1849Wine and America

1849Wine and America

Wine is by far a very popular drink among the world. It is favored by many and America is not excluded from that whatsoever! America loves their wine and they cherish it very much for wine holds a symbol up for many. Wine is a sign of celebration and being indulgent. Whether it is a wedding, a party, an anniversary, a holiday, or more, you will always see wine bottles decorate the table with nifty wine glasses for all (who are of age of course) to drink. Even if it is a small get together with a couple of friends, a dinner for two, or even pampering for one, you will still see wine glasses being held and enjoyed by many Americans, and rightfully so. Many wine brands compete for the love of the American population and one competitor stands out prominently in the sea of wine brands. The dear 1849Wine is hit for many. It offers varieties of wine to choose from and every wine bottle holds a unique and refreshing taste that people cannot get enough of. It’s taste and age are one that other wines cannot even compare to and with its artistic and urban looking art designs that decorate the wine bottle, it mixes fancy and elegance on the inside with young and urban on the outside. 1849Wine symbolizes everything for America from good wishes and cheers, to celebration, to relaxation and having some me time. Wherever it is you will see people popping open their favorite wine bottles (1849Wine) and having some good times with friends. Now we have to take a closer look as to why wine is taken up by a storm here in America, and that includes sharing some facts on how much 1849Wine and America go hand in hand as well as to the contexts that bring about the need for some 1849Wine to be enjoyed.

Facts on America and Wine

Here are some numbers to get you to understand the true love that America has for their wine!

1.Americans make up the largest wine market in the world with about 13% of wine consumption of the wine that is produced globally. (sparefoot.com)
2.45% of Americans drink wine (of course they are of age!) (sparefoot.com)
3.52% of US women drink wine (that is the largest alcohol consumption by women compared to the other alcoholic drinks offered in America). (sparefoot.com)
4.California accounts for 90% of all U.S. wine produced. (sparefoot.com)
5.There are more than 7,000 wineries in the U.S. (sparefoot.com)
6.Since 2010 wine sales in the U.S. have seen a steady increase. (sparefoot.com)
7.The total amount of wine consumed per U.S. resident in 2015 was 2.83 gallons. (Wine Institute)
8.80% of Americans drink wine because they enjoy the taste while 61% say they drink wine because it helps them to relax. (winebusiness.com)
9.It has been reported that in 2015 U.S. millennial (ages 21-38) drank 42% percent of all the wine in the US. (USA today)
10.Price and brand seem to be the two most important factors America uses when deciding which wine, they would like to buy. (winebusiness.com)

Now that we have taken a quick glance at some numbers to see why America and wine are a wonderful pair! Let us examine the reasons possible for why wine (specifically 1849Wine) has become a growing alcoholic beverage to have and enjoy over other alcoholic beverages!

It Brings Family and Friends Together!

One of the reasons that could be contributing to the love for 1849Wine and Americans could be the fact that 1849Wine is wine that is simply so delicious and distinct, making it easy to enjoy! With 1849Wine you can always count on having the most perfect and only the perfect grapes on hand and ready to be used by dedicated and passionate winemakers. Every bottle feels like ultimate indulgence and instantly puts a smile on anyone’s face, making it the best party or get together starter to have. There is no secret that wine has been used for generations and generations to celebrate. People far back into the 1700’s used wine to mark rituals, baptisms, weddings, and other events. Sparkling wine became a hit to have and more people wanted it around when they had their own special events, for it made people excited and happier. The tradition of bringing wine or champagne to a special family dinner or friendly get together is nothing out of the ordinary, and it appears that America using wine to bring family and friends together for celebrations is merely America continuing tradition from long ago. It brings out the social drinkers who on sight upon seeing many people drinking it will want to have a taste as well and join the fun. It is friendly, familiar, and something that makes us comfortable and joyful, so as long as we will continue to throw celebrations, dinners, and parties, wine (especially 1849Wine) will never stop being the drink of the night!

It Elevates Your Mood, Melts the Stress Away, and Makes You Sleep

Another strong reason for why America has such a strong consumption of wine could be due to the potent and magical antioxidants that are in the wine itself and present the ability for people to instantly feel less stressed. It is no secret that Americans work hard for what they have and of course naturally with working hard comes the stress. Stress is extremely bad for us and it is something that we don’t want to deal with for stress actually provides some seriously harmful consequences for your body, mood, and behavior. In terms of your body, stress can make you experience headaches, fatigue, chest pain, sleeping problems, stomachache, and more. In terms of the relationship between stress and your mood, the results are not so pretty either. Stress can make you feel anxiety, restlessness, lack of motivation, anger, sadness, depression, or the feeling of being extremely overwhelmed. Stress affects our behavior by making us overeat or under eat, withdraw socially, have angry outbursts, resort to tobacco use, and more. Overall, stress does nothing well for our body which is why it is so important to have ways to combat that stress and overcome it. Wine can be your friend in this situation. Wine is a naturally sedative meaning that it has calming properties to it. It is naturally a central nervous system depressant meaning that it calms your body down internally and therefore externally, but it is important to keep in mind that even though it can help calm you down and feel better, you shouldn’t go overboard too close to sleeping time. Drinking about one to two glasses of wine are enough and one should not try to go beyond that because it can disturb your sleeping pattern. Yet if you do stay within this range then wine can help you fall asleep a lot quicker because your mind is cleared and you feel less anxious. If you are getting better sleep, then overall you feel more energetic, motivated, and ready to take on your day. This can help your mood improve significantly. Overall, it is a domino effect with one change leading to another that all start with moderate consumption of wine. It isn’t hard to see as to why Americans start to turn to wine. Thank god, your bottle of 1849Wine has those qualities too! Pop that bottle open, sit, and enjoy!

It Pairs Amazingly with Food

An additional reason that we must note on our quest to understanding the link between America and the love for delicious wines like 1849Wine, may have to be due to the fact that wine is amazing when paired with food. It comes in so many varieties and is so diverse that naturally any type of wine has a food that goes so well with it. Some wines are sweet. Some wines are tarty. Some are earthy. Others have a fruity flavor and so on. No matter the flavor, so many years have been dedicated to understanding the many flavors of wine and what good food they go with. They have a strong potency to accentuate and emphasize the dish they are paired with and this overall enhances the quality of the dinner, making people happier. It has the power to make a good dish, taste even better and if such a thing exists Americans know that they should take advantage of it anytime they get! The balance with food and wine are done in a way in which the texture and flavor of the wine and the food interact in such a way that both don’t taste as amazing alone as they do together. They come as a package deal and help to enhance the overall dining experience for many people. Sometimes wine and food can come together in a way that they contrast rather than complement and in that way, you still get an amazing dining experience. The reason being that sometimes having an earthy wine with an earthy entree can sometimes make the entire dinner feel too much earthiness that it could be overwhelming for some. Sometimes finding a contrast like a buttery, creamy pasta and an acidic wine to tone down the creaminess and offer a new taste to the palate. American restaurants have learned a great deal behind the power of pairing that most restaurants already have wines and food pairings ready for you to look over when you get inside. America understands the power of a good wine and food match and it is through this that America recognizes and incorporates such powerful wines like 1849Wine to their dining experience.

There is a Wine Made for Everyone

One of the last reasons we will observe in trying to understand the whole America and wine concept, is the reason that wine is powerful in the sense that it is so diverse and variable. If someone were to ask you the describe the taste of wine, you would never really be able to answer such a question because wine comes in a variety of tastes and colors from white, red, to
roseé. There is no set flavor and when that happens you have a whole variety of options for everyone to choose to their liking. Wine isn’t like a bottle of coke that really only has one distinctive flavor. You either like it or you don’t. With wine, it is a completely different story because maybe if you didn’t like the particular wine you had there are so many other wines you can choose from that will totally alter the flavor of the wine and what it has to offer. So many factors enhance and change the experience of trying wine from what vineyard the grapes grew in, what climate and care they were exposed to, the brand or company of the wine, the type of grape, the age, the way it is stored and so on. With all these different options and factors interacting and influencing one another, it isn’t hard to see why wine is climbing very quickly up the rankings in America’s heart. There is always something for everyone’s palate to enjoy and 1849Wine with all their delicious wine choices and flavors are an absolute no exception to that wonderful rule.

Among all the various factors that we talked about in regards to why America and wines like 1849Wine are such a hit, hopefully now many will understand how much of a hidden gem, wine is for the soul. We can certainly say with confidence that America loves their wine rightfully so, for the fact that it has the strong potency to bring you close to your loved ones, elevate your mood and make you sleep soundly, eliminate your stress, enhance your eating experience, and fill your taste buds with utter satisfaction. I think we can clearly see why America is becoming a large consumer of wine, globally and to be quite honest with what we’ve learned today we cannot blame them. Cheers to one of America’s most amazing wine brand, 1849Wine for having all the comfort and advantages that wine can provide us!

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Best Wine Regions in California, Here’s to Good Health

California is home to some seriously breath-taking views and the golden state is quite infamous for the many terrains it supports. From deserts to Mediterranean style beaches to large evergreen forests. From glorious mountains to deep valleys, and most important of all the beautiful wineries, where grapes grow in constant golden California sun, raised to perfection, and suited to satiate your taste buds, putting a smile on your face. Raise your wine glasses in the air as we toast to the beautiful wine regions of California and the glorious wine they offer us as well as a toast to the potent health benefits this elixir can bring. If you are planning your next California vacation and need a guide on all the best places to hit up, let me help fill you in on the best wine regions and wineries to visit while you are in the golden state. Golden it is indeed and this article will prove to you all the liquid gold this golden state has to offer (aka I mean wine).

Best Wine Regions in California
California has twelve amazing wine regions that are an absolute must see. This can greatly help narrow down your wine choices and what you are looking for in your next getaway and if you plan a trip to these wineries you certainly will not regret it. From great views, sun, and wine I give you the best wine regions to check out in the state of California!

Napa Valley

You knew we were not going to forget about this special place! It is the most popular wine place to visit around the world and for very good reason. It offers picturesque, rugged, and golden beauty and gives way to over 400 different winery locations that you can check out! With that diversity in wineries and the wide array of options to choose from you would never get bored of this place! Some popular Napa wineries that you should consider visiting include the Darioush Winery, Opus One, Inglenook Winery, Artesa Vineyards, Chateau Montelena, Castello Di Amarosa, and many more! Each winery offers something uniquely special in the category of fine wine from Cabernets, to fruity Merlots, and rich Chardonnay as well as everything in between. There is a wine for everyone to dive into on their visit to Napa and you can do this all while soaking in the green, rustic, and sunny style that is Napa Valley!

Paso Robles

This beauty is located on the coast of Central California between the scenic drive of Los Angeles to San Francisco. The wine region boasts a historic and old downtown charm, decorated with boutiques, restaurants, and wine shops. The region carries large, deep valleys, luscious green, and golden soil for a breathtaking scenic view you would not want to miss out on! Pair the view with some quality and diverse wine varieties and you and your friends or family are in for a serious treat. Some notable wineries of this place include Jacob Toft, Kolanu Vineyards, Pear Valley Vineyard and Winery, Tablas Greek Vineyard, Fratelli Perata, Ranchita Canyon Vineyard and many more! You can also enjoy lovely and decadent dinners hosted by the wineries and winemakers while enjoying the view and getting your fill on all the different wines there is to experience. The most well known and publicized winery of the Paso Robles region would have to be the Justin Vineyards and Winery. They are a larger and corporate owned winery, but still offer an amazing experience with excellent dining and interior design followed by an equally beautiful outside experience. This vineyard is definitely one you want to check out at the very least when at Paso Robles!


