Guide to Buying Wine Glasses

By June 15, 2020Wines

Anybody who is a fan of wine knows that selection of wine is incredibly important, but selection of wine glasses is equally important. Now some of you may be wondering how purchasing certain wine glasses would be important. Why not drink wine in a regular glass? How about in a typical plastic cup? Who cares what form it takes, all that matters is that the wine tastes good, right? Not exactly. Wine glasses actually greatly add to the wine experience in  a way that other glasses and cups cannot. If you want to join wine to its best potential, then the only way that you can enjoy wine is through drinking it through a wine glass.

The Importance of the Wine Glass
Surface area is a major influence in releasing important wine aromas. Different surface areas of cups can change the level of aromas that are released. Taking in aromas is a major part of enjoying wine. The surface areas of wine glasses can actually help with allowing the alcohol to volatilize with the glass and release delicious aromas that enhance the wine drinking experience. Not only do wine glasses release aromas, but they also have the power to collect aromas. Due to the shape of wine glasses, their curved round bottom, allows for aromas to stay collected within the wine. In this way, the aromas stay around the wine as opposed to moving up and above the glass. Additionally, wine is all about being able to feel the texture of the wine to the best of your ability. In order to do that, you need to enjoy wine glasses’ naturally thin lips. The thin lips of the glass allow the wine’s texture to fully move through your lips and really allows you to feel the texture as much as possible, therefore enhancing the wine drinking experience.

Guide to Purchasing Wine Glasses
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Not all Glasses Fit the Wine or the Occasion – First thing to know about buying wine glasses is that you will most likely need to purchase a combination of different wine glasses. Different wine glasses serve different purposes depending on the kind of wine that you are trying to serve. For that reason, it is important to understand what kind of wine glasses are appropriate for which kinds of wine.

Wide Bowls for Red Wines – When drinking red wine, it is advised that you opt for wine glasses that have wider bowls. This is because wider bowls increase the surface area of the wine, allowing the wine to be exposed to the air and creating a much stronger wine aroma. The wine aroma is integral for red wine drinking experience and it allows for oxidation within the red wine.

Narrow Bowls for White Wines – Narrow bowls are better for white wines. This is because the flavors and aromas of white wines are better enjoyed when they are only slightly oxidized. This is because white wines tend to have more delicate flavors and for that reason too much oxidation can begin to take over the delicate flavors. The narrow glasses ensure that less oxygen interacts with the wine, which is actually helpful for sparkling wines as well because sparkling wines remain carbonated when they are exposed to the least amount of oxygen.

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To Stem or Not to Stem?
An additional guide to wine glasses would be to consider whether you want to purchase stemmed or non-stemmed wine glasses. Most glasses are known to be stemmed, but stemless are also wonderful options as well. Stemmed wine glasses can be helpful with making sure to avoid having your hand temperature alter the temperature of the wine. They can be utilized for more formal parties and get-togethers. Stemless wine glasses can be helpful for more everyday and casual wine drinking, they are less formal and feel more like a regular glass that you would use to drink juice/water, making them feel homier.

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These are just a few tips that you can consider when deciding on the appropriate wine glasses to purchase. Through utilizing this guide, you can find the right wine glasses that match your wine and the occasion.