Common Questions About Cabernet Sauvignon Answered

By November 5, 2021Wine Glasses, Wines

Here is all you need to know about the infamous and popular Cabernet Sauvignon. One of the most talked about and admired wines, the Cabernet Sauvignon is simply a beautiful wine to behold. If you are new to the world of wine or are looking to sip on something different then keep reading! Here are the top common questions about Cabernet Sauvignon and their answers!

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Is the Cabernet Sauvignon a Red Wine?

Yes! The Cabernet Sauvignon is a red wine that is widely recognized as one of the most popular red wine grape varieties. It truly tops the list as one of the most robust red varieties that carry a lush and thick sip that can coat the mouth. Many describe the Cabernet Sauvignon as a bold red wine that is gravelly, rich, and deep. It has a deep dark red color that is truly eye-catching, and it is known to be a full-bodied wine. The wine produces unique red and dark fruit flavors with a spicy and smoky edge such as black cherry, black currant, baking spices, graphite, and cedar.

Is Cabernet Sauvignon Sweet?

The Cabernet Sauvignon is typically characterized as a dry wine. This means that the wine is actually not very sweet at all. It is the least sweet wine of all, and it is typically characterized as having a less fruit flavor with strong tannins that produce a slight bitter after taste. You can expect the cabernet sauvignon to overall be a bold and savory wine that is dry and perfect for those who don’t like too much sugar!

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Should a Cabernet Sauvignon be Chilled?

There are two aspects to consider in this question. Should the Cabernet Sauvignon be chilled during storage and should it be chilled prior to serving? In terms of storage, the Cabernet Sauvignon produces a lot of tannins that make it an exceptional wine for aging. The ideal storage for this wine is an ideal temperature of about 40-65 degrees Fahrenheit with no fluctuations in temperature. In this way, perhaps refrigerators are not the way to go since they are way below this range. It is best that you store it in a wine refrigerator that keeps it cooler than room temp, but warmer than a refrigerator. In terms of serving, the best way to serve a Cabernet Sauvignon is at 60 degrees Fahrenheit which is less than room temperature. If it is too warm, then cool it up by putting it in the fridge for 30 minutes. If it is too cold, then warm it up by leaving it at room temperature for 30 minutes. By adhering to these ideal temperatures, then you can maintain the rich flavors of the wine.

Now you have information about the Cabernet Sauvignon such as its dry taste, flavor, color, body, and ideal temperature. This is certainly enough basic and common information for you to make a decision on whether the Cabernet Sauvignon is for you! With how popular it is, there is no doubt that it is certainly a wine favorite that must be tried!