Check Out the Red Wine Benefits for Women

By April 6, 2021Wines

It is no secret that red wine is often praised for having great health benefits along with its smooth, rich, and often bold taste. From promoting heart health to anti-aging effects and more, red wine is certainly a drink that is soothing for both your body, mind, and soul. Yet, this article does not simply aim to highlight the myriad of benefits that red wine can provide to the average wine drinker. This article is specifically aimed for women today! For all the women who like to enjoy a little red wine in their life, this article is for you! Today you will learn all about all the great benefits that red wine can specifically offer to women. Trust us, there is quite a bit to learn!

Women Drinker

The Perfect Amount of Wine for the Average Women Drinker!

Before delving into all the great benefits that red wine can provide to women, it is first important to discuss the right amount of red wine for women first. Understanding the appropriate amount of red wine to drink daily will be important in truly being able to reap the benefits of red wine while also ensuring that you are not consuming too much red wine in a way that could cause possible negative side effects such as addiction. According to studies, it seems that the most optimal intake of wine for women would be around 1 glass which is 150 ml of red wine. Studies have concluded that 150 ml is an adequate amount that can provide great benefits while not being too much that it can adversely impact your health over time.

Red Wine Benefits for Females – Skin & Hair

Skin Glow through Red Wine

Red Wine for the Skin

One important benefit of red wine for women is its powerful antioxidant abilities that help provide the blueprint for glowing and youthful looking skin. Red wine contains polyphenols that help to prevent cell oxidation. Cell oxidation is something that women want to avoid because this is what causes the skin to age badly. One glass of red wine a day can also help with cutting the risk of precancerous skin lesions. Researchers have found that skin creams with resveratrol (an antioxidant found in wine) can actually be found as quite effective in making the skin look radiant. In addition to youthful looking skin, it appears that studies have also shown that resveratrol can also help with slowing down the growth of bacteria that can cause acne. It also inhibits what is known as keratinocyte proliferation which can cause acne lesions. A combination of resveratrol as well as benzoyl peroxide has proved to be even more potent in reducing the bacterial effects of acne bacteria.

Red Wine Promotes Thick Hair

Whether you dream of having short or long hair, women don’t want hair that is thinning and fragile. Thick and strong hair is important and ensures that you are not experiencing serious hair loss. Drinking red wine can help with just that! It is believed that drinking red wine can actually help with improving circulation to the scalp. This increased blood flow to the scalp is incredibly important for hair growth. The resveratrol within wine is also believed to be potent in reducing inflammation as well as reducing the formation of dead cells on the scalp. This can result in promotion of hair growth as well.

These were just a few benefits of red wine for women, but they honestly are some of the most important to women. As women, it is important to try to maintain appearances as much as possible. Plus, great skin and hair maintenance is crucial to maintaining the confidence you need to power through the day and take on anything that comes your way!