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Wine is by far a very popular drink among the world. It is favored by many and America is not excluded from that whatsoever! America loves their wine and they cherish it very much for wine holds a symbol up for many. Wine is a sign of celebration and being indulgent. Whether it is a wedding, a party, an anniversary, a holiday, or more, you will always see wine bottles decorate the table with nifty wine glasses for all (who are of age of course) to drink. Even if it is a small get together with a couple of friends, a dinner for two, or even pampering for one, you will still see wine glasses being held and enjoyed by many Americans, and rightfully so. Many wine brands compete for the love of the American population and one competitor stands out prominently in the sea of wine brands. The dear 1849Wine is hit for many. It offers varieties of wine to choose from and every wine bottle holds a unique and refreshing taste that people cannot get enough of. It’s taste and age are one that other wines cannot even compare to and with its artistic and urban looking art designs that decorate the wine bottle, it mixes fancy and elegance on the inside with young and urban on the outside. 1849Wine symbolizes everything for America from good wishes and cheers, to celebration, to relaxation and having some me time. Wherever it is you will see people popping open their favorite wine bottles (1849Wine) and having some good times with friends. Now we have to take a closer look as to why wine is taken up by a storm here in America, and that includes sharing some facts on how much 1849Wine and America go hand in hand as well as to the contexts that bring about the need for some 1849Wine to be enjoyed.

Facts on America and Wine

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Here are some numbers to get you to understand the true love that America has for their wine!

1.Americans make up the largest wine market in the world with about 13% of wine consumption of the wine that is produced globally. (sparefoot.com)
2.45% of Americans drink wine (of course they are of age!) (sparefoot.com)
3.52% of US women drink wine (that is the largest alcohol consumption by women compared to the other alcoholic drinks offered in America). (sparefoot.com)
4.California accounts for 90% of all U.S. wine produced. (sparefoot.com)
5.There are more than 7,000 wineries in the U.S. (sparefoot.com)
6.Since 2010 wine sales in the U.S. have seen a steady increase. (sparefoot.com)
7.The total amount of wine consumed per U.S. resident in 2015 was 2.83 gallons. (Wine Institute)
8.80% of Americans drink wine because they enjoy the taste while 61% say they drink wine because it helps them to relax. (winebusiness.com)
9.It has been reported that in 2015 U.S. millennial (ages 21-38) drank 42% percent of all the wine in the US. (USA today)
10.Price and brand seem to be the two most important factors America uses when deciding which wine, they would like to buy. (winebusiness.com)

Now that we have taken a quick glance at some numbers to see why America and wine are a wonderful pair! Let us examine the reasons possible for why wine (specifically 1849Wine) has become a growing alcoholic beverage to have and enjoy over other alcoholic beverages!

It Brings Family and Friends Together!

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One of the reasons that could be contributing to the love for 1849Wine and Americans could be the fact that 1849Wine is wine that is simply so delicious and distinct, making it easy to enjoy! With 1849Wine you can always count on having the most perfect and only the perfect grapes on hand and ready to be used by dedicated and passionate winemakers. Every bottle feels like ultimate indulgence and instantly puts a smile on anyone’s face, making it the best party or get together starter to have. There is no secret that wine has been used for generations and generations to celebrate. People far back into the 1700’s used wine to mark rituals, baptisms, weddings, and other events. Sparkling wine became a hit to have and more people wanted it around when they had their own special events, for it made people excited and happier. The tradition of bringing wine or champagne to a special family dinner or friendly get together is nothing out of the ordinary, and it appears that America using wine to bring family and friends together for celebrations is merely America continuing tradition from long ago. It brings out the social drinkers who on sight upon seeing many people drinking it will want to have a taste as well and join the fun. It is friendly, familiar, and something that makes us comfortable and joyful, so as long as we will continue to throw celebrations, dinners, and parties, wine (especially 1849Wine) will never stop being the drink of the night!

