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A Taste of Wine-Inspired Vacations

Let’s face it. We all need a break some point in our hectic, busy lives. We all need that one week to ourselves to unwind from all the stress that being an adult gives us and hear me out when I tell you, I have the most perfect vacations lined up in store. What better way to relax and unwind on a special vacation then with the ultimate stress reliever known as wine? Wine has so many amazing benefits to it and one of those super, helpful benefits is its potent ability to sedate and calm the mind and soul. It seriously is a glass of magic. Before I hit you with all the hot spot vacation places where you can live out all your wine fantasies, let me hit you with some hard facts on just how calming wine can be for a person, and why planning your next vacation with an inspired wine get-away is the perfect solution to all your stress and problems.

Wine’s Stress Melting Abilities

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It’s not a crazy, surprising fact that wine or any other alcohol is perfect for unwinding on difficult and challenging work days. The majority of the world is very aware of this fact. Jacob Teitelbaum, an M.D. and board certified internist/author of health and wellness books has pointed out that “Drinking wine-and alcohol in general-is one of the most time-honored ways for disconnecting our brains at the end of the day.” David L.Katz, M.D. and the founding director of Yale University’s Research Prevention Center says “Alcohol, including wine, calms transiently because it is a central nervous system depressant.” It’s no wonder that so many Americans turn to wine to calm and rid themselves of the anxiety and pressure that they can feel on a day to day basis. Wine can actually relieve the strain and tension you feel way better than any of those anxiety pills you take, and not only does it relieve your anxiety, but it also has the magical ability to make you happier and content. With that in mind, it seems to make logical sense that one should plan their next fun, vacation surrounded by the very drink that is known to keep people calm and jovial! So what are you waiting for? Check out these super popular cities around the world that are notable for their great tasting wine and their absolute picturesque beauty. Visit one of these beauties, drink in the wine, devour the food, admire the sights in front of you, and be appreciative of all the beauty that life has to offer you!
Top Places to Carry Out a Wine-Inspired Vacation!


Sonoma County

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Sonoma County is known as one of the best wine counties globally and in the nation, winning numerous national and international wine awards. This charming county region is located on the northern edge of the greater San Francisco Bay Area, and is the most well known wine county of the entire Northern California region. This panoramic county possesses acres and acres of famous wineries that you can taste and tour, with over 400 wineries to choose from! In addition Sonoma County has many cool wine festivals that you can join in on such as the Sonoma Wine Country Weekend in September, a Wine and Food Affair in November, Winter Wineland in January, Barrel Tasting in March, and many more! You can check out the Sonoma County website for more information about cool wine tasting events that you can be a part of, in order to make your wine-inspired vacation even more memorable! Sonoma County is notable for producing a large variety of grapes from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, and more! Some notable wineries to check out when there include Charles Creek Vineyard, Kenwood Vineyards, D’Agostini Winery, Cline Cellars, and more!

Napa Valley

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Next up on our top Wine-Inspired Vacations is the infamous Napa Valley in Northern California. Napa Valley has risen in ranks to its first rank as a wine region with other regions such as France. Its top two wineries, Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars and Chateau Montelena won the Judgment of Paris wine competition in 1976. This scenic wine city is located in Napa County, California and is surrounded by bright, rugged views of valleys and hills that make you feel like you have landed into a golden paradise. Napa Valley is known to be the producer of many different grapes such as the Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Syrah, etc. as well as many famous wineries such as Alpha Omega, Beringer, Cade Estate, Caymus, Long Meadow Ranch, Pine Ridge and more! You can expect great tasting wine and delicious food pairings to try along with country style views of beautiful valleys and mountains! It will definitely be a place you won’t forget.

Santa Barbara

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Another unforgettable city to make the best wine pit stop would be none other than the beautiful Santa Barbara located in Central California. This city offers beautiful mountains and ocean views, coupled with a Mediterranean and Spanish architecture and heritage. Santa Barbara is truly a breathtaking and artsy place where one can enjoy the beauty the city has to offer while checking out some famous wineries and sipping some great tasting wine. You can try out all the surf and sun at the lively, vibrant beaches and then head out to the 26 self guided urban tasting rooms. Some notable wineries to check out while you are in this one of a kind, resort style city include Bedford Winery, Carivintas Winery, Crown Point, Melville, Silver Wines, Westerly and more!



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Have a little more cash to burn and yearn to go somewhere overseas for your vacation? Look no further, France is one of the top producers of wine globally and is home to the best of the best wineries, coupled with vibrant, European charm, and a captivating history. Burgundy is one of France’s two powerhouse winemaking regions. This region is located in East, central France near the slopes and valleys of the Saone. You can try out one of their legendary night tours over dazzling rivers and passing rustic churches and rolling hills. Burgundy is truly a charm and beauty worth exploring and admiring as you sip up on their full bodied, and flavorful wine. Make sure to check out their top two wines known as the burgundy wine from the Pinot Noir grapes and the white wines made from their Chardonnay grapes.


