Best Wines for Thanksgiving Dinner

By December 5, 2020Wines

The holiday season is here! From Thanksgiving to holidays after, there are just so many opportunities to spend quality time with family and friends. The food is certainly plentiful during this time of the year and it is truly important that you take this time to really enjoy the small pleasures of these holidays! This means that in addition to enjoying all the great food and desserts that are sure to be decked out on the dinner table, you also need to make sure that you have wonderful wines to pair with these foods in order to make the dining experience so much better! If you want to know of some types of wine to accompany the dinner table during this Thanksgiving and holiday season, then keep on reading!

Top Sparkling Wines to Feature

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 If you are feeling like you would like to incorporate a sparkling wine to your festive dinner, then here are some great sparkling wines to consider!

  • Prosecco: The prosecco wine is a wonderful choice because it is generally less expensive and more accessible than champagne, but it still provides a great citrus and crisp flavor that can pair well with a wide variety of dishes and meats on the dinner table!
  • Champagne: Champagne is of course a wonderful option as well! This is definitely a crowd favorite for most people. The wine can vary from dry to sweet but the way in which a champagne ages makes it have a certain wheat flavor that pairs well with salty, nutty, and creamy flavors on the table!

Top Red Wines to Feature

 If you are someone that loves a bright and bold red and you know that this kind of wine is a must-have on the festive dinner table, then I encourage you to check out these popular reds to really brighten up the dining experience!

  • Beaujolais: This kind of wine may not be a part of the well-known and super popular wines that most know, but I guarantee you that you won’t regret adding this kind of wine to the menu. The wine is known to be a light-bodied red wine that has delicious red and fruity flavors that pair well with all types of food. It may just end up being your new favorite wine for the season!
  • Syrah: A Syrah is another great option as well. They are not as fruity as other red wines, but they certainly have a spice factor that make them very attractive! Their strong spice and black pepper qualities can pair well with different kinds of meat and gravies. If you want a fruitier Syrah with less spice than try to opt for an older Syrah.

Top White Wines to FeatureWine and Pumpkin

Of course, we couldn’t feature sparkling and red wines without devoting a section to white wines! If you love a good white wine and are someone who is not a fan of incredibly bold red wines, then I certainly recommend these white wines!

  • Riesling: The Riesling wine is a wonderful option because you have the opportunity to choose from a dry Riesling, a sweet Riesling, or both. The fruity flavors are great but offer a more citrus flavor mixed with peaches and apricots. It can certainly pair well with some fruity desserts and food options!
  • Gewurztraminer: This white wine is a great option as well because it doesn’t just feature delicious floral fragrances and fruit! It also has a spice factor for those who love that spice smell and taste. Traces of cloves and nutmeg can be found within this wine and pair wonderfully with your dinner!