This summer it is all about health. This summer, we are aiming to produce changes in lifestyle habits and make ourselves better in the long run. Here is to the summer resolution of taking care of our own health and understanding little ways we can make positive and easy changes to bad habits. The best way to grow and learn from bad habits is by creating small, personal goals that are easy for you. Rome wasn’t built in a day and surely your progress will not be achieved in one day either. You cannot jump from one extreme to another and expect sustainable changes from happening in that way. It simply cannot be done. The best way to create permanent changes and promote an improved and healthier lifestyle is by thinking outside the box. Think about small things you can change that over time can make a positive difference in your life! If you need a little help with brainstorming, I can surely help you. One way you can make a small, but impactful difference on your health is through researching healthy wine brands. Sounds a little odd at first but it is honestly so true. Think about how many people in America drink wine on a daily basis. People drink wine when they are stressed, out with friends, at work dinners or parties, when they are sad, happy, celebratory, etc. Honestly the occasion for wine is all the time and think about over time how much wine you really do consume. By choosing to just put in a little research on wine brands that have a better impact on your health, you can actually make a serious difference in a short amount of time. I mean who would even think about it in that way? I mean it sounds odd at first but I mean if you are someone who drinks wine quite a lot and are looking for easy health goals to implement then I say you should surely give this a try. I present to you, healthy wine brands for you to enjoy this summer as you slowly reach the positive goals that you have made for yourself.

What is the Deal with Organic?

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When talking about healthy food options, you probably have heard the term organic used in conjunction. The word organic has littered many commercials and marketing campaigns as a way to get people to realize the health value that the particular product has. Of course, many hear the word organic and associate it with a healthier option, but many actually do not even know what organic even means. I think that before I tell you the best organic and healthy wine brands that exist, I give a little bit of a crash course on what organic offers you, in terms of wine.

The wine process is a typically complex one. More than just grapes go into the process of producing wine and unfortunately not many understand what kind of horrible ingredients can be lurking in the wine that you sip on. During the process of creating wine, other ingredients such as residual pesticides, animal byproducts and mouth-feel agents, added preservatives, and coloring. These chemicals can be added into the wine in order to do a variety of things such as slow down, speed up, or direct the process of turning grapes into wine. If a wine is branded as USDA (US Department of Agriculture) organic certification than that is a very amazing feat to do. The USDA encompasses strict guidelines on what can pass as organic and the wine has to be completely free of synthetic additives. If any kind of synthetic pesticide or herbicide is in the wine, than the wine cannot pass such high regulated organic policies. Therefore, when you see a wine with the seal of approval (meaning it is certified organic), then you can rest assured that you are buying a wine that is as healthy as wine can get

Delicious Organic Wine Brands to Consider

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I have compiled a list of the most reputable wine brands that are known to be organic and as healthy as you can get with wine. These wine brands boast organic grapes that make your wine drinking habits a little bit healthier on your body so without further ado let’s get into the list!

Badger Mountain Riesling
We start our list of healthy wine brands with the beautiful badger mountain riesling wine brand. This wine comes from the brand Badger Mountain in the state of Washington. It is a white wine of the riesling varietal and is known to be very crisp in style with honeysuckle and peach flavors. The body of the wine is light-bodied and presents aromatic flavors of granny smith apples and asian pears in addition to the honeysuckle and peach while boasting a deliciously crisp and acidic wine that tantalizes the palate. It is refreshing for the summer weather with its fruit forward flavors and sweet style. Pair this wine up with some classic mildly spicy asian dishes, like noodles, curry, or rice, and you have an unforgettable and mouth watering lunch or dinner experience. The best part is that the wine comes from USDA certified organic grapes. So this brand is truly the best of the best.

Bonterra Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

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This is another wonderful wine that is very healthy and can be added to the list of potential wine brands to purchase. The wine grapes are organically farmed in Mendocino, California. The brand of wine is Bonterra and is of a red wine type with the Cabernet Sauvignon varietal. This wine boasts flavors of cherries, currants, and raspberry flavors with very spicy notes like dried cranberry, cedar, and slight vanilla. It has a very woodsy and warm flavor to it when compared to the previous light and refreshing Badger Mountain Riesling. If you are looking for something that has dark fruit flavors with a little spice kick than this may be the wine for you. The berries offer a rich and full mouth wine feeling that has a lingering finish and is extremely approachable. If you need any more convincing that this is a wine that you need to know then I think it would be best to tell you that this wine has frequented may cooking shows in the past. Chefs and food experts love it and no doubt you will too. The wine goes great with any kind of food apart from sweet desserts and has a very balanced tannin and oak level. The best part is that it doesn’t provide a single flavor of bitterness, so it is perfect for those who love to drink things that are a little on the sweet side.