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Not feeling Burgundy, but definitely feeling a different region in France to play out your wine and Europe vacation dreams? Look no further! Alsace is another great wine making region that would be the perfect destination for your stress free wine-inspired getaway. Alsace is the region of France located in the northeastern side of France, bordering Germany and Switzerland. This rustic region is located along the Rhine River Plain and is seriously a city that you only see in fairytales, with its tiny architecture and homes along cobble stone streets, fairy lights, and historical bridges. This city region is truly the epitome of a beautiful European city full of vibrancy and life and their wine is no different. Alsacian wine is known for their aromatic floral aromas. Their wine is characterized by peachy and floral smells that jump out of the glass and straight at you captivating your senses. Alsacian wine is also characterized by a light, moderate acidity and a flavor balanced by ripeness and alcohol rather than oak aging or spice. Check out Alsace, France for another great wine-inspired vacation that will be positively unforgettable.


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Ahh Bordeaux, another great wine tasting region to calm your senses and keep you satisfied and cool. The Bordeaux region is located in Southwestern France. This lively city is characterized by historical, European architecture, lights that fill up the city, gorgeous rivers and bodies of water, as well as numerous wineries where you can try your luck at a myriad of rich and lavish wines. This region is famous for being another large wine producer in France. In terms of the flavors that Bordeaux wine has to offer, many state that a young Bordeaux wine offers a deep, dark ruby color. From the left bank, Bordeaux wine delivers fruity notes such as blackberry, dark cherry, vanilla, black cherry, coffee bean, spice, and licorice. The right bank on the other hand delivers notes of smoke, floral, blueberry, jam, and more! Come visit Bordeaux and see for yourself all the unique flavors that this wine has to offer!

La Rioja, Spain

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La Rioja is a rich province located in northern Spain, with a renowned wine industry. This beautiful province is located below the Cantabrian Mountains and offers many scenic vineyards and wine tours for wine lovers to enjoy! This city carries green rolling hills, followed by a pastoral beauty and architecture that makes it truly a site to behold. Rich green vineyards and bushes along with charming creeks and streams, make this region a truly gorgeous getaway. Come join in on some of the festivities with La Rioja’s very own Rioja Wine Harvest Festival or La Batalla del Vino (Wine Fight) or come in and relax with your very own wine tour appointment. Whether you are self guided or joining in on the festivities, La Rioja is surely a wine region you don’t want to miss on your next wine vacation.

Piedmont, Italy

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This superb European city located at the foot of the Alps and bordering both France and Switzerland serves up its own individual beauty and originality. Piedmont is popularly known for its unique architecture as well as its delicious cuisine and wine! The best wines known from this region include Barolo and Barbaresco, both of which are made from the Nebbiolo grapes. Some other notable grapes to try out include the Barbera and Dolcetto grapes, which are both used for the Piedmont’s famous red wine. Of all wine regions in Italy, Piedmont is definitely the most popular region to visit and experience the magic behind wine making and flavors. The ice cold Alps combined with the warm Mediterranean weather provide a tug and pull on temperature variation in the region of Piedmont, making the land burn off the morning fog, creating more heat(which is ideal for the happy grape!) Don’t hesitate to consider this majestic region as part of your wine-inspired vacation dreams.
Some Other Notable Wine Regions to Try From!
-Central Otago, New Zealand
-Willamette Valley, Oregon
-Douro Valley, Portugal
-Barossa Valley, Australia
-South Africa
-Mendoza, Argentina
-Mosel, Germany
-Tuscany, Italy
-Champagne, France
-Sicily, Italy
-Finger Lakes, New York

Wine Vacation Tips

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Tip #1 Make sure to know the place’s notable wines and the style of that place! If you tend to not be a big fan of Red Wines, but book a vacation near Burgundy, France, the experience won’t be as great as you intended it to be! Be sure to know what kind of wines are notable and offered in each region and plan accordingly! Also make sure you dig the vibe and mood of the wine region as well, as that will enhance the experience of the wine tasting.
Tip #2 Plan ahead! Many wineries require appointments or reservations! Plan those ahead of time and think about their regular hours of operation. A wine vacation can really suck when you realize the wineries you planned for won’t accommodate you because you didn’t set up an appointment in advance. Research areas you plan to visit and have your plan set and ready to go when you get there!
Tip #3 Don’t rush! Part of the relaxing and amazing experience of tasting wine, is being able to savor the flavor and enjoy what you are tasting. Trying out too many wines at once while in a rush can make the whole experience of tasting wine, not so memorable. You want to remember what you tasted and savor those flavors in your memory. Give yourself time and plan for a limit of no more than 4 wineries in one day.