The Monterey Wine Region is located about an hour south of California’s infamous and well-known Silicon Valley. Monterey grapes are strong and distinct in flavor and are all carefully grown and ripened to perfection. The largest and most important grapes in Monterey are owed to the Chardonnay grapes which comprise about 40% of the total grape acreage in this wine region. The land is warm and green and also offers rugged landscape for the eyes to enjoy. Another quality that makes this region distinctive is the fact that this region is home to the development of mechanical harvesting which is a type of harvesting in which grapes that have the best sugar-acid balance are instantly harvested through a mechanical harvester that instantly vibrates the vines and then drops them on a conveyer belt. This allows for the best grapes to be picked and delivered to a winery for the best quality of wine produced possible. It has singlehandedly become the quickest and most effective method for harvesting and for this reason you would be crazy not to try out their wonderful wine! Choose from wineries such as Hahn Family Winery, Carmel Ridge Winery, De Tierra Vineyards, Paraiso Vineyards by Smith Family Wines, and more! All of notable and memorable wine tasting experiences and definitely worth thinking about on the next wine getaway.

Santa Barbara County

Santa Barbara is a city known to be of extreme beauty and excellence for it’s beautiful ocean beach view and its laidback beach vibe. The city boasts a tropical vacation vibe mixed with rustic charm and is the perfect place to vacation and enjoy wine. Choose and taste for elegant Pinot Noirs, Syrahs, Chardonnays and more! The wine variety to try from are endless and easy to pair with delicious snacks and meals to enjoy as well. Who can think of a better vacation? The city boasts a cool ocean air and warm weather which is prime for growing the best grapes. All varieties of grapes and wine are supported in the fertile soil and climate that Santa Barbara offers. Some notable vineyards and wineries to check out include the Santa Barbara Vintners, Fess Parker, Brewer Clifton, Melville, Sanford, Foxen, and more! Enjoy an urban wine scene mixed with a breathtaking suburban landscape view and you are in actual heaven!

Sonoma Valley

Sonoma Valley is located in southeastern Sonoma County near the San Francisco Bay Area. The valley is filled with large green hills and mountains along with breathtaking and expansive greenery all while factoring in a very natural and old charm to it. Visit this place and you can enjoy historic beauty that is over 100 years old. The wineries are tucked into beautiful, hidden lanes and leafy areas and hold a quiet, but exciting environment. You can even plan your trip around heading to Sonoma Valley’s infamous harvest hangouts in which wineries come out to showcase their unique and delicious wines for you to sample and enjoy. Get conversation flowing and interact with multiple different wineries at once as you enjoy and understand all that Sonoma Valley wines have to offer. You will even get to taste incredible wine with the best food pairing options to go with it. The food is surely delicious and prepared by over 60 different local chefs who know the lowdown on great wine and food pairings and can offer you all of this without ever having to drive from place to place. Some notable wineries to check out on your own include the Gloria Ferrer Caves and Vineyard, Benziger Family Winery, Corner 103, Joseph Jewell Wines, Petroni Vineyards and more!

Here is to Your Health

Just when you though delicious wine and food could not get any better, here is another thing about wine that will make you see wine in an even more esteemed light (if that is possible). Wine while coming in such different variety, offering superb flavors, emphasizing tastes of foods, and more, can also pose some serious benefits for your health in ways you never even thought of! If you don’t believe me, I will just leave a few of the many benefits proven to be given by moderate consumption of wine! Keep in mind that these types of benefits are not for the heavy wine drinkers as one excess in too much wine drinking (or anything really) is detrimental. When talking about consumption of wine and health benefits we normally refer to one glass a day for women and two glasses a day for men! When we refer to one glass we refer to four ounces of wine.

Stronger Heart
Eric Rimm, a professor for epidemiology and nutrition, has actually been studying the link between alcohol and chronic disease for decades. He studied this at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and has had findings that support the idea that wine allowed for a 30% reduction in the rest of heart disease when it was compared to nondrinkers. In addition, this finding has been repeated for over 30 years in various countries and the result have all turned out to be very similar!

Healthy Eyes and Skin
It is known by many that wine contains a certain antioxidant called resveratrol that is actually very effective for promoting healthy eyes and skin. A study done by the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri have concluded that resveratrol helps to stop blood vessel growth in the eyes which as result could stop diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. In addition, the antioxidant is able to inhibit the growth of acne causing bacteria better than the active ingredient benzoyl peroxide which is found in most acne treatments and creams. It has also been found that it is better to drink or eat this antioxidant through wine or fruits instead of buying topical creams with the antioxidant in it. They don’t work as effectively.

Ward off Cancer
Multiple studies have been done to try and find the link between consumption of wine and various forms of cancer and the results look pretty refreshing! It is thought to be able to lower the risk of breast cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer. Red grapes found in red wine have the abilities to suppress the activity of aromatase which is an enzyme that breast tumors use to produce their own estrogen. In addition, studies have supported the statement that moderate red wine consumption can reduce the risk of colon cancer by about 50%. It is thought that red wines are very protective against aggressive or advanced cancers and the doctors have speculated that red wine carries resveratrol which is potent in antioxidants and can counterbalance androgens which are male hormones that stimulate the prostate. Therefore, studies have supported the claim that men who drink 4-7 glasses of red wine a week have a 52% less chance of developing prostate cancer.

Lowers Cholesterol
Wine consumption is thought to lower bad cholesterol by increasing good cholesterol by about 12%. Once again, the antioxidant resveratrol is thought to have the ability to reduce LDL and increase HDL. This means that our blood vessels will have a far less likely chance of being coated with plaque, and this all happens without changing a single thing in our diet!

This article has given you a quick rundown of the best wine regions to take note of the next time you plan a trip to the lovely golden state! From endless natural beauties to endless wineries and events happening, every wine region in California offers you something new, different, and exciting for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy. Take time to plan your getaway right and you will have no regrets with choosing to spend your money and time in California and all that its rich wine regions have to offer. In addition, hopefully the little bit on moderate wine consumption and health has made you see that wine is never the enemy and always the friend and poses great health and fun for you. You just need to take the time to research and realize yourself all the great that wine can offer you in your life, making you feel better and a lot happier. Who wouldn’t want that?

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Wine Cocktails in the Winter

There is a lot to celebrate when it comes to winter. Family, friends, fun, the holidays and more are just some of the festive and spectacular things to look forward to as the year approaches December and the winter seasons began. With the coming of winter, also comes the holidays, and you know what that means. Lots of stress (as well as fun) over choosing what to buy, how to please the family, what to cook and more. Between all the festivities that are placed on you to take care of, the holidays can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. Let me alleviate the stress for you a bit by introducing some festive, holiday wine cocktails that are sure to spice up your winter and keep your family seriously impressed. Wine offers so many great benefits that it is the perfect holiday drink to enjoy with family. It puts smiles on people´s faces, makes the stress melt away, offer delicious comfort, and a time to bond with family and enjoy all that the winter holidays has to bring! This article will be of immense help in helping you achieve the most perfect winter with these wine tips, wine cocktail recipes, and more!
Reasons to Drink Wine in the Winter

Before I delve into some delicious wine cocktail recipes that are absolutely perfect for the winter or even the holidays, I need to make a quick point and that is that wine is amazing for the holidays. There are lots of reasons why you should drink either red or white wine during the winter and make it a holiday essential. It poses numerous benefits for you during the cold, winter season and there is no reason that you shouldn´t aim to have wine cocktail recipes ready to go at your next winter get-together or simply for your own pleasure as you warm up in your house on a night in.
Reasons to Drink White Wine

White Wine Helps to Enhance the Flavor of Your WinterDinner
One reason you should gravitate to a nice, snazzy bottle of white wine this winter is for the fact that some white wines offer a brilliant acidic taste. This acidic taste is essential for enhancing and emphasizing your winter dinners. This due to the fact that during the colder season we tend to reach for food that are richer and fattier. The acidity of white wine can really help accentuate your rich, fat winter lunches and dinner thus creating an overall, quality dining experience that will keep you content and even your family members (who can drink of course) happy. Don´t be shy with your wine and pop open a nice bottle of acidic wine to balance your mouthwatering meal.
Winter Wines are Nostalgic
Wines consumed in the winter are perfect for those who, although may love the season, are starting to reminisce their beautiful, warm, sunny, summer vacations in which they sipped white wine at a fancy pool party or simply cracked open a bottle in the comfort of their own home. Whatever the case may be, white wine has strong power to take people back to the good old days because let´s face it, white wine has never really let anyone down. For many people, this type of wine has been a symbolism of so many amazing memories and experiences made throughout the year, and what better way to reminisce about those amazing days then during the winter and the holidays in which you spend time with the ones you love (or on your own) and create your own new memories to associate with this wine.
White Wine Allows You to Take Risks
I know that white wine may not be the most common drink for people to consume during the winter, but that doesn´t mean that this drink does not deserve to be consumed during the cold season. White wine may not be the normal drink associated with winter and the holidays, but you know what? It is about time you branch out and try something new. The holidays can get boring sometimes if the same, normal routine happens every year, but choosing to incorporate white wine as a popular go-to drink during the winter may be the best change that you have ever made. White wine offers you the ability to take risks and be daring. Do the uncommon, be different, and open your mind to new realms of possibility. Take in a new winter cocktail recipe with white wine, and change up your same old routine for something different. I guarantee you that you will reap positive benefits from incorporating white wine cocktails into your winter must-haves.
Reasons to Drink Red Wine in the Winter

Fight Your Colds
With the approaching winter, we can expect, of course, low, cold temperatures and withthese low, coldtemperatures we can expect, of course, the inevitable colds and flus that come with it. It happens to the best of us and being sick can be a real miserable experience to have when ti comes to enjoying the winter holidays, Luckily red wine can help with that, Red wine packs a punch with a lot of antioxidants that are extremely beneficial in warding off those nasty colds and flues by boosting and improving your immune system. Drinking red wine in moderation during the winter (regularly or in cocktail form) could be the perfect way for you to stay healthy during this sick prone season and truly enjoying yourself while you are as healthy as can be.
Its Flavors are Reminiscent of the Holidays
Of course like all wine, red wine comes in many different flavors. The beauty about this is that this wine also has flavors that are very much holiday friendly and perfect for getting into the holiday spirit. Mulled red wine, specifically, is enhanced with lovely winter reminiscent spices such as cinnamon and ginger, and it is often best when served warm, Warm and spicy are the ultimate flavors that are channeled when wanting to remind oneself of the upcoming winter holidays or festivities. Try out this wine as you cozy under snug blanket by the fire pit and warm up to happiness as the cold temperatures loom outside.
Red Wine is Perfect for Holiday Stress
Whether you are running holiday errands or spending your day off shoveling snow off the driveway, red wine can help take the edge off of stressful or hard labor. The best thing about red wine is that it offers a numerous amount of benefits, tastes amazing, and can come in a variety of cheap prices. You don´t need to travel far in the winter snow to pick up a good red wine at a great price. Simply stop by your own local grocery store and you will see that you have amazing options in wine to choose from that will allow you to unwind during the cold days.
Great Winter Wine Cocktail Recipes to Try!

