they certainly do their part in making that hangover much worse the next day. If you choose varieties that are known to be free of these things, hence being more natural, then that hangover headache and buzz will most likely not ensure the next day. Now I am not saying this is a holy grail step, meaning that you only need to implement this step in order to experience no hangover. This step has to work in conjunction with other steps you take, so that you can really make sure that your morning after is not a miserable mess.

Avoid Sulfites in High Amounts

Sulfites are known as sulfur dioxide compounds. They occur naturally on the skin of the grapes and will therefore be naturally found in wine. Yet, it is important to note that sulfites as they occur naturally are not the issue to your horrible hangovers. It is actually the addition of too many sulfites that can cause them. Some winemakers like to go a little crazy with the sulfites and add them in order to stabilize the wine, slow oxidation, or stop unwanted bacteria and yeast from forming completely. In small amounts, it is fine. When they start adding it everywhere, it can become a problem. They are not solely responsible for the headaches you may experience, but they aren’t completely out of the clear either. It is better that you try to opt for varieties and brands of wine that know to keep the sulfite at an appropriate level.

Drink Water

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his one is probably another incredibly easy step that you can utilize when trying to keep the hangover at bay. We all know that alcohol can severely dehydrate our body and it is this dehydration that can be the culprit of how horrible you may feel the next morning. For that reason, it is important that you remember to constantly be drinking water while you are enjoying your wine. It is said that to compensate for the water loss that you may experience with wine, you should drink about one liter of water for every two small glasses of wine. If you are drinking a whole bottle, then you will certainly need to do the math to think about how much water you should be drinking before, during, and after the wine so that you can ensure your hangover is as severe. It is a simple tip, but you will be surprised how many people forget it!

wine hangoverThese tips are not that crazy, but they make sense, they are easy to implement, and if you remember to follow through with them, then you can say goodbye to your hangover!