Great Red Wine Benefits for Women!

By April 6, 2021Wine Glasses

Women love red wine for the amazing taste and soothing feel that it can bring. Red wine is a perfect way to wind down after a long day. It is the perfect drink for when you need some alone time or even when you are dining out with friends and loved ones. No matter the occasion, red wine has the ability to lighten the mood and heal the spirit! Yet, that isn’t all that red wine can do. For women, red wine can also provide numerous health benefits that make this drink even more powerful than what the eye can see! Check out all the amazing benefits that women can reap from regular, moderate consumption of red wine.

Red Wine Benefits for Women

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Promotion of Better-Quality Sleep

Red wine is not only just a way to wind down. It can also be a way to help fall asleep. Drinking small amounts of red wine before going to sleep can help to calm and relax the body and mind. This is due to the high melatonin concentration. This melatonin concentration helps to stimulate the internal body clock and sleep patterns which can overall lead to better quality sleep at night. This is so important for women! Beauty sleep is so important for the body and soul. It is through better quality sleep that women can allow their bodies to perform its natural restoration processes at night. Sleep helps the body to restore and heal the hair, skin, and nails as well as ensure that certain bodily functions are doing their job well! It is best that women seeking to drink red wine as a way to get better sleep, should not opt for more than 150 ml of wine before bed. This is the best and safest way to reap the benefits of red wine without long-term adverse health effects.

Red Wine for Menstrual Cramps

In addition to promotion of sleep that can help with hair, skin, and nails, red wine can also be very helpful during that time of the month. It is common that when women go through their menstrual cycle, they can often experience painful cramps. Menstrual cramps are often the result of low flow of blood during menstrual cycle. Red wine’s alcohol content helps to increase blood circulation and restrict the formation of blood clots. As a result, drinking a glass of red wine daily can really help to alleviate the severity of cramping that women may experience. Just be sure that when drinking red wine, you also remain properly hydrated with water as well since dehydration can worsen cramps.

Red Wine During Pregnancy?

There are bound to be a few times in which women are in their early stage of pregnancy and are not aware that they are pregnant. During this time, they may have consumed some alcohol or red wine. Now there seems to be a lot of debate around drinking during early stages of pregnancy, but it seems that the consensus is that drinking during early stages may not be too harmful for the baby. Yet, it is encouraged that once you are aware that you are pregnant, you should cease alcohol consumption. Drinking a glass of red wine may not be lethal, but overall, it is really advised that in order to ensure optimal health for the baby, alcohol consumption is ceased completely. In other words, if you did have a few glasses in your early stage, most likely there is nothing to worry about, but as women progress in their pregnancy, it is best if alcohol consumption, including red wine is stopped for the time being.

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For the average adult woman who is not pregnant though, red wine is certainly a powerful drink that provides a myriad of benefits. From strengthening the hair, skin, and nails to increasing the quality of sleep, etc. red wine truly has a lot to provide women! So, go ahead and drink a glass a day to truly reap the benefits!