Guide: To Buy Wine Accessories

By December 4, 2018Wines

If you are novice wine drinker that is new to art of wine or are just now starting out your very own wine collection then you probably are not too familiar with the concept of wine accessories. It may sound a little bit funny at first. I mean buying accessories for your alcohol? Is that seriously a thing? What could your wine collection possibly need so badly? Well, the answer is pretty clear my friend. Your wine could use quite a few accessories that even you may have never even thought of (but are so incredibly awesome). Now keep in mind, when I say wine accessories, I don’t mean any fancy sweaters or trinkets of decorations to make your wine bottle all pretty, like the word accessories would suggest. Accessories really just refer to essential items that you should probably consider if you are new to buying wine or starting a wine collection. They are items that definitely come in handy when you buy a bottle of wine and once you actually read through this guide of essential wine accessories, you will actually see how much it all makes sense. They are a lot simpler than you would think, so don’t fill your head up with the idea that these are items that are a complete waste of time. They are not! Brush through this guide so that you can make sure you have bought the necessary items that can help produce a smooth wine drinking experience. I guarantee you that when you bought your new wine bottles, you completely forgot to even think about purchasing these necessities. No need to say thank you.

A Wine Glass, Duh

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We are starting off really easy and obvious here. If you are a novice wine drinker, that is slowly getting pulled into the art of purchasing wine then let me tell you my friend, that it is time to invest in some good wine glasses. This wine accessory may seem so painfully obvious to some people, but rest assured there is always a few people that literally forget to even purchase wine glasses to pair up with their brand-new wine collection. Don’t be that person (although no shame if you are or where since we all forget sometimes). Now for some of you people who are new to the game of drinking wine, you may scoff at this wine accessory and think “What a waste of money. I will just drink my wine out of a random glass.” I mean you could do that. I am all for you doing you my friend, but I have to be clear here. Drinking wine out of a wine glass makes the experience of drinking wine so much more exciting. I mean imagine having Starbucks make this awesome iced toasted white chocolate mocha with whipped cream and caramel drizzle and everything, but then serve it up in a plastic green cup and not even have the whipped cream exposed to the public. I mean yeah, the drink still tastes the same, but the presentation is awful. Presentation is everything. When something is aesthetically more pleasing, you feel more inclined and happier to eat or drink it, contributing a much more positive experience. So, if you really are going to invest in some good wine bottles, don’t do yourself dirty. Buy some elegant wine bottles and give yourself the ultimate wine drinking experience that you deserve!

Invest in a Nice Wine Opener

I will tell you right now. It is absolutely not a fun experience to try to open or unscrew your wine bottle without an actual wine key, wine opener, corkscrew etc. It just completely takes you out of the excitement of drinking wine and will put you in a bad mood soon enough. Don’t waste your time or even worse have your guests waiting in disappointment or frustration for that wine bottle to finally open. Open your wine up like the pro I know you to be and just simply invest in a good cork pull. It will make life so much easier and will keep the flow of drinking wine lighthearted and stress free (which is the whole point behind drinking wine). To figure out what kind of corkscrew you will need, you should probably brush up on your research. Not all corkscrews will work the exact same on every wine bottle you purchase. The ability to pull the cork out will be based upon what type of cork is in the wine and how the wine was stoppered. For example, typically fancier wines will be stoppered with extra-long corks which means that removing the cork can become more complex than other wine bottles that you may have experienced. That is why if your wine bottle is stoppered with extra-long corks, it is advisable that you find a double hinged corkscrew. On the other hand, if you have a crumblier cork to deal (this is typical of decades old wine bottles) then two-prong cork pullers may actually be your best bet. It will be easier to pull the cork off without crumbling in into a horrible mess that will swim around in your wine. Eww. Bottom line, your wine bottles and corks will come in different conditions and sizes so do your research and invest in a variety of corkscrews that will make the experience of opening your wine a lot smoother!

