Best New Year’s Eve Drinks to Try in 2021

By December 24, 2020Wines

We cannot forget that the year 2020 is almost over. It is almost time to ring in the year 2021 with some special kinds of wine to enjoy! Even if parties may have to be virtual and the celebrations may be a little bit smaller this New Year’s Eve that doesn’t mean that you can’t ring in the new year in a fun and festive way! The wine you choose to ring in the new year will surely make a statement. If you are new to wine and are a little bit stuck on the right kind of wine to incorporate for the year’s celebrations, then no worries! This article has got you covered with some basic wines that you certainly cannot go wrong with. 


ChampagneChampagne is quite a popular wine and rightfully so. This wine is popular because it has the magical ability to just pair so right with everything and there is something about the way it looks that makes it feel like it is the ultimate wine for a wonderful celebration. With the bubbly gold champagne filling up the glasses and the infamous aromatic smell of orange peel and wild berries that typically accompany it, champagne is certainly a wine that you cannot go wrong with for ringing in 2021! The taste and smell of champagne naturally makes it a wine that is great to pair with seafood and more creamier entrees! If you have seafood on the menu, then champagne will definitely be the wine that you must have on the dinner table! Plus, you simply cannot ignore how the wine looks like shimmery gold. It just instantly brings out the party mood!


Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

If you are thinking of having another wine to pair with the champagne, that offers a more toned done approach to wines, then you cannot go wrong with a 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon. The Cabernet Sauvignon is known as a great red wine that offers essences of dark chocolate, jam, and tart. The red wine will make an excellent aesthetic wine on the dinner table. Additionally, the wine pairs exceptionally well with most party appetizers. If you know you might pull out a charcuterie board full of meats and cheeses, then this wine will certainly pair so incredibly well with that. It is not enough to tell you though! You have to try it to really see for yourself.

Bisol Jeio Rosé

  This drink is known to be a light rose prosecco. It is a wine that certainly does not dominate the conversation for typical wines during the New Year’s Eve, but it is certainly one that deserves more hype. Let’s be honest. In addition to having wines that are known to be quite flashy and heavy in flavor, it is sometimes important to have choices that are also light and refreshing. They cleanse the palate nicely and are not too over the top. Whether you choose to drink this wine while you are preparing your New Year’s Celebration or utilize it to ring in the New Year’s Eve, this wine will surely not disappoint if you favor something light. The bottle is a fruity and flowery flavor that makes you think of all things happy and positive. What more could you possibly want to ring in 2021?

Bisol Jeio Rosé

From this list alone, you have your pick of a flashy sparkling wine, a bold red wine, or a light rosé. Whichever one you choose; you surely will not be disappointed by the results. Use this list to help further guide your wine planning process for the New Year’s Eve or to even help solidify that kind of wine that you are looking for. In the midst of choosing the most perfect wine, don’t forget about the fun New Year’s confetti and poppers!