CalNaturale Chardonnay
Another great healthy wine brand you should add to your list is the infamous CalNaturale Chardonnay. It is the best in high quality winemaking and innovative packaging. They are not only made with sustainably grown grapes, but they are incredibly eco-friendly. Healthy and friendly to the environment? Count me in! The CalNaturale Chardonnay comes from the Lodi appellation in California and is certified sustainable with Lodi Rules. The wines are packaged in eco-friendly Tetra Pak cartons which means it has half of the carbon footprint that a regular wine bottle would have and the best part is that the easy packaging makes this wine one that you can enjoy on the go or for your next picnic. The organic grapes come together to produce a ripe fruit flavor with toasty caramel molasses halo and a sweet finish. It is in essence a delicious white wine that should not be overlooked and even if the package may not be as elegant as the average glass bottle, you can sip away knowing that you are helping your body and the environment.

Domaine Carneros Pinot Noir

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This organic certified healthy wine brand comes from the brand Domaine Carneros in the Carneros region of California. It is a red wine of the Pinot noir varietal and has even darker fruit flavors than the Cabernet Sauvignon. You can expect black raspberry, plums, and cherries to seep through in flavor along with savory notes of sandalwood, cola, and earth. The technique used to create the wine includes months of barrel aging so that it can produce a kind of wine that is sweet and supple with the correct balance of tannins. The body is full and intense and the vintage is absolutely exceptional, making this wine brand one you truly do not want to miss.

Lapostolle Casa Merlot
If you are craving a wine brand that is a little farther from the United States region than this wine may be what you are looking for. This incredible wine hails from the Casablanca Valley in Chile and is a medium-bodied red wine of the merlot varietal, with dominant cherry and rosemary flavors. The Lapostolle brand surely does not disappoint. Their wine is organic and healthy with clean aromas of ripe red fruit and sweet spices and notes of herbs such as rosemary and provence. The medium body is very pleasant with tannins that are balanced well with good freshness. The flavors and aromas of this wine are so rich and pair exceptionally well with delicious foods such as flavored vegetable stews, red meat, and pasta! Try this wine out at your next fancy dinner party or with a close loved one and experience the heavenly taste that this organic healthy wine can bring to you. You can surely taste the quality and care that went into producing this wine. The delicate structure and delicious balanced is simply too difficult to resist. So why even try to?

Paul Dolan Vineyards Chardonnay

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The Paul Dolan Vineyards Chardonnay is another sustainable organic wine brand that you need to try out. The wine light-bodied and comes from the Mendocino County of California. It is sourced from low-lying valleys that are surrounded by the Russian river, and is an area typically known for producing incredible rich and focused wines. The vineyards are exquisitely balanced with flavors of ripe pears, crisp apples, and a creamy vanilla spice (who doesn’t love vanilla?). The grapes are Certified Organic by the C.C.O.F and are sure to not disappoint in flavor since they come from a secluded land that is rich in biological diversity and is unique in its climate, making for a truly distinctive flavor like no other. Check out this wine and be amazed by how tasty healthy can be.

Nativa Terra Reserva Carmenere
The native terra reserva carmenere is another healthy wine brand that comes from the brand Nativa which hails from the Curico Valley region of Chile. It produces a wide variety of intriguing flavors such as red fruit, chocolate, and bell peppers at the end. It is surely an elegant and light enough on the palate, even gaining a reputation for being one of the more smoother red wines. The ruby red wine also boasts a plethora of flavors such as tobacco, blackberry, plum, and cherry. The tannins are soft and the fruit forwardness of the wine allows for seamless pairing with foods such as beef, pasta, lamb, and poultry. Maybe sip this wine with lamb chops and a balsamic reduction or go for something simpler like a one pot chicken parmesan pasta. No matter what kind of dinner you are trying to create, this wine will surely pair well with it all. So give it a try and experience the other possibilities that you can enjoy with healthy wine brands like this!

Although, I was not able to incorporate all of the healthy wine brands that you can try out, I definitely think this list is good enough to get you started on your new health journey. Sipping healthier wine is just one small step that you are taking in the direction of constantly doing better for yourself. Experience healthy options, try out organic foods, do some research, experiment in the kitchen and create delicious food and memories that will be unforgettable.