By November 19, 2018Wines

A traditional wine bottle is a bottle usually made of glass used for holding wine. Some wines are fermented in the bottle while others are bottled after fermentation. Most wines are measured in a standard size of 750 milliliters. Traditionally, wine bottles are sealed with a cork, nowadays screw top caps are a popular choice, especially for wine that are sold at a lower price. The wine bottle itself usually come in a dark green color for red wine, light green color for dry white wine, and colorless for sweet white wines. On the bottle, there are always plain labels explaining what type of wine it is, the year of it was fermented, and location of where it was made. In Wine marketing, packing and labels undeniable influence with the representation of the wine itself. Labels help to provide the key recognition factor through the shape, the color, and position, and establishes the winery’s image to define the brands. At the time of choosing and purchasing a certain wine, the label delivers key information to consumers which appears to be main factor of wine consumption choice. Studies have shown that modern innovative and distinctive labels tend to attract younger consumers in the market verses older consumers, who prefers much more traditional style of packaging.

While most wineries present the label to define straightforward information to attract a wild range of consumers, 1849 Wine Company has a much simpler presentation with a piece of artwork and few explanation in the front. For 1849 Wine Company California, every bottle of wine is more than wine itself; it is considered to be a piece of art. First, the company name itself came with a story of the California State history. During 1849, many immigrants came to California hoping to achieve the dream of digging gold off the ground. However, not many were successful and the thirst of gold eventually ended and turned into the thirst for wine at the end of 1855. Many settlers ended up finding the liquid gold in California wine.

With this rich background story for our company name, the wine bottle itself is also not dull at all. In order to bring out the appreciation for urban art culture, 1849 Wine Company has collaborated with legendary street graffiti artist Saber. The notorious artist has started spraying paint at Belmont Tunnel since age 13. Later on, created the largest graffiti piece of his own name on the bank of LA River, which can be visible from satellites in space. Over the years, Saber help to push social reform through his artworks and majorly influence a generation of artists. His major goal is to let the public understand the concept of pushing the boundaries of what art should or should be confined to; which is an idea 1849 Wine Company stands by- pushing your boundaries and expanding your aesthetic horizon. From single varietal wines to custom made blends, all of our 1849 wines are carefully harvested, pressed and blended to deliver outstanding wine at a great value. Each bottle also has its own unique art piece by Saber as its label. Every handcrafted bottle of 1849 Wine reflects this artistic spirit and the dedication this company has for the art of wine making.

All the wines of California 1849 Wine have different pieces of artwork by Saber, each bottle is unique and never repetitive. For the 2015 Monterey County Chardonnay Au Jus, which means “with juice” in French has artwork “Drip” on the bottle. This artwork has bright buttery golden hue on it which reflects the very nature of this 2015 Chardonnay as this wine is the perfect accompaniment to any of your meal.

As for 1849 Wine Company’s Iris, which is a 2013 Pinot Noir made in Sonoma Coast. Saber created the graffiti artwork “Tool of Dissent” to go with this wine, which matches with this wine impeccably as the artwork is extremely vibrant. The taste of this wine reflects a cornucopia of flavors in kaleidoscope rainbow like façade. This 2013 vintage wine is rich with dark cherry aromas accented with notes of violets and spice, supported by toast and faint smoke from the barrel. “Tool of Dissent” is perfect artistic representation for this bottle. With the blaze of colored graffiti all over it, Saber truly captivated the essence of this 2013 Pinot Noir.

The Napa Valley premium red blend, Anonymous by 1849 Wine company, has a picture of Saber working his free-flowing strokes, with abstract graffiti conducted by materials such as fire extinguishers on the wall. This mural of poetic chaos blends with our multifaceted, Bordeaux style wine as it is made from a medley of grape varietals including Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Syrah, Merlot, and Zinfandel. The graffiti artwork is just as unique and complex as this 1849 wine, yet it is colorful and bold which you cannot have a dull moment with.

For Triumph by 1849 Wine Company, it is a Bordeaux-style Sonoma County premium red blend. The graffiti artwork by Saber on this wine is a beautiful Flag of America which illustrates the embrace of diversity, and champions democracy as together we will “Triumph”. In the spirit of our great Nation, this wine is a melting pot of distinctive grape varietals. With the right proportions this wine is formed as an exquisite flavor rich wine which is complex and sophisticated like the graffiti art work of the United States flag on it.

As each of 1849 Wine Company’s bottle has different art work on it, each bottle is individual and never boring. All of 1849 Wine Company’s wine bottle can be served as a piece of artwork whether you are drinking the wine or not. One might be surprised how the bottle itself can serve many different purposes. After opening a wine bottle, with some resources and a bit of creativity on mind, there are many easy crafts you can make with a leftover wine bottle and each wine bottle can be fun and never boring anymore! Gardeners love using wine bottles as decorative and practical tools for their yards. For example, many planters tend to cut the bottom of the wine bottle, and hang the bottle up to use it as a plant grower, this method works well especially for vine like plants. If one outfits the neck of the bottle with a special terracotta, the wine bottle can serve as a plant feeder which will water the plant by itself. Gardeners also love to flipping the bottle upside down, put a feeder nozzle on it, and turn it into a hummingbird feeder. An easier project can be done if you put candle inside the empty bottle, the wine bottle’s long neck ensures the candle will stay lit even with wind blowing hard. If you are looking for a new furniture piece, you can gather multiple of your used wine bottles, cut up half of the bottle, and create a chandelier out of it with light bulbs and perhaps an old bicycle rim. And if one doesn’t want to do any art work at all, you can simply use the beautiful 1849 Wine bottle with Saber’s artwork on it as a storage container. Glass wine bottles help to keep pantry item fresh in your kitchen while giving you a sense of style with all of Saber’s artworks. The simplest way to keep the bottle as a decorative item at your house, one can basically use the empty bottle as a vase. Coming up with these concepts and developments literally costs little to nothing, in the end of your artistic process, you will end up with a showcase of designs and original creations.

With all these creative ideas whether you want to be handy or not, wine bottles are not boring anymore but endless fun and entertainment. We do live in a consumerist society where money and assets have become our primary goal in life. However, just because everyone is purchasing new items on a daily base certainly does not mean the old purchases are impractical. Finding creative ways to reuse wine bottles, adapting their function from your innovation and obtaining new beautiful items for your home, garden, office and much more is a great benefit and an ethical hobby to have. Obtain beautiful wine bottle centerpieces or glass lamps and chandeliers; cut them to make candle holders and unique food plates. Push the boundaries of art as 1849 Wine Company and Saber believes, and be creative and have environmental awareness by having fun with crafting different artworks with our wine bottles today. After delighting yourself with our California wine with Saber’s graffiti, wine bottles should be fun and never boring again!