For all recipes combine all ingredients together in a saucepan over medium heat. Heat ingredients, while stirring occasionally for about 10-15 minutes. When all ingredients have combined well, remove from heat and allow time for the flavors to mix well together in the wine. Ladle into glasses or mugs and enjoy!
Mulled Wine Hot Chocolate
• 1 bottle of fruity red wine
• 400 grams of Golden Caster sugar
• 200 grams of cocoa powder
• 2 cinnamon sticks
• 5 star anise
• 8 cloves
• 500 grams 67% dark chocolate broken into pieces
• 2 clementines or satsumas
• 1 sprig of rosemary
White Mulled Wine
• 2 bottles of white wine
• 500 ml bottle of light cider
• 150 ml elderflower cordial
• Zest of two lemons
• 2 cinamon sticks
• 1 vanilla pod, split
• 4-5 tbsps caster sugar
Follow directions as stated above and enjoy!
Dominican Spiced
• 360 ml red wine
• 360 ml apple cider
• 120 ml amber rum
• 2 tablespoons honey
• ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
• ½ teaspoon ground cloves
• 3 or more whole star anise
• 2 tablespoons dried fine chamomile herb and flower
• 2 tablespoons dried valerian root
Follow directions as stated above and enjoy!
Mulled Wine Sangria
• 1 bottle of red wine
• 450 ml cranberry juice
• 500 grams of fresh or frozen cranberries
• 60 ml orange flavored liqueur
• 85 grams packed light brown sugar
• 2 green apples
• 2 cinnamon sticks
• 1 strip of an orange peel
Here are some recipes from esquire.com that offer amazing winter cocktails that you can try out!
Winter Margarita
• 1 ouncereposado tequila
• 1 ounce mezcal
• 1 ounce lime juice
• 0.75 ounce simple syrup
• 1 egg white
With this wine you get the summer flavors with strong, winter and smoky flavors coming from the tequila and mezcal. Shake all the ingredients without ice and then shake them all up again with ice. Strain into a coupe glass and serve up with a salted rim.
Champagne Cocktail
• 4 ounce sparkling wine
• 1 sugar cube
• Angostura bitters
For any of you who are throwing your own fancy holiday party that is very elegant, serve up this cocktail as if offers a nice Christmas or holiday season twist on the regular, elegant champagne. To start this off soak the sugar cubes in the angostura bitters and drop it into a champagne flute. Fill it up with a sparkling wine (such as a dry prosecco) and then garnish the drink off with a lemon twist.
Good Tidings
• 1.5 ounce vodka
• 1 ouncecointreau
• 1 ounce lemon juice
• 1 ounce cranberry juice
• 1 bar spoon of allspice dram
This specific drink offers a nice winter twist with its cranberry and allspice, but comes in a nice icy form for all of those who live in a warm, sunny area even during the winter season. You can enjoy the nice winter scents and tastes this drink has to offer while also cooling down on a warm, winter day! To get this drink started begin with shaking all the ingredients together with ice. Strain the drink into a collins glass over more ice and top with a soda. Garnish with a lemon wheel or some cloves.
Candy Cane Cocktail
Try this cocktail out from Martha Stewart´s website!
• 1 candy cane crushed (for garnish)
• 4 dashes of white crème de menthe
• Ice cubes
• 2 ounce strawberry vodka
• 2 ½ ounces of cranberry juice
Everyone knows that the infamous candy cane is symbolic of the winter season and holidays. These little candies bring us back to our childhood days of fun winter play and all the cheer that the winter has to offer. Get into spirit with adult twist on a fun childhood favorite! Place all the crushed candy on a plate or saucer. Wet the outside rim of a chilled martini glass with water and place the rim on the candy to get the glass rim coated in the candy. Combine the vodka, cranberry juice, crème de menthe, and ice in a cocktail shaker. Strain into a prepared glass and serve immediately. Get even more festive and set a mini candy cane on the rim of the glass.
Classic Eggnog
• 6 large egg yolks, 2 large egg whites
• 3 cups whole milk
• 1 cup heavy cream
• 2 ounces dark rum
• Unsweetened freshly whipped cream (for serving)
• ¾ cup sugar
• Large pinch of course salt
• 2 ounces bourbon
• 1 ounce cognac
• Freshly grated nutmeg (for serving)
In a medium bowl, whisk egg yolks and ½ cup of sugar until mixture is pale yellow and thick. Combine milk and salt to a bare simmer in a medium saucepan. Pour hot milk mixture with yolk mixture, while whisking constantly. Pour the entire mixture back into the saucepan. Cook for about 3-5 minutes, while stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. Stir until mixture is thick to draw a line from your finger. Pour the mixture through a fine mesh sieve into another bowl so that the solids are taken out. Discard the solids and let the mixture cool for about 20 minutes, while stirring occasionally. Add cream, bourbon, rum, and cognac, then cover mixture to refrigerate overnight. Whisk the remaining 1/4cup of sugar and egg whites in a heatproof bowl and set over (not in) a pan of simmering water. Whisk until sugar is dissolved and mixture is warm. Remove heat and beat with a mixer for about 5 minutes until a stiff peak forms. Fold into eggnog. Pour into glasses or a punch bowl and add some whipped cream and nutmeg!

This article has hopefully got your brain flowing with all the various combinations of cocktails and wine you can drink to toast the holidays or keep you content on a nice winter day. There are so many ways to enjoy a nice glass of wine. The amount of flavors that wine can embody makes it so perfect for so many different fun and festive recipes to try out for the cold, winter season. You can get the distinct, spicy winter flavors with the flavors you love for wine together, and the best part is that they taste so good together that it makes it seem as if they were almost meant for each other.

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Cocktails with Wine

Wine is a favorite among many Americans for it´s not only unique and versatile taste but for its ability to make people very relaxed and happy. Many people choose to have this potent drink at least once a day with their meal to enhance the overall experience of eating and having quiet time for yourself. In our busy days with work, family, friends, or school, everyone needs to take a break and relax a little bit to unwind from the stress that our day to day life can bring to us, and many Americans know that wine can do that job a whole lot better for us than many other things out there. Wine offers so many benefits to people, and comes in so many flavors, that there is always a least one flavor out there for everyone to enjoy. The best thing about wine is that no matter how many times you drink it you can never get sick of it because it comes in so many different combinations and flavors and can be manipulated to produce an array of different tastes that are sure to satisfy everyone no matter the mood they are in. If you don´t believe me then take a look at these all around amazing wine cocktails that produce an array of flavor bursting combinations that are sure to keep you happy every single day no matter what you are in the mood for!
Wine Cocktail Recipes

Red Wine Delight
• Favorite red wine
• Ice
• Lemon lime soda
• Sliced limes
This cocktail recipe from velvetpalate is a delight for all you red wine lovers! Grab your favorite 1894 red wine and pour about ¾ of it into your favorite cocktail glass. Next, pour about ¼ cup of lemon lime soda. Throw in some ice to your desire and garnish with delicious ripe and cut limes to provide a more citrusy, refreshing flavor to your cocktail. Plus it will make your cocktail very aesthetically pleasing and extremely professional looking!
San Francisco Sangaree
• Simply syrup
• Bourbon
• Ice
• Cherries
• Merlot
• Lemon slices
This is a delicious wine recipe that starts off with a simple syrup! If you are not sure how to make simple syrup, don’t worry! Simple syrup is quite simple to make (get it?). All you need to do is make equal parts hot water and sugar together until the sugar has dissolved. Use a cocktail shaker to muddle 4 cherries. Next add however much ice you want, ¼ oz. simple syrup, 1 ½ oz. merlot, 1 oz. bourbon, and 1 lemon slice. Shake all the ingredients together and pour into your favorite glass. Enjoy this dark, rich drink with a yummy dinner or a delicious snack of cheese and dried fruits!
Sangria Blanco

• 2 lemons, thinly sliced
• 1 pink grapefruit, thinly sliced
• 2 cups fresh pink grapefruit juice
• 1 375-ml bottle Dolin blanc or dry vermouth
• 1½ cups Suze Saveur d’Autrefois
• ¾ cup pisco
• ¼ cup torn fresh mint leaves
• 2 750-ml bottles chilled Vinho Verde
This delicious recipe comes from bonappetit! To begin this cocktail start with a large pitcher or bowl and mix in your lemon slices, grapefruit slices, grapefruit juice, vermouth, suze, pisco, and mint. Refrigerate and chill for about 4 hours. Add your vinhoverde to the mix right before serving. This mouthwatering cocktail holds about 16 servings so that you and your friends can enjoy together! Or you can keep it all to yourself! The choice is up to you!
Rosé Blood Orange Lemonade
• Rosé wine
• Lemon juice
• Orange juice
• Water
• Granulated sugar
This cocktail recipe was shared by a website called purewow! To make this summer cocktail the only thing you need to do, is mix equal parts roséwine, lemon juice, orange juice, and water. Pour in as much sugar as you want depending on how sweet you wish the drink to be and that is it! From there you can enjoy this cocktail to beat the summer heat, while chilling outside by the lake, ocean, pool, or simply in the comfort of your home!
Pretty in Pink

• 12 oz Pink Moscato
• 2 oz cherry brandy
• ¼ cup chopped, pitted cherries
• 4-6 strawberries, hulled and sliced (plus more for garnish)
• 2 stems of fresh mint leaves
This cocktail recipe was also shared by the website purewow! It incorporates an extremely sweet and fruity drink that is perfect for the summer time or any time you decide that you need something a bit sweet and refreshing into your life! Take an 8 oz.glass and put in the cherries at the bottom of the glass. Pour in the cherry brandy afterwards. Then add in the pink moscato to the cherries and brandy mix. Garnish the top with the strawberries and mint. To make your drink look even prettier in pink garnish with another strawberry on the side of the glass. After that take cool pictures of your artistic and pretty looking drink and enjoy!
UK Sour
• Red Wine
• 1 ½ oz. Scotch Whiskey
• Apricot Liqueur
• ¾ oz. Lemon Juice
• Cinnamon Syrup
If you really are a risk taker when it comes to your alcohol and really enjoy when your drinks pack in a serious punch than look no further. This drink has an extreme sour taste that is quite strong, but delicious to consume nonetheless. This drink was introduced by thespruce.com and starts off with the basic scotch whiskey. Add in the cinnamon syrup and lemon juice so that you can bring out the slight sweet notes that are in the drink itself. Splash in some red wine and apricot liqueur to play upon the strong sour flavor. When it comes to the red wine, apricot liquer, and cinnamon syrup feel free to play around with the amount of each ingredient. If you want a more sweet and a subtle sour punch that it is recommended to pour a bit more of the ingredients. If you feel that you want quite the opposite and really crave something powerful, then try pouring in lessof the ingredients so that the strong flavors of the whiskey and lemon juice take over instead. Surprise your friends with this one of a kind, in your face drink, if you are really needing some intense flavors.
Something Blue

• 2 oz. White wine
• 2 oz. Hpnotiqliqeur
• 1 oz. Ginger ale
This recipe was introduced from the website the spruce. Just three ingredients mixed together creates this very cool blue looking drink that almost resembles the adult version of blue kool-aid. To start off the drink simply build all 3 ingredients in a champagne flute, and voila your drink is ready!The drink carries a more tropical flavor with it that is brought about from the fruity blend of the hpnotiqliqeur. The tropical flavor mixes in with the soft flavor of white wine and the fizzy, carbonated texture of the ginger ale, to create this totally original and super fun cocktail drink that sort of brings nostalgic kid feelings when you take a look at the color!
The Gold Mine
• ½ oz. sweet sherry
• ½ oz. scotch whiskey
• ½ oz. galianoliquer
• 1 tsp. egg white
• 1 oz. lime juice
• 1 oz. lemonade
This drink from the spruce.com is quite intriguing to look at. I would say this cocktail produces a orange and gold looking drink with a sort of ombre effect in which the color is lighter at the top. This is the foam from the egg white taking place. To get this drink going simply put in the galianoliqueur, sherry, egg white, and lime juice into the cocktail shaker with some ice. Shake the ingredients very well. Strain the mixture into a chilled glass with more ice. Top it off with some lemonade. Garnish your drink to make it more aesthetically pleasing such as a skewered orange slice and a cherry!
• 2 ½ oz. Chilled unoaked chardonnay
• ½ ounce calvados
• 2 ½ tsp. Honey syrup
• 1 tsp. Verjus
• 2 drops of salt solution
• Ice
• 1 lemon twist and a sprig of thyme for garnish
This cocktail recipe introduced by the food and wine website, offers a refreshing twist on chardonnay with its unique ingredient of salt solution. In the mixing glass, combine the chardonnary, calvados, honey syrup, verjus, and salt solution. To make the honey syrup, combine 3 ½ ounces of water with about 5 ½ teaspoons of kosher salt and stir until the salt has dissolved. Allow the water and salt mixture to stand for 10 minutes. Transfer to a jar. You can keep this honey mixture for up to 1 month for good use. This recipe alone makes about 3 1/2 ounces of honey syrup. Fill the mixing glass with ice and stir well before straining into a chilled wineglass. Pinch the lemon twist over the drink for a bit of lemon drops. Then add the lemon to the glass. For the finishing touch, add the sprig of thyme and enjoy!
Mulled Red Wine with Muscovado Sugar

