Best New Year’s Drinks to Try This Happy New Year 2021

By December 24, 2020Wines

The time has started to let the celebrations start and ring in the new year of 2021. Although the year 2020 has not been the most ideal year for many, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t celebrate the new year and all the possibilities that can arise this year! For this reason, it is so important that you curate the most important New Year’s Eve/New Year’s wine to enjoy as you ring in 2021! Let these wines be a symbolic meaning of all the new hopes and possibilities that the new year can bring!

Vasse Felix Filius Chardonnay

Here is your first white wine recommendation for New Year’s Eve. This Australian made wine is surely one that dresses up any plain celebration. It is a still wine that has a bright pale straw color and contains a variety of fruity, refreshing flavors such as dominant notes of lemon, peach, and mango and subtle notes of light pear and white pepper. The wine is considered to be sweet and with a slight acid crunch at the end of the palate. The wine pairs well with certain types of food such as crisp-skinned roast pork, light chicken dishes, or creamy pastas and soft cheeses. If you think this may be a few of the items that you are considering for your menu, then this highly underrated wine will surely not disappoint during the festive party mood!

The Second Fleet Tasmania Riesling

Wine DrinkI can certainly acknowledge that during the New Years, champagne typically takes the center stage as the ultimate sparkling wine to have at any party or celebration. Despite this, let’s be honest. While tradition is great, there is something exciting about doing something different and new! If you are someone who loves a great champagne but want to start the new year off with trying new things that you have never tried before, then the Second Fleet Tasmania Riesling is a great sparkling wine that you can incorporate in place of the typical champagne! This Riesling is known to be in a medium, dry sparkling wine with an acidic profile. Some notable flavors within this wine include nectarine, lemon, citrus, apple, nectarine, peach, and more. The wine is known to pair well with certain types of entrees such as poultry, seafood, and most appetizers and snacks like soft cheese, meat, shellfish, and more.


Amarone Red Wine with CakeWhile curating a helpful list of wines to consider for New Year’s Eve, there is no way I would be able to leave out a red wine from the list. One kind of red wine that you certainly cannot go wrong with as you enter into 2021 is the Amarone red wine. The Amarone red wine is a wine that pairs oh so well with desserts. The wine itself boasts cherry currants, raisins, chocolate, and other dark fruits. It is a deep red color wine with a full body and a dry yet quite soft feel to the palate. The wine is known to be rich and decadent and pairs incredibly well with chocolate desserts, especially those with dark fruit within them!

These wines barely scratch the surface of all the kinds of wine that you can consider when saying hello to 2021. One thing’s for sure though. Whichever wine you decide to pursue on the list, you will surely experience why such wines are a great choice for the happy celebrations of New Years! Even with the new situation that has occurred in 2020, although there may be many changes to the way that New Years is typically done, these types of wines are sure to bring some normalcy and happiness back into the celebrations! Happy New Year!