Wine Connoisseurs Should Invest in a Good Wine Refrigerator

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If you are the type of person who is actually trying to build up their wine collection and typically enjoy their wine a lot later than the time you bought it, then I strongly suggest investing in a wine refrigerator or cellar. Learning how to store your wine properly, in the correct setting is one of the best wine accessory investments you can make! Wine can be pretty expensive and it would be such a bummer if you bought an expensive wine only to be seriously disappointed by the taste and flavor profile because you failed to store the wine properly. It becomes a way to waste a lot of money and never really allows you the opportunity to fully enjoy the wine that you had anticipated for so long. You can have your pick on the variety of wine refrigerators offered from mini refrigerators that fit on the counter top and store one case or floor to ceiling refrigerator units that contain an intricate system of drawers for holding two bottles each. No matter the type of wine collector you are, there is surely a refrigerator out there that will meet your needs and provide the right type of storage for your wine. It is truly an important wine accessory investment that will ensure that the money you spent towards your wine bottles were not for waste at all. If you are completely lost on how to go about creating a wine cellar or space for your wine collection within your own home, the great thing is that there are professionals on various websites that can help you out and get you started!

Keep it Cool

Keeping your wine cool is another important precaution you should take to enhance your overall wine drinking experience. This is why I heavily advise buying a wine bucket or cooler as your next wine accessory purchase. It may seem like an accessory that is more based on want rather than necessity, but really you should view this accessory as a wine necessity that you need to have. Possession of a good wine cooler or ice bucket is imperative for keeping your wine at the right temperature up to the very point that you plan to use it. If you are hosting a wine party or any other get-together and are taking your wine bottles out of their sacred space and into another area, you have to be very careful with where you choose to place the wine until you are ready to use it. Failure to place the wine in a proper area can make the wine profile not as sharp or as clear as you want it to be and can overall just put a damper on drinking the wine. When thinking about what how to place your wine in the bucket or ice cooler, aim for a depth that will be enough to allow the ice to come up to the bottle’s shoulder. Other cool accessories that you can invest in to keep your wine cool include ice bags (perfect for outdoor use and are water tight meaning that it holds the water and ice well), wine cooler sleeves, or a corklike. Crucibles are one of the more popular ways to keep your wine cool! You simply freeze them for about 90 minutes and then put them straight into your wine bottle. It even has the capability of allowing you to pour your wine through the cork and into a bottle creating a messy free wine experience. It works to aerate your wine while you pour it so that you can enjoy the right amount of oxygen needed to let the wine’s subtle flavors through.

Wine Decanter

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The process of wine decanting is fairly simple. It is the act of essentially pouring out the contents of one wine bottle into another vessel (a decanter). The wine is normally served in the decanter or sometimes poured back into the bottle to be served (typically restaurants do this for service). The purpose of wine decanting is generally more for older vintage port wines or aged Bordeaux. The process of decanting helps to separate the wine from the sediment that can generally collect over time. It tends to affect the flavor of the wine by making it more astringent in flavor (it also doesn’t look very pretty). Decanting helps to prevent this from happening by ensuring that the sediment stays in the bottle, allowing for a nice clear wine in your glass (that is also free of an astringent taste). Another reason that people typically decant is so that the wine can aerate more allowing for its main flavors and aromas to take shape, enhancing the body and taste of the wine! Wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet blends, Syrah, and Syrah blends benefit greatly from this process because they are able to air out their highly tannic and full-bodied flavor. In all, the process of decanting can really help in allowing the natural and main flavors of wine out so that you can enjoy both the aroma and flavor that it produces. Now don’t get me wrong. Decanting won’t always be perfect for all bottles of wine. Some types of wine will benefit greatly from decanting while others have certain characteristics and flavors that are more so harmed then helped by the process of decanting. The results will vary depending on the type of wine you purchase so do your own research to see if the kinds of wines that you have in stock would especially benefit from a wine accessory like the decanter.

Appetizer Trays

This accessory has got to be the smartest one of them all (in my personal opinion). I give you the wine appetizer tray! A tray that is designed to hold your wine glass securely to the tray while also holding all your delicious wine snacks from fruits to cheeses to crackers. Gone are the days of attempting to mingle at parties with a wine glass in hand and a plate of appetizers in the other attempting to pick at your food and eat while both hands are occupied! Now you can walk about freely and socialize with one hand free so that you can sip that wine and eat those wine snacks all without the worry of making a total mess.

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There are so many wine accessories out there for you to choose from and the ones you choose to buy will relate to the ones that you see fit for enhancing your wine experience! From necessities to wine corkscrews to wine accessory desires like cool wine art on various wine glasses and everything in between, you can find the wine accessories that help make you the pro at collecting and drinking fine wine!