• Two 750 milliliter bottles of fruity red wine such as merlot or zinfandel
• Zest strips from 1 orange
• 1 ½ cups of muscovado sugar or other brown sugar
• 2 teaspoons of black peppercorn, lightly crushed
• One 3 inch cinnamon stick that is broken into smaller pieces
• 3 bay leaves
• 1 teaspoon fennel seeds, lightly crushed
This cocktail recipe is brought to you by the food and wine website. This cocktail produces a really pronounced spiced flavor that is perfect for the fall. The fennel seeds and cinnamon really help to enhance that spiced, fall flavor that everyone loves. Start the drink off by putting the peppercorn balls, fennel seeds, and cinnamon into a cheesecloth or large tea ball and wrap. Secure the ingredients with a kitchen string. Put together the aromatics with the wine, bay leaves, and orange in a large saucepan. Cover the pan and simmer the ingredients for 10 minutes. Remove the saucepan from the heat and leave it covered for 30 minutes. Stir in the sugar after removing the aromatics and orange zest strips. Make sure that you continue stirring in the sugar until it has completely dissolved. Serve this cocktail warm in a glass or mug. This cocktail is definitely different for it isn´t served cold and is very reminiscent of a warm, fall drink to keep you feel cozy during the decreasing temperatures!
Violent Fairytales
• 1 ounceavuaamurana aged cahaca
• ½ ounce amaromontenegro
• 6-8 dashes of Peychaud´s Bitter
• 3 ounce sparkling wine
Stir the first three ingredients together over ice and from there strain in a flute or a coupe. Top the mixture off with sparkling wine and an orange twist garnish, and from there you are good to go! Enjoy!
Rosewater Fizz
• Champagne
• 3 dashes of rose water
• 1 ounce of pomegranate juice
• Pomegranate seeds for garnish
In a champagne flute, add both the rose water and pomegranate juice. Top it off with some champagne and garnish with pomegranate seeds. So delightfully easy, but extremely satisfying and refreshing, and who could ignore the gorgeous pink color that captures one´s attention and is vibrant enough to remind everyone of summer fun.

As you can see these are just some of the many, many wine cocktail recipes that you can try out. With numerous amounts of juice, wine, and fruity flavors to add there is absolutely no way that one could get bored with playing around with wine. The drink practically mixes well with everything and tastes good in combination with other foods. Plus there are wine cocktails for every season that hone in on different combinations of flavor depending on what you are in the mood for and what the environment around you is calling for. Spread out some cheese, bread, and fruit and get a wine cocktail party going with friends as you try out various, fun recipes. With this article you can only realize that one doesn´t simply dislike wine, more so have simply just not found the right wine for them.

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How to Rate Wines

Wines are an exotic and palatable drink to sip and savor while in the comfort of one´s own home or when out at a snazzy party with friends or coworkers. The popularity of wine among people from many different countries around the world is no secret and perhaps its many prominent qualities can be found in the fact that this exquisite drink comes in a wide array of mouthwatering flavors that burst in your mouth. Each wine has various actors that make it unique when compared and set against other types of wines. These wines vary in flavor due to many things such as age, region, type of grape, how it is bottled and stored, method of wine production and more. When all these factors interplay and combine with one another, various drinks with a large range of flavors are made that can suit everybody´s taste and desires. It is wise though that with all the recognition and popularity that wine has, one should not be fooled. Wine can truly be grandeur when various factors are paired correctly, but when not done correctly can produce mediocre or average tasting wines. Nothing too spectacular to boast about. That is why it is imperative that when one plans to buy the best wines or choose the best wines for food or comfort, a person needs to have a good grasp of how to rate a wine correctly. Rating wines can help in knowing what type of wines go good with what and it helps you to understand what to look out for when finding that perfect one that suits your own taste buds and preferences. This article will give you the rundown on how to properly sample a wine so that you are able to rate and organize your wine preferences! It´s probably good to know that before you rate any wine, you need to know how to sample wine the correct way!
How to Sample Wine

The first thing one should know about how to properly sample and taste a wine is that wine (unlike other drinks) should not be sampled by mere tasting. There are so many qualities in wine that set it apart from other drinks, that merely tasting it does not do the wine justice. To fully understand the entirety of the wine and all the components that make the wine up. First begin by pouring your bottle of wine into a wine glass about a quarter full. When holding a wine glass, never hold it by the bulb. You must always hold the wine glass by the stem because heat builds between the bulb of the glass and your fingers and this can actually distort the actual flavor and taste of the wine. Wine needs a good minute or two to be exposed to the air before you start drinking, so take your time and examine the wine. It is also best to try to sniff your wine as it pours from the bottle and compare this fragrance to the fragrance you receive after you have given it a good twirl. This is an excellent way to examine if your wine has been spoiled or gone rotten. Keep an eye out for any vinegar, musty, nail polish, yeast, or burn smell that accompanies the wine. These are signs that there must be some flaw in the wine that may be chemical or biological and it is a sign that you should not drink it (unless you like torturing yourself). To understand the color of your wine try pinning it against a white background and slowly tilt yourself. Make note of the color that makes up the edge of the wine and the color that makes up the center of the wine. Try to examine the color and clarity of the wine. Some tips to point out when doing this is know that white wine can get darker as it ages, but it should never be brown (that is a major red flag), red wines can get a little brown and can sometimes have a little bit of sediment at the bottom, and all types of wine should never be murky or cloudy. Make sure to swirl your wine before tasting. This is essential for gaging the flavors of the wine as swirling allows the oxygen to seep more into the wine and send the aroma out. It also helps to increase the overall surface area. It is crucial to know that great wine that smells good will always taste good. If you notice the wine does not produce an aromatic smell than most likely you are not going to enjoy the actual taste of the wine. If you can´t get a good idea of what the wine smells like than most likely you need to swirl the glass more to get the aromas of the drink to open up. When smelling keep an eye out for fruity, herbal, floral, earthy, spicy, or subtle scents. Each scent gives a general idea of the flavors you will expect to experience. Next comes the actual tasting. Now for this part of the process do not simply just swallow the wine as soon as it reaches your mouth. That will not give you any sort of great understanding of the actual flavors of wine and whether you like them or not. Instead use a process known as expectorating, where you roll the wine around so you can figure out and understand the sort of flavors you taste. Get an idea of the weight or texture of the wine and whether you enjoy that feel and flavor or not. Aspirating your wine is another thing you should do. Once you have done the first taste, purse your lips like you are going to whistle and draw air into your mouth to exhale out the nose. The wine from your taste buds mix in with the air that you exhaled through the nose, to help gage any new aromas that you didn´t originally smell before you tasted the wine. Try slowly (and quietly) to slurp the wine. Detect any new flavors that didn’t come about during the first taste.
After You´ve Sampled the Wine

Now search for balance. Good wine needs a balance of various flavors. One wine cannot simply have just one dominating flavor that aggressively attacks your taste buds. Nice wine should have an equal balance of various flavors that hit upon your taste buds all at once. Make sure to also assess the aftertaste of your wine. Sometimes wine can initially leave you with a good taste, but then completely hit you with a very unpleasant taste after about 60 seconds or so. This is a sign of bad quality wine. As soon as you have performed these tests and actions, it is best to immediately write down your thoughts about the wine. Throw in some wine terminology to help with making the understanding of the wine more concise and clear. Write about aromas, flavor, aftertaste, body, texture, weight, and whether you truly liked it or not.
How to Rate Your Wine

Now you have come to the grand finale. You have tasted and analyzed the wine and now you must calculate your results to see the overall rating and preference that you have for this wine. Now there is no set way of actually rating a wine. Rating a wine is actually subjective and can be different for every person depending on the distinctive qualities of a wine that they choose to focus on and deem important in a wine. That is why rating a wine depends on first creating your own scale. Think of categories or qualities of wine that you deem important enough to consider when you think about which wines are worth it and which wines are not. Perhaps it is the wine´s ability to pair with food, its body, texture, color, aroma, aftertaste, flavor, etc. When it comes to wine testing to decide on wines to buy for your own preferences, you are the creator of your own wine scale and you get to decide which qualities are the most important to you. For every category, give it a max number that it can score out of (and for easier calculator try to rate each category out of the same number. Here is an example of a system you could use. I´m going to use an overall rating out of 100. Let´s say I have 5 categories to think about- flavor, aroma, texture, aftertaste, and food pairing. For every category, I will give it a rating out of 10. Then I will add up the ratings from every category together and then multiply that number by 2. This will give me a number that should be under 100. Then assign the number a letter grade.
Letter Grade Scale
(A+) – 100
(A) – 94 – 99
(A-) – 93 –90
(B+) – 89 – 87
(B) – 86 – 84
(B) – 83 – 80
(C+) – 79 – 77
( C ) – 76 – 74
(C -) – 73-70
(D+) – 69 – 67
(D) – 66 – 64
(D -) – 63 – 60
(F) – 0 – 59
For this scale think of any A as being outstanding. When it comes to any type of B, place that in the very good category. A C should be placed in the good category. A D should be placed in the mediocre category. Lastly an F should definitely be without a doubt a failure and get rid of it category. Of course depending on the number of categories you give for your scale, the calculations will be different, but this scale is just an example of one way you can rate your wine.
You´ve Rated, Now Make the Decision

Now that you have rated your wine. It is time for the decision. Does the wine´s rating make the wine deserving of many more purchases. Or does the rating display that you have completely wasted your money and time? Make the decision on whether you will definitely splurge with no regrets on the wine. If that is the case than you have found yourself an exquisite wine, to wine, dine, and relax with.
Some Detailed Flavors to Think About

When thinking about and assessing the taste of your wine (and while you are writing your overall reflection), think of some distinctive flavor adjectives you can use to explain the flavors of wine in more detail and depth, so you have a better recall of the taste of the wine when it comes to rating time.
Pink Grapefruit
 Lavender
White Flowers
These are just the few of many distinctive flavors that you can pick up when tasting and rating wine. You can feel free to check out even more extensive wine vocabulary when writing out your thoughts in your reflection, so that you have a greater understanding for wine terminology and can quickly become the pro of understanding the words used in context with qualities of wine.
The Overall Idea
The idea behind sampling and rating wines is no brainer. People do it because they know that wine is a very exquisite and memorable drink to have, and having knowledge of the right kinds and types of wines makes drinking this tasteful drink an even more pleasant and enhanced experience. I mean wine has so many benefits and properties to it that drinking it in moderate amounts is proven to be very good for you. You add that in addition to the fact that it is definitely not a horrible drink to consume and you see why people love to spend lots of money on lavish vacations to get their hands on these babies and see which one works best for them. Whether you drink socially or you drink to relax wine is good for the soul, so you might as well get cracking on the best flavors and types to overall improve the experience of drinking in your health benefits.

