Napa Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

Blended from Napa Valley vineyards and its surrounding hillsides, this wine is aromatic with notes of vanilla, hints of cocoa powder, and toasted brioche.  Declaration by 1849 Wine Company makes a bold statement with this brilliantly commanding, assertive Cabernet Sauvignon.

Napa Valley

Red Blend

A multifaceted, Bordeaux-style red blend that is brilliantly composed into nothing short of a masterpiece. This wine is inspired by the artist whose style is unique & complex and his palette colorful & bold.  Many know his work but his true identity is concealed.

Monterey County 


This new world, oak mellowed Chardonnay is light & bright yet smooth & buttery and it exudes a creamy texture with flavors of vanilla, baking spices and stone fruit. It is full of personality.

Sonoma Coast

Pinot Noir

Iris embodies a cornucopia of flavors.  The longer, cooler growing season imparts this Pinot Noir’s distinct characteristics which are revealed by our winemakers.  Crisp & bright on the nose with a velvety smooth finish and slight oak overtone define this elegant work of art. 

Sonoma County

Red Blend

Triumph by 1849 Wine Company is a Bordeaux-style red blend composed of a melting pot of distinctive grape varietals.  Layered in the right proportions they form a unified, exquisitely complex, and flavor-rich wine.