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As the popularity of the wine market increases, more and more people are turning to the wine industry to delve into this booming business. Wine is an amazing and interesting market to be a part of, but sometimes the unique and beauty of the wine market can be hidden by all the different brands of wine that crowd the shelves and online stores. With so many wine brands and options to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out which brand you should choose. Businesses are highly aware of this and for that reason a new element has emerged from the wine industry – art. Art on wine bottles have become incredibly popular as the wine market has increased in sales and notoriety. It has been the best way for wine companies to make themselves known, attract consumers, and market their uniqueness and what they can offer you with their own wine bottles. This has paved the way for wine to become a symbol of artistry, creativity, and originality. Wine bottle labels have become a way for wine companies to be able to represent themselves. It is also a way to attract wine consumers to select wine bottles based off labels that speak out to their personality and way of creativity. Wine bottles have become the ultimate key to art and everything that it stands for from expression to freedom. Wine companies use a variety of techniques and ideas to piece together the wine that best suits their feelings about wine, how wine should be represented, and how wine should make them feel. The wine labels help wine consumers to see wine in a different way and allows them to associate wine to objects and ideas that they never did before. Artistic wine allows for wine consumers to be a part of an engaging wine selection in which they can find a wine that becomes a representation of them!

Types of Artistic Wine

There is a myriad of techniques that companies utilize and combine when deciding on the type of wine labels they want to use for their wine. The many techniques work to attract a variety of consumers and differ greatly in so many ways from typography, symbols, images, colors, and more. In this article we are going to go over a few of the many marketing techniques utilized to make a wine bottle way more significant than just a wine bottle!

Traditionally Vintage

Calling all the people who are a big fan of the classics. Here is to the wine labels that keep it old school and reminiscent of the old days. These wine labels are what millennials would call old-fashion and worn out looking, but still incredibly cool. It screams classic and vintage, and hey vintage is always in style no matter what. These types of wine labels include typography where the first letter is capitalized a lot more than the rest of the letters, the writing almost looks like it is a bit cursive and classic, you see symbols of old school elements like large old houses, trains on tracks, windmills, and more. They often use very subtle colors like beige, light yellows, subtle gray and black colors, and maybe a hint of red (but not a bright one!) If you see a wine bottle accompanied with this type of vintage looking label then expect the wine to be one that is elegant and refined. The use of these wine labels doesn’t speak marketing, but more so speak a general, non-visually stimulating label. To feature such a simple label is a way for companies to show to consumers that they don’t need to stimulate you to get you to buy their wine because their wine speaks for itself. A bold statement for a label that is quite plain.

Typography & Texts Do the Talking

Wine labels that use typography as a way to market often let the typography do all the talking. There is often no symbols or images at all, only large words that generally take up the entire label as a whole. The art are the words that spill across the label. These labels typically use plain colors in the background such as black and white, while making sure that the texts used on the wine bottle itself are a very contrasting color. In this way the words can really stick out and catch the eyes of the wine customer. When using typography as a way to market the wine bottle, you will find that wine labels like this use various font styles such as cursive, bold, newspaper type, and more! These labels are bold in their own unique and artsy way because they do not use images as the common way to present themselves. They have the power to impact people to buy them based off of their ability to rearrange the words in a certain way that they know will attract people to buy their wine!

Works of Art on the Label

These types of wine labels completely take the idea of artistic to their full advantage. They pull out all the stops on what they think encompasses the idea of art and use it to create beautiful art designs along the bottle. Wine labels like these embed art designs that are so artistic that these art designs look as if they could be hanging on the wall of a museum. To attract wine consumers fully to their wine labels, they may also put existing works of art on the wine bottle itself. So that fans of the art will feel more inclined to buy their wine because it feels more familiar to them. If the person has an attachment to that art or the art speaks to them in some way, it becomes almost difficult to choose any other wine bottle at that point. A totally effective way to market wine and make a statement. These wine labels take all the marketing they know and all the elements that embody art in order to craft a label that is so visually stimulating to the art fanatics that they simply cannot refuse. Fanatics of art who frequent art museums will not be able to pass up a wine bottle that is decorated just the way they like to enjoy art. A bottle they can appreciate and study on the outside with delicious wine that satisfies them on the inside. Don’t worry we would not be able to pass up a fantastically artistic wine like that too.