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Top Ten Tips for Pairing 1849 Wine with Food

Wine is the embodiment of satisfaction, bliss, and ultimate relaxation. This powerful drink with its rich and intense flavors seems to be that powerful elixir that keeps many people around the world calm and fulfilled no matter the burdens and stress that life seems to hand our way every now and then. Numerous studies have been done on the power of wine and the benefits it can offer and the evidence is strikingly clear on why wine is a force to be reckoned with. Wine has been proven to promote longevity in life span by reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, as well as having anti-aging properties that promote clear, glowing skin with the use of the ingredient resveratrol. Couple that evidence with the fact that wine is proven to help reduce stress by suppressing the central nervous system, it is no secret that wine truly seems to be a very formidable opponent to other drinks out there in the market! What could possibly make this drink any better? Well for starters, let’s not forget that wine is the most perfect match to so many delicious food options and snacks. Wine pairs so well with a variety of ingredients and dishes and takes relaxation and bliss to a whole new level that other drinks cannot compare to. Especially when it’s 1849Wine.
What is 1849 Wine?
1849 Wine is a brand of wine that takes the power of wine to an even larger level when compared to other brands of wine. All of this company’s wines originate from nothing but the finest, ripened, hand-picked grapes out there. They all come from vintners who are very passionate about what they do and instill care and patience into every wine they create to achieve the dream of unprecedented and handcrafted wine. Passion and patience shows through in every wine bottle and only the best wine can be achieved through those traits. The 1849 Wine Company works hard to make sure that every bottle of liquid gold, feels a little more like a vacation away from home for every customer. The company carries myriads of different wines with a large variety and scope of flavors to satisfy everybody’s taste buds. Pair that with the great value of the wine and it will be a no brainer that 1849 Wine knows exactly how to turn art into a rapturous reality.
The Ultimate 1849Wine and Food Pairing List
Now without further ado I give you the grand list of top 10 tips for pairing the delicious and crisp flavors of 1849 Wine with the intricate flavors of various foods!

1.Match the Flavors of Your Wine with Food that is Naturally Paired with Those Flavors. Basically in essence, the goal is to understand the various flavors that your 1849 Wine brings out when you drink it and from there incorporate various food items that are commonly known to be eaten with those flavors. For example, turkey or duck are two types of meat that are often paired with a delicious fruit sauce such as a cranberry or cherry sauce that is poured on top. If your wine has a very distinct cherry or cranberry flavor, then it is ideal that you should pair such a wine with foods that are only enhanced by taste when paired with those flavors.

2.Understand How the Taste of Various Foods Can Change the Taste of the Wine. Of course as stated before, it is no brainer that food and wine go extremely well together. Pairing the right food to the right wine can be a bit tricky though. To ensure that you enhance your ability to truly enjoy both the flavor of your 1849 Wine with the flavor of your dinner. It also depends on what flavor you are going for when it comes to each individual meal. For example, if you want to cancel out the bitterness of your wine, try to gravitate towards sour and salty foods. This includes meat marinated in lemon or lime, burrito bowls with lots of sour cream, chips and salsa, mixed nuts (salted of course), and more! If for your lunch, dinner, or snack you are trying to cancel out the drying taste of your wine that is produced by the tannins found naturally in the grapes then go for acidic, salty, or fatty foods. This can include french fries, red meat, miso soup, fried rice, pasta, and more! If you are looking to increase the dryness of your wine (also known as astringency), then pair your 1849 wine with sweet or spicy foods such as curry, spicy chicken, fire noodles, or desserts like cake, ice cream, pies, etc. Here is one tip I bet you didn’t know, sweet wines taste sweeter when they are actually paired with salty foods! Sounds odd but this is actually true. If you are looking to further enhance the sweet flavor of your wine, don’t go for even sweeter foods, instead try your hand at some salty ones and you will see the difference. If you find the taste of your wine to be a bit too sweet, you can make it more bitter by incorporating bitter foods. Bitter tasting foods are often vegetables such as arugula, broccoli, artichoke, cauliflower, etc.

3.Preparation Can Influence the Taste of Your Wine. We all know that one of the most amazing things about food is the fact that it carries a great variety of flavors. One type of food can yield so many different results based off how you cook and prepare it. Chicken is too broad of a word. The word chicken alone cannot accompany an idea of taste and how it will go with wine. One important thing about wine and food pairing is that you must realize that different types of the same food can have a great effect on the outcome of the overall quality of your wine and dinner. Roast chicken, pan seared, and baked chicken (even with the same exact ingredients) will yield many different experiences of taste when paired with a wine. That goes for every type of meat or other types of food that you cook. It is important to research what taste and characteristics you want to get from your wine and from there research exactly the type of foods that will help to accentuate the taste of the drink and overall enhance the wonderful experience of wine and food. Keep in mind texture, ingredients, cooking length and utensils used for your food and how those can influence the various flavors brought about.

4.Wine Acidity is Extremely Important. Professionals on wine and food state that this tip is very crucial when it comes to enjoying both your meal and your 1849Wine. An owner and beverage director of two extremely popular Manhattan restaurants known as The Eddy and The Wallflower swears by the power of this rule. Jason Soloway states that the basic rule of wine is that a wine must be more acidic than the actual food. Once you have wine like that, than generally pairing wine and food becomes much easier. The acidity quality of wine is very important because it cuts through the fat and richness of any food. The acidity of wine will vary though depending on the type of grape and the region it comes from. The general rule of thumb is that white wines will have high acidity. Red wine can have acidity as well, but can be lower in acidity than white wine.

5.Beware of Tomatoes. Different styles of tomatoes are great for meals because they provide great flavors as sauces, raw, cooked, sundried, etc. You can pour tomato sauce over pasta, have sundried tomatoes in a salad, or have a tomato reduction with your choice of meat. Tomatoes for sure are very versatile for many different dishes, but it is ideal to understand the role of the tomato when it comes to being paired with wine. Tomato is generally very acidic and as stated above, when matched with acidic wines will be very fruitful. It is wise to find good acidic wines to match with this ingredient, as other wines low in acidity will really be tough to enjoy. It is probably best that when putting tomatoes on your meals, that you take this into consideration and go for a nice white wine. Avoid others.

6.Focus on the Body of the Wine. While color is important in wine pairing in the sense that you can get a general idea of the taste that you are in for, color does not reveal all. The body of the wine has a lot to do with it as well! Body basically refers to how the wine feels in your mouth based on the texture or substance. Body can be of immense help in distinguishing the type of wine that you are going for. Darker bodied wines will have a heavier feel in your mouth, while lighter bodied wines will have a thinner texture or feel in your mouth. Foods that have very strong flavors will generally pair well with fuller bodied wines while food of delicate, subtle flavors will pair well with thinner bodied wines.

7.Simplicity and Balance are Key. The art of pairing wine and food is well art, and not science. There needs to be balance that is set out for both the wine and the food because neither should outweigh the other. Wine and meal pairings need to be paired in a way that both accentuate each other´s flavors and not heavily wash out or overpower the flavor of another. This is very important. That is why it is always best to go simple on your meals. Simple meals help for the variability in wine choices that can go well together. What exactly do I mean by simple? Simple means using seasonings that are light and don’t have extreme flavors like onion or garlic. Roasted meat and light seasonings are always a very delightful option. Go for sides like vegetables or rice with low sauce levels or light butter or oil. Stay away from extremely rich or overpowering sauces or at least have them on the side to control the portion you have. These will really accentuate the flavor of the wine and you will really enjoy savoring it as well.

8.Keep Your 1849 Wine Paired with California Delicacies. Another common tip about wine and food pairing is that generally the location of where the wine originates from pairs the best with food that is from that region as well. Delicious 1849 wine comes from the beautiful regions of California such as Napa Valley, Sonoma County, Monterey County, and more. For this reason it is best to pair your delicious 1849Wine, with California made cuisines such as fresh chicken salads, grilled shrimp, pan seared salmon, marinated with spring greens, grilled steak, and more!

9.Cook Your Wine and Drink It Too. It makes sense that your food cooked in a certain wine will taste amazing with none other than that wine itself! Add double the experience to wine and food pairing by actually cooking your foods and sauces in your favorite 1849 Wine and then have a glass of that same wine ready to drink with it. There is no way that they wouldn´t taste amazing. Most of the time it is best to cook your wine with wines that taste the best when paired with them. Cook red meats in red wine, seafood or light cream sauces with white wine, sherry with poultry and hot soups, and sweet wines with desserts.

10.Most of All, Have Fun With It. 1849 Wine is all about enjoying amazing wine and appreciating the art of everything in life. Wine pairing with these tasteful wines shouldn´t be a hefty, boring science, but a fun art experience that you try out for yourself. The best thing about wine and food pairing (and the best tip of all) is that you make your choice and explore your own art when it comes to wining and dining. Switch things up and try new things on your own. Enjoy the task and mess around with many varieties and beauties that wine and food can bring. Embrace the wine and embrace the art.

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A Taste of Wine-Inspired Vacations

A Taste of Wine-Inspired Vacations
Let’s face it. We all need a break some point in our hectic, busy lives. We all need that one week to ourselves to unwind from all the stress that being an adult gives us and hear me out when I tell you, I have the most perfect vacations lined up in store. What better way to relax and unwind on a special vacation then with the ultimate stress reliever known as wine? Wine has so many amazing benefits to it and one of those super, helpful benefits is its potent ability to sedate and calm the mind and soul. It seriously is a glass of magic. Before I hit you with all the hot spot vacation places where you can live out all your wine fantasies, let me hit you with some hard facts on just how calming wine can be for a person, and why planning your next vacation with an inspired wine get-away is the perfect solution to all your stress and problems.
Wine’s Stress Melting Abilities

It’s not a crazy, surprising fact that wine or any other alcohol is perfect for unwinding on difficult and challenging work days. The majority of the world is very aware of this fact. Jacob Teitelbaum, an M.D. and board certified internist/author of health and wellness books has pointed out that “Drinking wine-and alcohol in general-is one of the most time-honored ways for disconnecting our brains at the end of the day.” David L.Katz, M.D. and the founding director of Yale University’s Research Prevention Center says “Alcohol, including wine, calms transiently because it is a central nervous system depressant.” It’s no wonder that so many Americans turn to wine to calm and rid themselves of the anxiety and pressure that they can feel on a day to day basis. Wine can actually relieve the strain and tension you feel way better than any of those anxiety pills you take, and not only does it relieve your anxiety, but it also has the magical ability to make you happier and content. With that in mind, it seems to make logical sense that one should plan their next fun, vacation surrounded by the very drink that is known to keep people calm and jovial! So what are you waiting for? Check out these super popular cities around the world that are notable for their great tasting wine and their absolute picturesque beauty. Visit one of these beauties, drink in the wine, devour the food, admire the sights in front of you, and be appreciative of all the beauty that life has to offer you!
Top Places to Carry Out a Wine-Inspired Vacation!
Sonoma County