It Elevates Your Mood, Melts the Stress Away, and Makes You Sleep

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Another strong reason for why America has such a strong consumption of wine could be due to the potent and magical antioxidants that are in the wine itself and present the ability for people to instantly feel less stressed. It is no secret that Americans work hard for what they have and of course naturally with working hard comes the stress. Stress is extremely bad for us and it is something that we don’t want to deal with for stress actually provides some seriously harmful consequences for your body, mood, and behavior. In terms of your body, stress can make you experience headaches, fatigue, chest pain, sleeping problems, stomachache, and more. In terms of the relationship between stress and your mood, the results are not so pretty either. Stress can make you feel anxiety, restlessness, lack of motivation, anger, sadness, depression, or the feeling of being extremely overwhelmed. Stress affects our behavior by making us overeat or under eat, withdraw socially, have angry outbursts, resort to tobacco use, and more. Overall, stress does nothing well for our body which is why it is so important to have ways to combat that stress and overcome it. Wine can be your friend in this situation. Wine is a naturally sedative meaning that it has calming properties to it. It is naturally a central nervous system depressant meaning that it calms your body down internally and therefore externally, but it is important to keep in mind that even though it can help calm you down and feel better, you shouldn’t go overboard too close to sleeping time. Drinking about one to two glasses of wine are enough and one should not try to go beyond that because it can disturb your sleeping pattern. Yet if you do stay within this range then wine can help you fall asleep a lot quicker because your mind is cleared and you feel less anxious. If you are getting better sleep, then overall you feel more energetic, motivated, and ready to take on your day. This can help your mood improve significantly. Overall, it is a domino effect with one change leading to another that all start with moderate consumption of wine. It isn’t hard to see as to why Americans start to turn to wine. Thank god, your bottle of 1849Wine has those qualities too! Pop that bottle open, sit, and enjoy!

It Pairs Amazingly with Food

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An additional reason that we must note on our quest to understanding the link between America and the love for delicious wines like 1849Wine, may have to be due to the fact that wine is amazing when paired with food. It comes in so many varieties and is so diverse that naturally any type of wine has a food that goes so well with it. Some wines are sweet. Some wines are tarty. Some are earthy. Others have a fruity flavor and so on. No matter the flavor, so many years have been dedicated to understanding the many flavors of wine and what good food they go with. They have a strong potency to accentuate and emphasize the dish they are paired with and this overall enhances the quality of the dinner, making people happier. It has the power to make a good dish, taste even better and if such a thing exists Americans know that they should take advantage of it anytime they get! The balance with food and wine are done in a way in which the texture and flavor of the wine and the food interact in such a way that both don’t taste as amazing alone as they do together. They come as a package deal and help to enhance the overall dining experience for many people. Sometimes wine and food can come together in a way that they contrast rather than complement and in that way, you still get an amazing dining experience. The reason being that sometimes having an earthy wine with an earthy entree can sometimes make the entire dinner feel too much earthiness that it could be overwhelming for some. Sometimes finding a contrast like a buttery, creamy pasta and an acidic wine to tone down the creaminess and offer a new taste to the palate. American restaurants have learned a great deal behind the power of pairing that most restaurants already have wines and food pairings ready for you to look over when you get inside. America understands the power of a good wine and food match and it is through this that America recognizes and incorporates such powerful wines like 1849Wine to their dining experience.

There is a Wine Made for Everyone

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One of the last reasons we will observe in trying to understand the whole America and wine concept, is the reason that wine is powerful in the sense that it is so diverse and variable. If someone were to ask you the describe the taste of wine, you would never really be able to answer such a question because wine comes in a variety of tastes and colors from white, red, to
roseé. There is no set flavor and when that happens you have a whole variety of options for everyone to choose to their liking. Wine isn’t like a bottle of coke that really only has one distinctive flavor. You either like it or you don’t. With wine, it is a completely different story because maybe if you didn’t like the particular wine you had there are so many other wines you can choose from that will totally alter the flavor of the wine and what it has to offer. So many factors enhance and change the experience of trying wine from what vineyard the grapes grew in, what climate and care they were exposed to, the brand or company of the wine, the type of grape, the age, the way it is stored and so on. With all these different options and factors interacting and influencing one another, it isn’t hard to see why wine is climbing very quickly up the rankings in America’s heart. There is always something for everyone’s palate to enjoy and 1849Wine with all their delicious wine choices and flavors are an absolute no exception to that wonderful rule.

Among all the various factors that we talked about in regards to why America and wines like 1849Wine are such a hit, hopefully now many will understand how much of a hidden gem, wine is for the soul. We can certainly say with confidence that America loves their wine rightfully so, for the fact that it has the strong potency to bring you close to your loved ones, elevate your mood and make you sleep soundly, eliminate your stress, enhance your eating experience, and fill your taste buds with utter satisfaction. I think we can clearly see why America is becoming a large consumer of wine, globally and to be quite honest with what we’ve learned today we cannot blame them. Cheers to one of America’s most amazing wine brand, 1849Wine for having all the comfort and advantages that wine can provide us!