Braille Wine Labels

An amazing and incredibly inclusive wine labels. These wine labels are used to attract consumers who cannot see what art can offer, but instead can feel them. Another effective and smart way to market! It isn’t fair that someone who does not have sight, cannot be a part of the incredible expression and representation that art can offer. These wine labels tell a story that art does not have to be something that is only enjoyed to an exclusive group of people. Everybody can be a part of it no matter what. Braille wine labels use the braille in a form that is elegant for customers who can see and absolutely pleasing for those who cannot. Art is an expression that everybody can be a part of and by using braille, these wine labels make the statement that everyone is welcomed, included, and considered. A beautiful message to express and represent.

Joke it Up

These wine labels design their target wine customers to be people who love a little good humor in their life. Everyone loves humor and the chance to laugh every once in a while. Life is too short to be elegant and professional all the time. Wine labels that use their marketing skills to create art that is funny and full of jokes show to customers that they are a company invested in a good time and a life full of fun and laughter. People who take pleasure in a little bit of humor can have a great appreciation for the artistic wine bottles that feature good jokes, puns, funny catchphrases, art, and more. When you pop open a wine bottle with a good humor to it, you can always be reminded to smile and live a little. Laugh with friends, enjoy your time, and let the worries fade for a bit. After all that is what wine is here for and companies that use this strategy to sell their wine completely understand that. They know that by choosing this type of label they demonstrate to wine shoppers that they are here to represent the epitome of wine and what wine means to us – the chance to live our life, socialize, laugh, and let loose.

Pop Art

Pop art is familiar. It is fun and creates a connection to an industry of music, films, and more (aka the industry known for representing art in so many ways). Wine labels that use pop art as a way to be artistic have an appreciation for the movie and music buffs and want to share that with you. From the iconic Marilyn Monroe to the general, 50s style art that is filled with colors and gritty images, pop art wine labels are a celebration of the modern popular culture as well as a love for the media and culture of the past. Pop art is a label that screams irony and sometimes disturbing, but it nonetheless are images that people are definitely interested and curious about. People who have a connection to pop art and figures of pop art can have an appreciation for these types of wine labels. Even though they most likely have nothing to do with the wine bottle, you enjoy what you see on the outside so you feel more inclined to buy it even if it tells you nothing about the inside. That is how we work as people. People are more interested in the aesthetic and familiarity of something even if it has nothing to do with the quality of something. You may have no idea what type of wine you are about to buy and whether it is going to taste absolutely gross or incredibly crisp, but either way the bottle has a Marilyn Monroe drawing on it so at least it looks cool.

Incredible Examples of Wine and Art

Now that you have become more familiar with how art and wine can be intertwined in so many ways, here are some really cool real-life wine labels that became super popular and notable. A lot of these wine bottles were decorated by professional and dedicated artists themselves and placed wine and art on the same playing field, a concept you would not normally put together, but hey people love it!

Rebecca Horn, Salmanazar

This wine bottle was created around 2008 by German artist Rebecca Horn. It is very much popular because it incorporates the idea of 3D art by utilizing copper wires to create an incredible labyrinth of designs all around the bottle that are sure to catch eyes. The wine bottle was actually used to mark the third year of Tenuta dell’Ornellaia’s Vendemmia d’Artista programme, which seeks prominent artists to produce a work of art relating to a theme of vintage. In this case you see the world of art and wine come together in a way that is so very unique and original.

Pablo Picasso, 1973 Chateau Mouton Rothschild

In this cool art wine label, you see the infamous work of art label come to life. The wine company of Mouton decided to honor the late Pablo Picasso by publishing one of his infamous artworks on its label. The label surely catches interest immediately and brings back feelings of remembrance and appreciation for all the beautiful works of art that Pablo Picasso contributed in his lifetime.

Manfred Krankl, Sine Qua Non’ Syrah, The 17th Nail in my Cranium

This art design features wine labels created by the winemaker Manfred Krankl. The wine labels feature charcoal drawings, pencil, and photography. His artwork is known to be quite risqué and this particular art piece the “17th Nail in my Cranium” is in reference to a real-life accident that took place in which an empty wine barrel fell on Krankl’s head. He had to get 16 stitches and claims that the wine is the 17th nail. A very different portrayal of art that nonetheless grabs the attention of the wine shopper.

There is no doubt that wine has become a symbolism of expression and the freedom to express yourself the way you want to. If you are looking for cooler artwork to check out, check out 1849 Wine labels which feature vivid and bright graffiti style wine labels that are meant to represent the rebel in you! Your unwillingness to not confine to the norm of society and be your own person! 1849 wine is a celebration of your uniqueness – an artistic wine that represents the artist in you!