Sonoma County is known as one of the best wine counties globally and in the nation, winning numerous national and international wine awards. This charming county region is located on the northern edge of the greater San Francisco Bay Area, and is the most well known wine county of the entire Northern California region. This panoramic county possesses acres and acres of famous wineries that you can taste and tour, with over 400 wineries to choose from! In addition Sonoma County has many cool wine festivals that you can join in on such as the Sonoma Wine Country Weekend in September, a Wine and Food Affair in November, Winter Wineland in January, Barrel Tasting in March, and many more! You can check out the Sonoma County website for more information about cool wine tasting events that you can be a part of, in order to make your wine-inspired vacation even more memorable! Sonoma County is notable for producing a large variety of grapes from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, and more! Some notable wineries to check out when there include Charles Creek Vineyard, Kenwood Vineyards, D’Agostini Winery, Cline Cellars, and more!
Napa Valley

Next up on our top Wine-Inspired Vacations is the infamous Napa Valley in Northern California. Napa Valley has risen in ranks to its first rank as a wine region with other regions such as France. Its top two wineries, Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars and Chateau Montelena won the Judgment of Paris wine competition in 1976. This scenic wine city is located in Napa County, California and is surrounded by bright, rugged views of valleys and hills that make you feel like you have landed into a golden paradise. Napa Valley is known to be the producer of many different grapes such as the Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Syrah, etc. as well as many famous wineries such as Alpha Omega, Beringer, Cade Estate, Caymus, Long Meadow Ranch, Pine Ridge and more! You can expect great tasting wine and delicious food pairings to try along with country style views of beautiful valleys and mountains! It will definitely be a place you won’t forget.
Santa Barbara

Another unforgettable city to make the best wine pit stop would be none other than the beautiful Santa Barbara located in Central California. This city offers beautiful mountains and ocean views, coupled with a Mediterranean and Spanish architecture and heritage. Santa Barbara is truly a breathtaking and artsy place where one can enjoy the beauty the city has to offer while checking out some famous wineries and sipping some great tasting wine. You can try out all the surf and sun at the lively, vibrant beaches and then head out to the 26 self guided urban tasting rooms. Some notable wineries to check out while you are in this one of a kind, resort style city include Bedford Winery, Carivintas Winery, Crown Point, Melville, Silver Wines, Westerly and more!

Have a little more cash to burn and yearn to go somewhere overseas for your vacation? Look no further, France is one of the top producers of wine globally and is home to the best of the best wineries, coupled with vibrant, European charm, and a captivating history. Burgundy is one of France’s two powerhouse winemaking regions. This region is located in East, central France near the slopes and valleys of the Saone. You can try out one of their legendary night tours over dazzling rivers and passing rustic churches and rolling hills. Burgundy is truly a charm and beauty worth exploring and admiring as you sip up on their full bodied, and flavorful wine. Make sure to check out their top two wines known as the burgundy wine from the Pinot Noir grapes and the white wines made from their Chardonnay grapes.

Not feeling Burgundy, but definitely feeling a different region in France to play out your wine and Europe vacation dreams? Look no further! Alsace is another great wine making region that would be the perfect destination for your stress free wine-inspired getaway. Alsace is the region of France located in the northeastern side of France, bordering Germany and Switzerland. This rustic region is located along the Rhine River Plain and is seriously a city that you only see in fairytales, with its tiny architecture and homes along cobble stone streets, fairy lights, and historical bridges. This city region is truly the epitome of a beautiful European city full of vibrancy and life and their wine is no different. Alsacian wine is known for their aromatic floral aromas. Their wine is characterized by peachy and floral smells that jump out of the glass and straight at you captivating your senses. Alsacian wine is also characterized by a light, moderate acidity and a flavor balanced by ripeness and alcohol rather than oak aging or spice. Check out Alsace, France for another great wine-inspired vacation that will be positively unforgettable.

Ahh Bordeaux, another great wine tasting region to calm your senses and keep you satisfied and cool. The Bordeaux region is located in Southwestern France. This lively city is characterized by historical, European architecture, lights that fill up the city, gorgeous rivers and bodies of water, as well as numerous wineries where you can try your luck at a myriad of rich and lavish wines. This region is famous for being another large wine producer in France. In terms of the flavors that Bordeaux wine has to offer, many state that a young Bordeaux wine offers a deep, dark ruby color. From the left bank, Bordeaux wine delivers fruity notes such as blackberry, dark cherry, vanilla, black cherry, coffee bean, spice, and licorice. The right bank on the other hand delivers notes of smoke, floral, blueberry, jam, and more! Come visit Bordeaux and see for yourself all the unique flavors that this wine has to offer!
La Rioja, Spain

La Rioja is a rich province located in northern Spain, with a renowned wine industry. This beautiful province is located below the Cantabrian Mountains and offers many scenic vineyards and wine tours for wine lovers to enjoy! This city carries green rolling hills, followed by a pastoral beauty and architecture that makes it truly a site to behold. Rich green vineyards and bushes along with charming creeks and streams, make this region a truly gorgeous getaway. Come join in on some of the festivities with La Rioja’s very own Rioja Wine Harvest Festival or La Batalla del Vino (Wine Fight) or come in and relax with your very own wine tour appointment. Whether you are self guided or joining in on the festivities, La Rioja is surely a wine region you don’t want to miss on your next wine vacation.
Piedmont, Italy

This superb European city located at the foot of the Alps and bordering both France and Switzerland serves up its own individual beauty and originality. Piedmont is popularly known for its unique architecture as well as its delicious cuisine and wine! The best wines known from this region include Barolo and Barbaresco, both of which are made from the Nebbiolo grapes. Some other notable grapes to try out include the Barbera and Dolcetto grapes, which are both used for the Piedmont’s famous red wine. Of all wine regions in Italy, Piedmont is definitely the most popular region to visit and experience the magic behind wine making and flavors. The ice cold Alps combined with the warm Mediterranean weather provide a tug and pull on temperature variation in the region of Piedmont, making the land burn off the morning fog, creating more heat(which is ideal for the happy grape!) Don’t hesitate to consider this majestic region as part of your wine-inspired vacation dreams.
Some Other Notable Wine Regions to Try From!
-Central Otago, New Zealand
-Willamette Valley, Oregon
-Douro Valley, Portugal
-Barossa Valley, Australia
-South Africa
-Mendoza, Argentina
-Mosel, Germany
-Tuscany, Italy
-Champagne, France
-Sicily, Italy
-Finger Lakes, New York
Wine Vacation Tips

Tip #1 Make sure to know the place’s notable wines and the style of that place! If you tend to not be a big fan of Red Wines, but book a vacation near Burgundy, France, the experience won’t be as great as you intended it to be! Be sure to know what kind of wines are notable and offered in each region and plan accordingly! Also make sure you dig the vibe and mood of the wine region as well, as that will enhance the experience of the wine tasting.
Tip #2 Plan ahead! Many wineries require appointments or reservations! Plan those ahead of time and think about their regular hours of operation. A wine vacation can really suck when you realize the wineries you planned for won’t accommodate you because you didn’t set up an appointment in advance. Research areas you plan to visit and have your plan set and ready to go when you get there!
Tip #3 Don’t rush! Part of the relaxing and amazing experience of tasting wine, is being able to savor the flavor and enjoy what you are tasting. Trying out too many wines at once while in a rush can make the whole experience of tasting wine, not so memorable. You want to remember what you tasted and savor those flavors in your memory. Give yourself time and plan for a limit of no more than 4 wineries in one day.

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Tips for Creating the Perfect Wine Tasting Party

Its summer time everybody. You know what that means. Heat, parties, wine, and good times with friends. That is what summer is all about. Letting the good times go and sharing amazing memories with friends that you will cherish forever. With the intro to summer also means the beginning of party planning. I mean with all that hard work that is being put throughout the year, it’s only a necessity that you create a place where everyone can come together and relax, and what better way to relax then with a glass of wine? Even better what is a better way to relax then an actual wine tasting party? You know a party with good wine, great food and appetizers to enjoy? Can you think of any better way to have fun? I think not! Check out these seriously helpful tips that will leave you the talk of the season. You will be the best wine tasting party host in the neighborhood no problem!
Tip #1 Gather up that Wine!

Of course what is a wine tasting party without a great collection of wine to choose from? The collection of wine is what will make the party the hit of the century. When gathering up wine for a great party, think of the varieties of wine to choose from. It is wise to stick to just one region of wine, but branch out when it comes to the types of wine that comes from that region and the prices of the wine. Half of the fun of wine tasting is actually being able to compare different wines with each other and maybe discovering a cheap wine that you never knew would taste so good! Splurge on wine from $10-$70 and see what the big difference is. Try keeping your collection together with different types of wine such as red wine, white wine, or a rose. In addition to this, try to sample popular wines from a specific region such as California, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, etc. Choose a region and zone in on the many wines that they have. Having different varieties of wine present at your party will make for a whole lot of surprise and conversation to keep the guests sipping and talking. For a general rule, don’t exceed past a variety of 5 wines or else it will overwhelm the palate. Make sure that if you are serving reds that you put it into the refrigerator, 15-30 minutes before guests come. When it comes to whites or roses, take those wines out minutes before serving. Make sure to serve the wines in the correct order going from lightest wine to darkest wine, as going out of order can sometimes disturb a person’s palette and make other wine tasting harder.
Tip #2 Make Sure to Know How Much Wine to Buy

It is of utter importance that with a wine tasting party you have enough wine for everyone to sample. It would be a complete disaster if some guests are left without wine to sample, and can put a damper on the festivities. Keep in mind that every person should receive around 2-3 ounces of wine to sample each, and that one bottle of wine carries around 25 ounces of wine. With this in mind, that means about one bottle can at most serve up to 8 people with at the least being about 12 people. Depending on whether you will serve each person 2 ounces of wine or 3 ounces of wine, you will want to generally buy 2 bottles of each wine to be on the safe side (unless your gathering is quite small). This is due to the fact that some people may want to have a second go at the wine for taste and some may love it so much they will want a full glass to drink from.
Tip #3 Avoid Other Aromas

When throwing a wine tasting party, you most definitely want the focus to be on the wine. Part of the enjoyment of wine, is being able to smell the different aromatic fragrances that wine can give. These aromatic fragrances; however, can be tampered with if too many other aromatic fragrances cancel it out such as strong smelling perfumes or candles. Refrain from lighting candles in the room or party area to keep the smells of the wine and try to encourage guests to go easy on the perfume. Try to stay away from decorations with heavy smells that may overpower the fun smells of the wine.
Tip #4 Make it Fun!

To make the wine tasting even more fun for everyone, have everyone blind taste the wine. Merely put numbers on pitchers of wine and have them try the wine before being notified on what kind it is, where it comes from, and how much it costs. It will be even more fun if you have the party guests try to guess what region they think it is from and how much they think it costs. Maybe hand out some party favors to those who guess correctly! This is a great way to keep the conversation and laughs going, while also keeping all the guests entertained.
Tip #5 Stock Up on Some Needed Supplies

Try to buy enough glassware so that each guest has 2 glasses for an easy contrast and comparison. Leave out crackers and breads as a way for the palate to be cleansed so that people can try the different wines without having the flavors of the previous wines affecting their taste buds. Keep out spit buckets handy for those who cannot stand the taste of a wine or don’t want to become too tipsy. Make sure that when decorating your wine table that you stick to a white background as it offers subtle elegance to the décor of the party.
Tip #6 Set the Mood with Some Music

A party isn’t complete without some good music to set the mood. Set up a playlist ahead of time with some elegant classy songs to help set up the relaxed vibe of the party. When choosing music try to choose music that is calm and relaxed and not very loud to the ears. If you are having trouble with deciding on the right kind of music you can always download a readymade wine tasting playlist off of apps such as spotify or youtube. The music will be a surefire way to make the guests feel the vibe of the party.
Tip #7 Serve Some Delicious Snacks

No wine tasting party is complete without some delicious food and snack pairings to go with it. When doing research on what types of wines to buy, make sure to research the best appetizers and snacks to go with those wines as doing this will make the overall experience of tasting the wine a lot better. If you are having a hard time deciding on what kinds of appetizers and snacks to consider, remember that you can never go wrong with cheese, fruit and bread! Here are some examples of appetizers you can serve to help get you started!
Three Cheese Fondue
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almonds
Baked Brie with Figs and Walnuts
Assortments of cheeses
Assortments of fruits
Parmesan artichoke spread
Warm, soft bread
Prosciutto Wrapped Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates
Bleu Cheese and Honey Dip
Remember that unlike normal functions, barbeques, potlucks etc. where dinner and dessert is the norm, the trend for wine tasting parties isn’t necessarily full on entrees and heavy dinners, rather a great selection of wines, and an endless amount of appetizers and snacks for the guests to dig into. In addition to this, remember that the wine is the star of the show. Upon guests arriving don’t bring any juice or soda to the mix. You want guests to have a clean palate for when they taste their wine. Water will be the best supporting drink in this case!
Tip #8 Commentary is Needed!

The whole focal point behind a wine tasting party is (of course besides the wine) the interaction of guests with the wine and their ideas on it! Make sure that when throwing a wine tasting party you have a lot of cute stationary pens and paper for guests to write up their favorite wines that they have tasted as well as their least favorite. Maybe encourage guests to write what they liked about the wine in terms of the smell and taste and what each wine’s main flavor was. Make sure for a blind tasting wine party that you have cards or lists that guests can take home with them of the wines they tasted for their own reference! This is a great way for your guests to get more involved and talking during the whole process of the wine tasting and even offer your guests the chance to share their input on each wine.
Tip #9 Teach Your Guests How to Taste Wine Properly!

This tip is so very important when it comes to a wine tasting party. It is important that all guests are aware of the correct way to taste a sample of wine, as doing so will ensure the best experience that each guest will have with the overall flavors, body, and aromas of each wine. With every sample of wine tell your guests that they must first assess the wine. Have them look at the wine under neutral lighting and assess the color, appearance, and overall body of the wine. This process alone shouldn’t take more than 5 seconds but it will help your guests have a fair idea of what they are in for before they have tasted the wine. The next step is to have your guests smell the aromatic smell of the wine. Have them focus deeply on what smells appeal to them. Wine is divided into 3 aromas. The primary aroma is the fruit, herbal, or floral notes of the wine. The secondary aroma is the yeast derivative of the wine such as nut husk, cheese rind, or stale beer. The tertiary aroma is the aging of the wine from the bottle that can be accompanied with notes such as baking spice, vanilla, roasted nuts, tobacco, mushroom, etc. Smelling these aromas can also further help you to understand the individual tastes and aromas the wine has to offer. The next part is to taste the wine. Use your taste buds to observe the taste and see whether the wine has a salty, sour, bitter, or sweet taste. Observe the texture of the wine. Our tongue can understand the texture of the wine through whether it is richer than water or not. Our tongue can also distinguish the tannis of the wine, meaning the sandpaper texture that the wine can offer. Assess the length of the flavor. How long does it take for the flavor to dissipate in your mouth? The last step of wine testing is the analyzing and thinking. What do you think? Is it memorable or not memorable at all? Do you like it? Was it too much of this or too little of that? Assess how you feel about the wine and write down your commentary to share with others!
Tip #10 Don’t Make it Serious!

Like any type of party you throw, don’t make anything serious! When you perceive everything as laid back and chill than the overall party vibe is laid back and chill. Taking everything too seriously can cause stress and anxiety that your party guests will perceive and this will set a damper to the party mood. Remember this is all for fun and memories, so let the cork pop, the conversations start, and the good memories roll for a night of fun and festivities that you and your party guests will always remember!

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Pinot Noir in the Spotlight

Pinot Noir in the Spotlight
Ahh wine. the infamous, elegant drink that has decorated and littered parties, gatherings, and social events for centuries. The drink used to bring people together and forget their troubles as they sip the sometimes satin like beverage among their other peers and close family members. Wine is the go to for many Americans as a little reward when out with loved ones on a quiet dinner or even in the comfort of home when life seems to weigh its burdens. Wine is cherished by many as a drink notably famous for its versatility and bold flavors. This drink comes in so many varieties with delicious and soothing flavors for everyone to try. One wine stands out in a particular, and that is the infamous Pinot Noir. A light and crisp wine that is gaining its fame among many Americans for its unique flavor and shining ability to pair perfectly with a myriad of delicious meals and dinners. Today the spotlight is on Pinot Noir and I’m going to walk you through the basics and everything you need to know about this one of a kind drink.

What is it?

Pinot Noir is French for the black pine cone. Both of these words allude to the physical appearance of the grape that this wine comes from. It’s a red wine that originates from the grape species of Vitis Vinifera and is said to be a dark, almost black color with a shape similar to that of a pine cone. These grape vines are native to the regions of the Mediterranean, central Europe, and Southwestern Asia. It’s predominately known in the Burgundy region of France with some other regions including the Russian Rivers of California (also known as American Viticultural Area), Adelaide Hills, the Yarra Valley in Australia, wine regions of New Zealand (known as Marlborough), Oregon and other regions of the area. It has gained a notable reputation as the wine of the toughest grapes to cultivate, with constant round the clock care and maintenance as well as warm conditions to ensure optimum flavor and growth. Due to the tough upkeep needed by the grapes, Pinot Noir is often sold in considerably smaller quantities than other red wines, and is the belle of all wines in the region of Burgundy France, often being coined the term Red Burgundy by the French. In addition to the difficulty of successfully growing the grapes for this wine, it also tends to age quicker than other red wines with an age of 4-5 years if stored only the slight bit improperly, in comparison to its competitor, the well known Cabernet Sauvignon, which has an age of about 10-20 years. Even being a wine that originates from the hardest to grow grapes, coming in small quantities, and having an extremely small age date coupled with its strict storage maintenance, this red wine no doubt has still become a popular, world class favorite for its distinctive flavor.


Believe it or not, the grape of the Pinot Noir has been coined the grandparents or even great grandparents to other grapes as it is said to be about 2,000 years old! That’s incredibly old in comparison to the Cabernet Sauvignon, which is thought to be about only a couple hundred years old. It is said that the grape of the Pinot Noir was cultivated around 1,000 A.D in the vineyards of France that were, at that time, under the authority of the Monks. The monks had a fervent belief in the idea of hard labor as they thought that doing so would bring them closer to God. As a result these monks cultivated the hillsides of the Burgundy region. They made meticulous reports on all the grapes they came across, including where they grew best, where they withered and died, and what each grape tasted like. They, however; never really made monetary gains from the grapes they discovered as the Monks were more so into religious devotion. The region of Burgundy was also home to another grape known as the Gamay. This grape was quickly outlawed in 1395, making the Pinot Noir, the reigning grape of the region. It gained popularity for both its astounding quality and scarcity. It even was so popular that Pope Urban V refused to return to Italy from the region of Burgundy during the Middle Ages for the reason of “You can’t get wine like this in Italy.” Soon enough it gained esteem by both Kings and Commoners of France as the “noble grape” with magical abilities when paired with food. This wine gained some serious popularity in the European and Asian area, and it wasn’t until Post Prohibition that Americans started to discover and recognize the esteem behind this valuable grape. It wasn’t long before American vineyards begin to plant the grape themselves, and the wine became a hit for Americans to heftily spend their money and enjoy.


Despite the wine’s paucity when in comparison to red grapes, Pinot Noir is surely a distinct flavor like no other and is deserving of its name as an esteemed wine. The flavor of Pinot Noir is dry and is noted as having many different fruity and earth like qualities to it. Each glass seems to spark a new flavor for every individual person. When noting fruity flavors, it is said that Pinot Noir can have the characteristics of a strawberry, blackberry, cherry, or raspberry. Others, when referring to its earth like qualities, nail the flavors as being herbal, mushroom, or leather. The drink itself can also take on a warm spice flavor with notable spices being cinnamon, clove, or a smoky tobacco flavor. Some report characteristics of a rose, plum or currant. In addition to being a fruit forward wine, Pinot Noir is known to have a medium to high acidity level and medium to low tannins. Tannin, for those who are confused, refers to the astringency or dry flavor that wine can bring along. They are naturally occurring compounds found in grapes and grape stems. The wine itself is also known to have a lighter color than traditional red wines.

Pairings with Food

Of all the qualities that encompass this grape, probably the most notable quality of this grape other than its flavor and scarcity, is the fact that it can truly be paired with an abundance of different foods and meals. It’s practically perfect with almost all foods and for this reason this wine has such a booming popularity and a not so pretty price. The ability to pair with almost everything probably comes from the fact that the wine has a bright acidity and complexity, in addition to its rich, fruity flavor. When opting for light and fresh Pinot Noirs (that are probably way more inexpensive) try to steer towards dishes with cold meat, creamy sauces, or refreshing spring vegetables with goat cheese. Food like this really pair with the light subtly sweet fruit notes that the wine provides. If you’ve splashed some cash on a good Pinot Noir from California, Chile, or New Zealand, expect a taste similar to that of a bright berry fruit. These types of Pinot Noirs are extremely sweet and fruity and go amazing with a slight flare of spice such as grilled meats and seafood. Tuna, salmon, pork, or other meats that are barbecued or roasted with a light sweet and tangy flavor go great with sweet and fruity Pinot Noirs. You can also try to opt for meat dishes that are paired with fruit like cherries or figs. If you have gone for a top red Burgundy Pinot Noir that holds very silky notes then try pairing your glass with some roasted chickens, lambs or lobsters. Aim for some creamy mushroom and pair it with other meats such as turkey or chicken sausages. Try out dishes with a lot of herb or garlic flavorings to really bring out the silky texture of the drink. Other pinots can include rich and full bodied pinots that come from hot vintages or Central Otago. This type of Pinot pairs greatly with cheeses such as blue cheese, Brie or other milder cheeses such as Gorgonzola. Aim for a nice steak venison, roasted goose, or glazed ham, where the sauces for these meats are made of Pinot Noir. Last but surely not the least (because there is no such thing as least when it comes to Pinot Noir), if one has gone for a much older vintage Pinot Noir with a more mature taste, go for feathered game such as pheasants, grouse, or partridge. Go for some nice truffles on the side as well. After you’ve eaten up your delicious dinner and are ready to have a go at the dessert with your next glass of Pinot, try out desserts such as oatmeal raisin cookies, or caramel and chocolate (dark chocolate will be even more heavenly). Of course if you are drinking your Pinot Noir and do not have a big appetite but are feeling like you need a snack, there are some amazing cheeses that will truly intensify the experience of drinking Pinot Noir altogether. When drinking such a wine like this, one should aim for washed rind cheeses or nutty medium firm cheeses. This includes cheeses such as gruyere, Swiss, Brie, Camembert, Taleggio and more. Try these cheeses out with some grilled bread and you will swear that snacking has never tasted better!

Fun Facts about Pinot Noir- A little extra fun reading on the diversity and uniqueness of such a grape!

The HeartBreak Grape- Pinot Noir has been coined the term by many winemakers as the heartbreak grape. Of course with what I have stated earlier in the article, you can take an easy and quick guess as to why that is. It no doubt points to the complexity of growing such a grape. The Pinot Noir, needs optimum and strict climate conditions to be met in order to be good enough for wine making. The grape has an extremely thin skin which makes picking it an utter nightmare. One wrong pick and the grape won’t be good enough anymore to use for fine wine. Ripening such a grape is already hard on its own, so imagine the heartbreak when after all the careful maintenance and the utter happiness that it has finally been ripened to perfection, one wrong pick and it’s game over.

Italy Doesn’t Make the Cut- Despite being extremely notable for producing the Pinot Noir, Italy is not even in the top three producers for growing and producing this fine wine. It’s knocked down by France-which duh it should be since it originates from France, as well as the United States, and Germany, which one would definitely not expect.

It Has it’s Own Celebration – With the United States being in the top 3 producers of this grape and Americans going absolutely crazy for this wine, it’s no secret that the US would have its own yearly celebration in Oregon in which it invites producers from all over the world to join in on the celebration. This annual fun has been going on for about 30 years and with the way Americans seem to love it, it definitely will not be stopped anytime soon.

Pinot Noir Coins the Term – Upon being discovered and cultivated by the monks almost 2,000 years ago, it is said that when the monks were writing up details about the lavish grape, they used the term “terroir” (which is an extremely popular term in the wine industry, meaning the wine tastes like where it came from). The term terroir is now used in the wine industry as a selling point for other wines. In addition, the cultivation of Pinot Noirs and their difficult upkeep, paved the way for the creation of single vineyards to keep those grapes out of harm’s way.

It’s no secret that the Pinot Noir, is truly a grape of immense interest and distinctive uniqueness, that sets it apart from its red wine competitors and other wines in general. The scarcity, difficulty in ripening, paired with its long, old history and magical food pairing abilities makes this wine a sure show stopper and most definitely deserving of its own spotlight. Now that you understand the craze behind this crazy dark, pine conned grape, what are you waiting for? Try yours now and join in on the craze this grape has brought to winemakers and fine diners all over the world.

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Americans Learning to Love Wine

It is no secret that America loves their alcohol. Alcoholic drinks show to be all the rage here in America, gracing food articles, movies, restaurant commercials, and even those driver ed documentaries about the effects of drinking and driving. Drinking alcohol is extremely common for the average American and it’s something that Americans enjoy doing, whether it be having a glass every night after a stressful work day or sipping a beer with a friend for social reasons. It showed to be even more of a craze, during prohibition, in which alcohol became a deadly dealing and speakeasies were the secret, forbidden talk of the town. We surely saw that Americans didn’t react too kindly to having their alcohol taken away from them and the horrible crimes and violence that took place during prohibition is proof of that. Analyzing sales post prohibition and somewhere in the 70’s, beer took the lead in dominating alcohol sales with liquor coming in second and wine coming in third. Yet, a 2016 report now shows that wine has definitely kicked its game up a notch for fellow Americans and is now the 2nd quickest selling in house intoxicant, knocking liquor down to 3rd place. Why is that? What has changed in the mindset of Americans (or possibly the wine industry) that has caused wine to gain a sure popularity and knock down liquor over the past couple of decades? It’s quite an interesting question to ask, so here I’ve listed some intensive reasons that could possibly be the explanation as to why wine sales have switched dramatically over the years.

Wine Production and Sales in the US

Before we get ahead of ourselves and dive into the why’s of just how Americans are starting to love their wine, we must approach the statistics that are telling us this telltale fact. A statistic report from Dr. Liz Thach states that wine sales approached a revenue of about $60 billion dollars in 2016, $39.8 billion of that being from domestic wine, and the remaining $20.2 billion coming in from imports. It’s reported that the amount of money Americans now spend per bottle of wine is about $10. The reported $39.8 billion made from domestic wine in 2016 was a 5% increase from sales in 2015. In 2015, about 375 million cases of wine were sold in the US, while in 2016, that number increased to 399 million cases sold in the US. There’s no doubt about it that wine sales have experienced a tremendous soar in sales and popularity and will see a steady increase and growth in sales and production in the future years to come. In addition to this, beer sales have been seeing steady decline from year to year. Of course not enough to knock beer sales as being the #1 seller among alcoholic drinks, but definitely enough for wine sales to catch up with the growth and revenue that they are bringing. Of course this begs the question of why?

Health Benefits of Moderate Wine Consumption

Maybe the reason why so many people are shifting to a preference for wine over beer could be due to their listed health benefits? Yes that’s right. Drinking wine in moderate consumption can actually have some added health benefits. For starters, a Finnish study was conducted over a period of 29 years in which 2,468 men were observed and studied in terms of mortality rate and whether they drank wine or beer. It turns out that the occasional wine drinkers have a 34% lower mortality rate than their beer and spirit drinkers. Wine has also been linked to lowering the risk of heart attack. This finding comes from a Harvard study that was conducted with 11,711 men over a 16 year period. It turns out that moderate wine drinkers with high blood pressure, in comparison to nondrinkers, had a 30% less chance of getting a heart attack. Red wines consist of tannins that contain an ingredient that has been linked to lowering the risk of heart disease. Wine consumption in moderation can also lead to lowering depression. A study was done with 2,822 women and 2,683 men aged 55 to 80, in which they were analyzed over a seven year period and were carefully observed in terms of their dietary habits, mental health, and wine consumption. It turns out that those who had moderate doses of wine in their life (around 2-7 glasses per week) were less likely to be diagnosed with depression. It was reported by Scientists from the University of Leicester in UK that regular consumption of wine actually had the ability to reduce bowel tumors by about 50%. Wine also contains an important ingredient known as resveratrol. This ingredient is commonly found on the skin of grapes, cranberries, and nuts and when given to mice, they actually showed evidence of improving the life span of the mice. Harvard and other notable schools have conducted research that proves the connection between resveratrol and anti aging properties. Of course now talking about all the great benefits of consuming a moderate amount of wine, that begs the question, exactly what is a moderate amount of wine? Of course this all is going to depend on the body’s absorption of alcohol (which can be affected by gender). The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has placed guidelines on what moderate alcohol consumption is and it turns out that moderate pertains to about one glass a day for women and two glasses a day for men. With health benefits like this, wine makes beer and other alcoholic drinks look like a life sucking nightmare. It’s no wonder that Americans are making the switch.

Affordability of Wine

Maybe America’s growing interest in wine cannot just relate to the health benefits it provides, but also the affordability that wine can bring. Yes, we know wines can come in very hefty prices, costing about $50 or over at restaurants (if you really want to try the best of the best), but the thing is that good wine can cost less than $20 and bad wine can cost over $50. I mean you can’t even really put a label on bad wine anyways since wine is just so diverse and distinctive in flavor that everyone’s taste buds can see good in what others may say a “bad wine.” The point is that delicious and flavorful wine can most definitely beat the taste of regular, old beer and good wine is not something that you have to pay an arm or a leg for. There are actually really amazing, flavorful wines that can beat the same old taste of beer and be just as cheap. Yes, this is what I’m saying. Wine is not just for the rich and snobby who have hundreds of dollars to blow. Cheap wine from stores can still carry better flavors than those $100 bottles and the ability to know what kind of cheap, good wine you can buy really only comes down to some studying. There are some wines with a rep of being absolutely great in flavor and under $15! If you are looking for some good red wines, that are rich and fruity in flavor, check out wines such as the 2014 Bogle Petite Sarah, 2012 Lockhart Pinot Noir, 2014 Woop Woop Shiraz, a 2014 Mazzei Badiola and more. If your palette is feeling white wines, which have a bit more of a citric flavor, then check out wines such as the 2015 Inama Soave Classico, 2015 Hugel Alsace Gentel, 2014 Giesen Marlborough Rising and more. If your heart contents a more flowery and fruity taste, check out some rosés such as the 2015 Muga Rioja Rosada, 2015 Château Guiot Costières de Nîmes, NV Freixenet Cordon Brut Cava Rosado and more! All these great tasting and diverse flavored wines offer something totally new from beer and spirits and are under $15, making it just as cheap but way more great tasting.

Spontaneity Behind Wine

Wine is most definitely not like other alcoholic drinks. Many Americans will agree that wine can be a hit or miss. You either are going totally love that Pinot Noir from the restaurant down the street and then you are going to try the same Pinot Noir, across the country and pucker your lips in disgust. This is the fact of wine. Every wine is different even when you order the same wine over and over again. Each new bottle is going to taste either slightly or completely different and that’s going to depend on a lot of factors such as how the wine was packaged, where it was packaged, what cork was used for the wine, and other factors. You can buy a wine for home and it’s going to taste dramatically different from a year to year basis. Drink it too soon and it will taste rough, drink it too late and it will taste bland. Yes these are true of wine and yet despite all these factors it’s still becoming an American favorite. Why is that? It’s spontaneous. Wine is adventurous. It’s getting out of your comfort zone and going past your average, weekly burger and beers that are going to taste the same everywhere you go. It’s getting a new surprise and a new flavor with a new bottle. It is learning what you love and what you hate. There is absolute fun in discovering new things. There’s something exhilarating behind not knowing what you are going to expect from something. Americans love this. They crave this, and that reason easily could be why wines are slowly blowing other alcoholic drinks out of the water.

Wine and Food Pairing

It could be that America’s new obsession with wine could be linked to the way wine and food just go so well together in a manner that is highly breathtaking and superior. Wine truly has the potent ability of bringing out flavors in food, that make eating and dining so much more intense. The many diverse flavors of wine from smoky, fruity bitter, silky, flowery, sweet, sour, citrus, to aromatic and spicy, makes practically any food go extremely well with wine. Americans could now be realizing the endless possibilities and fun wine can bring to regular lunches and dinner. Here are some examples of the best foods to pair your wine with.

Red Wines

Cabarnet Sauvignon
Flavors: Plum, black currant, blackberries, mint, eucalyptus, cedar
Food Pairings: Braised stews, sauces with lots of peppers or mushroom, pot roast, marbles beef, marinade soy sauce

Pinot Noir
Flavors: Cherries, cloves, cinnamon, smoke, violet, plum
Food Pairings: Lamb, fruit sauces with meat, many cheeses, lentils, mushrooms, salmon, tuna, poultry

Flavors: Blackberries, blueberries, chocolate, tobacco, cedar, black olive, dried cherries
Food Pairings: Lamb, fish, meaty sauces, tenderloin, mushroom, herbs, black olives

White Wines

Flavors: Pear, Melon, Green Apple, Peach, Lemon
Food Pairings: Corn, risotto and pasta, creamy/buttery sauces, nuts, chicken/turkey, shellfish

Sauvignon Blanc
Flavors: Tropical flavors, melon, tart lemon, grapefruit
Food Pairings: Cheese (like goat cheese), green vegetables (peas, artichoke, zucchini), pesto, herbs, vinaigrettes, oysters

Flavors: Tangerine, peach, apricot, citrus
Food Pairings: Mild curry, fruity or spicy condiments, Moroccan foods with aromatic spices, braised vegetables such as carrots, turnips, and squashes, crabs, prawn, lobsters


Flavors: Cherries, flowers, herbs, strawberries, spices
Food Pairings: Grilled Buttermilk chicken, spicy seafood, curried salmon cakes, spring aioli, chicken with sweet onions and peppers, prosciutto panini

Give some of these delicious pairings a try and you will see why all of America is learning to love the exquisiteness and beauty wine can bring to food, flavors, and fun!

We already know that alcohol is a favorite among the average American. Americans love the idea of good, mouthwatering food and a great tasting drink to go with that. That is already a known fact, but now we’ve explored the possible reasoning behind why so suddenly wine is now becoming the new drink, knocking other alcoholic drinks off the market.We’ve already established that wine has great health benefits, endless food pairings, affordability to that of average alcoholic drinks, and it offers a pleasant surprise every time. Whether these reasons be the support as to why wine is creating a storm amongst Americans or other unforeseen circumstances have been the cause, one thing is for sure; Wine has exotic qualities that surpass other drinks and Americans are finally catching on to this gem of a drink.

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